The TRUTH! Mono VS. Braided Fishing Line!

Want to know the TRUTH behind the mono vs braided fishing line debate? In this video I go over the majority of the pros and cons of both fishing lines. I also give real world examples of when its best to use either on various fish species, rods and reels!

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jean-yves lefebvre says:

Very instructive great video learn a lot

Claire Miller says:

Where’s Brook???

Eric Hatton says:

What are the differences (use and qualities) between flouro and mono?

Jake Medley says:

Up here in the great lakes (trolling for salmon and steelhead) we use mono on down riggers because braid likes to slip out of the rubber gator clips off the ball, and braid is used on slack lines more or less, like using lead core and copper wire line, and dipsy divers we use spiderwire stealth. All leaders are mono or flouro though as it gives a bit of a shock effect.

shane lancaster 420 says:

I have braid on my reel and a mono leader

Striped Lemon says:

Just a sales stunt… Sorry you spent time making this video to fool people.

Aesthetic Nerd says:

I personally disagree on the cast ability of braid, as a bass fisherman I prefer the cast of mono. larger diameter so better control on a bait caster, plus ive always found it more difficult to prevent blow ups with braid when fishing light soft plastics. I do prefer braid for heavy rigs like an Alabama though, or large soft plastics like the Osprey baits.

Spencer Kunkle says:

I would really love to know you have color changing braided line, but I thin a 4-5 foot mono leader and braided line works the best and gives you stretch and sensitivity

littletoy says:

Can you tell me what braid you use.

Millers Landing says:


Millers Landing says:


Jerry Adams says:

Victor, thanks so much for this comparison between mono and braid. I searched your videos. It occurs to me that a wire leader, maybe even a very short wire leader, might be very helpful to prevent break offs. Could you provide a short video on when to use wire leaders and when not to use wire leaders? I think that’d be very helpful. And if I missed one you’ve already done please direct me to it. Again thanks so much for your Channel, for your videos and for your partner!

Claire Miller says:

I use both… for me it depends on the strength of the fish.

bbaker904 says:

Need to add Fluorocarbon and pier fishing. When your fishing from a tall pier, like Pensacola Beach, your 20 to 40 feet above the water. Then trying to get a luer down into 20 to 60 feet of water depth. Mono is one of the hardest to use fishing from a pier. Any wind causes mono to bow and is very hard casting into the wind. If using a surf rod casting as far as you can you may have 100 yards of line out at one time. Mono can cause a long delay between a bite and you being able to set the hook. Then again mono helps you from snapping off when the fish runs against on the the pier legs. I haven;t found any line that can handle a 20 pound fish going into the pier legs without snapping the line. Braided works great on piers. Those casting long rods find casting into the wind has less effect than mono. You can set a tighter line surf fishing on a long cast. The line is super sensitive making even the smallest hits yank the pole. Setting the hook is far better. Using braid fishing smaller luers trying to catch smaller fish isn’t good idea. Braid is more visible and sinks way faster than mono. Mono line is full of micro air bubbles. This is why mono floats for a while before sinking. Braid can cause smaller lures to sink to the bottom fast. So if your trying to keep a luer high mono is the way to go. If you trying to get the luer deep stay away from mono. Fluorocarbon is a form of mono made with no air bubbles. Fluorocarbon disappears in water. So if your fishing and fish are spooked easy, fluorocarbon is the way to go. Fluorocarbons downfall is it sinks like braid. If fishing from a pier fluorocarbon will allow small luers to sink batter and not get affected near as bad in high wind days. Fluorocarbon is in between braid and mono with stretch. Downfall is the fluorocarbon is the most expensive of all the lines and is very hard to find above 30 lbs test. So if you are pier fishing with a surf rod or any other large set up where your casting way out use braid. If your casting shorter using lighter gear like fishing for popino, use fluorocarbon. If your fishing close to structure or around pier legs our oyster beds, use mono. Mono or fluorocarbon work best for sea trout and redfish.

Steven-Jelle Meijer says:

its the other way around… budget mono backing… and only 135Meters of expensive line

MrRedskins0021 says:

I use mono on the rocks and from the shore. I’ll use braid with my small reels.

Jess Peck says:

hey my man , watch your vids all the time . and becouse of that i learned how to , and in the past 3 days , have cought 4 of the biggest snook of my life , right off the sand in south beach . went before sun up and the water was a boiling . about every 5th cast . would of never of known how to east coast surf fish without your vids . thank you sir . and as for my question you answered a couple weeks ago ,,, hell yeah there are fish in southbeach ! big ones ! lolol.

jonnywaselectric says:

I have heard from a few people to keep a small lip balm tube in your tackle bag, if you get a wind knot to smear some on the knot before you pull on the braid and most of the time it will slip undone.

James Hart says:

Before using braid on any fishing pole, make sure the eyes wont be cut by the braid. I’ve used Mono for both fresh and salt and I’ve never had a problem. I only use Ande Mono line, on all my reels. I’ve tried braid and it just does not cast as far, or maybe I’m not using enough weight.

Lucas Hamasl says:

What’s the difference between test and mono

MrChhayFishing Adventures says:

Thank you for this video! 🙂

John Burgess says:

But which is better for the environment? Mono or braid?

Sid Hicbab says:


Kaarina Makela says:

Volume inform duck shelf meal nor island guarantee.

Miguel Castro says:

Great Video

Basic_Fishing says:

awesome video man usually i prefer mono for most of the style of fishing i do which is either wharf, beach or the rocks. easier to manage, easy to get and less hassle unlike braid

LastCastTV says:

Quality review man! Very good points on both types of lines!

Aaron Garrett says:

You didn’t mention braids longevity over mono. Mono might be cheaper but it doesn’t last as long.

Darth Vader says:

Mono with light tackle
Braid on heavier gear

Redneck SharkRigger says:

A while back he posted a video on how to save a ton line. I can’t find the video which has the name of the company and website. Can anybody help me?

Sid Hicbab says:

Braids good for jigging. Mono good for everything else

Bill Miller says:

Great video as usual. Good comparison of both as well. Only thing for me is the line capacity. Being a freshwater fisherman (not casting more that 50 feet usually) I have no need for double the capacity. I personally have become a fan of Flouro. But you are 100% right on Braid and pulling hooks out of fish’s mouths. I have watched Crappie fisherman fishing 10lb braid and losing fish constantly due to ripping the hook out. Anyways like I said great video and always very informative! looking forward to the next one.

christopher kaialani says:

i ve spooled on my spinning reel 40lb braid about 5 years ago and i went out fishing less than 5 times,should i change it now when im planning to go fishing everyday ?

Chris Bruce says:

Great video! I can agree with everything said. I used braided for years thinking its the best of the best, but truly not the case after years of fishing the Indian Ocean and Red Sea. The elasticity is great with mono and I have lost several fish due to them darting under coral or a shipwreck with braided. I love the series.

chun wei Hsu says:

Those line can probably last me lifetime

In here says:

Good prices my ass they charge you 20 bucks for shipping on a small spool the make what the loose by changing stupid amount for shipping

paul yeager says:

Braided line for me stronger and cast farther

Johnmervin Ancheta says:

mono shells and rocks advantage?

Taco Anderson says:

What happened to the video of you discussing the big spools of line you are able to order from SNL Corp?

Jeff harris says:

Great video, the format is great and I enjoy watching the whole video. You are needed to be here to help young anglers and inspire. I fish salt and fresh water in Texas. When people start asking to many questions, I send them to you. Thanks for being here for us.

Jesse Bradshaw says:

I use braid for everything, if I need the abrasion resistance run a 10-20m topshot like you said,

mike stanfield says:

Oh yeah, heading to the boat ! Crushing day out front !

Randy Whitley says:

Hey Victor love your sit and how you are doing what you love. At your age it’s awesome to see that in young people love the videos keep it up. Have a question do you rinse your reel’s off after you fish in salt water. Keep chasing the dream.

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