THe TRUTH about WD-40 vs POWER PRO Braided fishing line !

This video is about whether WD-40 will effect braided Fishing line. I used Berkley Power Pro Braided fishing line and regular WD 40 on this test.

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City Kid says:

Sick video rite up my alley glad I found y’all..I liked and subscribed.check me out super new..

Callam B says:

doesnt effect enough to worry about it

Tackle Advisors says:

WD 40 should never be used on fishing reels. It’s more of a solvent than an effective lubricant. Use corrosion x oil instead if you want actual benefits other than moving water and debris around.

Kevin Madaris says:

How much is that scale

Dale Myers says:

Not first. WD40 doesn’t effect mono. Why do you suspect it would braid.

txman201 says:

rather ineffective test. Two different production lots of braid were used. It would have made a LOT more sense to use samples of line from the SAME spool – soak one, don’t soak the other. Duh? The break is usually at and due to the knot, and two different knot instances can vary sufficiently to make more difference than what was seen in this inconclusive and very unscientific test.

Wrapping line on a large arbor (with many loops) at each termination point would have been a better approach. Then, securing of the tag ends would not be nearly as critical as was the knot. This “test” tested the knots tied, not the line.

wabassin11 t says:

I think your best subscriber is your dog!

TroyboyQUE says:

How about we just wash the Rob & Reel off with plain water. And after it dries shot the moving part with the WD40. Unscrew the drag screw, pop off the spool, and spray the gears and handle.
No need to put anything but water on the line anyway.

Glynn Miller says:

The WD40 guy strikes again. And please let Marley in.

David McGhee says:

wd 40 is practically impossible to completely hose off fishing line on a spool

Hummer4u2nv says:

I neglected to mention on the previous mono line video, but making up for it now…I always thought “reel magic” was the safe way to go vs WD-40. Since you already have this series going, would you be so kind to continue this testing with reel-magic for us?

Northern Mike says:

WD40 will never come near anything I use for fishing.

Fishing Mojados says:


tolpacourt says:

WD40 is a degreaser. It’s not a lubricant.

CMonsta Fishin' says:

We’re doing a recap here… your sidebar commentary cracks me up. Way to go being a pioneer on this subject. Hey at least now you have some 1 of a kind faded 15# braid!

Kasey Gray says:

I mean.. I get the concept of the test.. But… soak anything in liquid for 2 weeks.. It will be weaker than it was previously.. Use water and you’ll probably have similar results.

SodiumH2O TheBurg says:

It will just absorb WD and then the line will stink

carlb bellia says:

tie it 2 the fence

Antwone Smith says:


Flatheadfletch says:

WD-40 has water in it ! It corroded a 1960’s Remington 1100 that I put in storage for awhile. I highly recommend NOT using WD-40 for anything. Far. Far better products out their. So don’t ruin your gear by using WD-40 !

Yak MN says:


Jelsma Outdoors says:

Wd40 does not degrade PE line the test needs a larger variance than just 1 lb, try a heavier line so it is easier to calculate the percentage lost. I have been using wd40 to protect reel spools and keep line memory down for years.

Wesley Hackney says:

Based on test I don’t think you can say the effect is significant vs the benefits when saving reel from saltwater abuse

4147by says:

when are you going to look at the compass hobie

John Wedgeworth says:

I like the “nude beach” sign!

Andrew Glass says:

Of course a solvent will weaken the test strength. WD40 is great for cleaning metal and repelling water, but not much else. Technically the scale should be static to get an accurate reading, but that’s splitting hairs. I really enjoy your vlog. Keep it up!

Desert Fox says:

you guys do know that WD40 makes a lubricant now

Tom R says:

Clinch knots are a weaker knot. Use a polymer Knot. it’s much better at 95 percent of line strength.

Reel500 says:

How about 303 Aerospace Protectant??? This works great on serpentine belt and others materials like vinyl, plastic, fibber glass, rubber, leather.

Richard Bowles says:

So much for bill nye the science guy!

Johan Yak-N-Surf says:

Great idea. Keep it simple man and natural.

Johnny Que says:

Cool man 🙂

Dean Surgent says:

20 lb braid breaks at way more than 20 lbs

Shelton Johnson says:

I’ve got an idea for an off-the-wall experiment. Brake cleaner.

Kayak Eufaula says:

Hi Yak. Thank you for your military service. I need to send you a can of Houdini. You will love it on your fishing gear. The military uses the same product overseas on their weapons. I buy direct from manufacture. The product is outstanding. Cheers.

88sinz says:

more marley doggo

Luis Castillo says:

You should try pulling not lifting just saying lol im curious

Slammin Salmon says:

ON TILE!?!!?! YOU ARE A SAVAGE! LOL. I would have done that test outside. But thank you for the video.

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