The TRUTH about KASTKING VS POWER PRO braided fishing line!

In this video, I talk about two types of Braided fishing line: Kasking vs . Power pro. I have gotten a lot of questions on which is better for fishing . Here is my opinion.
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Two Must Have Braided Fishing Line Sizes!

KastKing (shop around for spool size)

Power Pro (shop around)

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Jayden Burstein says:

Can you try and review God Line?

littlegoobie says:

I might be the odd one but for my reels that will be used for steady casting, i choose line by diameter, not pound test. There are definitely some lines out there that are VERY strong for the diameter, not all lines are the same, not all braids are the same even thought they may look the same. It would be as crazy as comparing a Kia and a Ferrari by looking at them that way. ..made of iron, plastic, and paint. 2 doors, 4 tires, steering wheel, burns gas. Analysis is complete, they are the same thing and very similar products. take your pick guys.

green toes says:

I’m now buying the off brand of Amazon. 50 meters about $10.

brandon sherfiled says:

Have you used J braid ??


I just get what I can find on clearance…

Jeffrey Pizza says:

Power pro is expensive where I live 20 pound test is 25 bucks. That y I don’t use power pro made in China. Get kastking 30 pound test

Edward Egnor says:

Let me tell you I have power pro that’s 8 years old and still going strong it’s 30 or 40# but it’s grate that said stren had the best braid hands down shame they sold out to trilene Berkley

Brahim Ziani says:

Shout out to me I’m first

Nathan Van Prooyen says:

Nice 🙂 I commented last week about using KastKing, and what you said is accurate. I do get wind knots from time to time, which is obviously a pain in the ass. Thinking about picking up some Super Slick next time I respool. Expensive, but I’d assume it casts a lot smoother. Is that accurate in your experience?

Jed Huang says:

I have been using Japanese YGK line for 2 years, the green color start losing time by time. turns grey now.

Caysen Damron says:

A spool of Power Pro where I am at is 15$.

OutdoorOriginal says:

I use nothing but power pro. Holds up well like you stated. Great video. Thanks for sharing.

Curtis F says:

Jack is a cheapstake, but I’m even cheaper. Still, I will spend the extra couple dollars and buy the PowerPro. I haven’t used the Fortis, but the “normal” Kastking Super Powerbraid is terrible for all the reasons you listed. Just not worth it in my opinion because I HATE wasting time with wind knots.

Micah Winget says:

I use spider wire. 50 lbs for catfish and I hat some 10 lb for trout.

guy mccauley says:

I’m using the 20 lb Power Pro on 3 of my Plfueger spinning reels in shore fishing from Boca Grande to Tampa on the Yak.

J M says:

It’s weird to hear your girl call you Jack. I’m used to calling you yak motley haha

Joe says:

Had similar experiences here, thanks for the review. At the end, If you care about color avoid kastking, if you care about build quality and longevity of your reel, avoid the koadiak, there are a lot of good deal of Daiwa BG and battle 2 on the internet.

TheMasterCasters says:

I really like KastKing’s new braid, KastPro. Made in the United States too! No wind knots yet, decently slick and casts far. Definitely impressed with it and I don’t buy powerpro anymore because of it.

Yakin with Jack says:

I’m do the same thing on my land based shark fishing rods I put 100 pound braid over 1000 yards I use kastking or a similar brand. Then on all my rods I cast a lot I use power pro super slick

Ashley Petersen says:

I have purchased six kastking reels, the speed demon, the assassin, two sparticus, a sparticus plus and a Mela 2, none of which are smooth after three months, i wash and service them like all previous reels I have owned, these reels are bad quality and I was sucked in to all the marketing, im selling off my kastking and returning to lews and quantum

Salt Savage says:

Anybody try thy new KastKing Pro Line?

Alexsmoak808 says:

I tried cast king once. For whipping lures. I changed it very quickly. Wind knots galore! But I would agree it’s fine fine for dunking bait.

TTH Fishing says:

Should I buy KastKing 50lb braid for my Penn Fierce 6000 for bull red and black drum fishing

Chris Morris says:

I use power pro 45 for frogging

Edward Egnor says:

Oh if you use 30# braid or higher good luck braking it most drags won’t get tight enough to brake it lol unless you hook a monster that hit like a freight train and your drag is set way to high then the shock could snap it lol

J M says:

I prefer suffix 832 but I have some reels with power pro. 30lb and I use it for bass fishing. Never had any issues. I use a leader in clearer water

Lilsturaq Choco says:

Plz follow me on ig @lilsturaqchoco

Roy Carter says:

I feel like you’re the kind of dude that would kill a case of natty ice with me while we fished with shoelaces tied to broomsticks. Keep on keeping it real for the industry fan boys.

James Hill says:

You American’s are blessed with cheap tackle, $9 for a spool of power pro!

tokay999 says:

Spool up and go fishing !!!!! I personally like power pro, that’s what I have on my bass fishing set up. I like the song that you play at the end of the video, what’s the name of the song ?

TroyboyQUE says:

I don’t use Kastking but I try it.
Aye you never got back to me on trying out a rod/reel combo. Wanna see you put it through the Army Saltwater stress test down in Florida. If you AG send your mailing address.

Gabriel Duarte says:

i use kastking because it is very very cheap, and you get what you pay for, i use it in applications were breaking strenght is not crucial, you know, inshore, beach fishing mostly, but, when im gonig to fish in conditions that require that everything is on point, i tend to go with name brands,nobody is going to buy cheap tyres on a shelvy cobra..well, there is a reason some of us ask you for this kind of things =) that is real talk, no bs. unlike other youtube channels that are somehow sponsored by eighter kastking or piscifun that will tell you that there is nothing better than their products regardless of price.. i mean, whatever, if it works, it works, if it sucks, then it sucks, just be honest about it. that being said, this was the case, real info, no sellouts! great content!

EIT Fishing says:

I would say make sure you test the break strength with the knot you are using. I bought some discount 50lb test line that broke consistently at 30lbs at the knot. It also has lost a bit of its color and does seem to wind knot more then the powerpro. Still works for what I want it to. I also use 10lb Powerpro on my spinning rod for bass. Its backed with some old 14lb Cajun red. I bought the cheaper stuff to spool a surf pole (Penn Pursuit 6000) and a jigging pole (Penn Seaboy 185) primarily because of the price. But I do like to try to buy American made line which is usually PowerPro, SpiderWire, or Berkley Mono.

Italian Troutaholic says:

Pretty Windy day.

Angel Colon says:

Thanks man I’m visiting a friend right now at Perido Key staying right on the water with no luck. Changed up the line to some Power Pro and right before I walked into Walmart I was watching this video cuz I needed to change my line it was just too old. Power Pro it is LOL. Man nothing out here on the bay. Any suggestions?

Jorge Posadas says:

I used to use Power Pro till about 5 years ago when I discovered kast King, since then and since I live in Texas and I like to go offshore I basically only use kastking, I’ve never had a problem with it and since I’ve used so many types of braids and they all sooner or later fade and the color comes off on your fingers when you spool a reel, but I use 65 lb kastking for all my ocean needs love it, love it, love it, love it. I just think that power pole is so ridiculously priced.

David Wolter says:

I use 30# power pro just to make sure I have at least 25# test. I have kastking on a couple reels and it hasn’t caused any problems. I did notice the color came off on my fingers when I Spooled it.

Rodney Hanbaum says:

Love it, don’t over think it! Spool up! Go Fishin!

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