The Truth About Fishing Line w/ Gliss

Think you know everything about fishing line? What if I told you you’ve been lied to?

We get informative and opinionated about the Big 3 types of line, and introduce you to the new kid on the block, Gliss from Ardent. Pro, cons, and everything in between. Please feel free to comment and tell me if you agree or disagree with my opinions.


ohiobassin' says:

Where are you getting your information on florocarbon and braid? I think you’re confused on the abrasion resistance on the two

Sebastian Rene says:

great video

Ralph Barton says:

Nice video. Thanks for sharing. I just subbed and liked your channel if you’d sub back I’d really appreciate it

blakely barker says:

All could hear was the tree and the mini van. What did you say?

Justin Hugh says:

No one has been lied to. They just have not been informed. Ardent has not marketed this to the masses, so most people do not know it exists. There is no universal line, only preferences for different people. Anyone can use any line to fish and if they are use to their characteristics, it will perform well….for them. Nice try though, cannot fault you for that. Btw,. Each line can be used for different applications and none should ever be dismissed as inferior, just less adaptive the given application from a generic point of view. Not to mention you did not even discuss leader applications.

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