Tauten Fishing Line Welder Independent Review [Strength Test vs. Fishing Knots]

Wondering how well the Tauten line welder system works compared to tying knots by hand?

Well we put this review together by popular demand from the Salt Strong members who have asks how this product works.

In this Tauten line welder review, you’ll see the following:

1. How the line welder works
2. How long it takes to weld lines together
3. How strong the welded lines are compared to knots
4. How much the line welder system costs (up-front & usage costs)

Best of all, you’ll see close up views showing exactly how Tauten’s Line Welder system operates so that you don’t have to go to a store or buy it first to make an educated decision if it’s a fit for you or not.

And regardless if you use mono, fluoro, or braid, we included examples of each so that you can see how it works with your line(s) of choice.

To see the write-up with relevant links to knots and products mentioned in this video review, go to the full article review linked below:

Tauten Line Welder Review [Strength Test Against Knots]

Tight Lines!


The Tauten LineWelder only beat the Orvis Knot in one head to head knot contest. In all other cases, the Orvis Knot was stronger than the knot tied by the welder.

Not to mention, the weld connection is HUGE compared to a normal knot.

Finally, the Tauten Line Welder took around 45-50 seconds to form a knot, which is way longer than it takes most anglers to tie a good fishing knot.

When you throw all of those negatives on top of the fact you have to pay $199 plus more money down the road for more cartridges, I don’t think it is a smart purchase for most anglers.

The only fit I can see for this Tauten line welder is someone that is disabled or can’t tie knots with their hands for some reason (like bad arthritis).

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Nick Lloyd says:

Great review, thanks. I will stick with the FG!

riner9 says:

Pretty cool. Great if you’re missing a few fingers.

Daryl Hughes says:

If you search knot wars on YouTube they have very detailed instruction on how to tie dozens of knots and test the break strength of each knot on some fancy knot breaking machine but the highly detailed animations of the knot ties makes it easy for anyone to see how they are tied ….love your channel keep up the good work ….tight lines

ShipMonster says:

Clean the fishing line with alcohol?!?!?! The person who invented this has never been on a boat fishing before lol. everything’s dirty and carry around alcohol with you would just be a bigger inconvenience. Great idea, bad execution.

MrCarter'sRods says:

I got so excited at the premise for this product at the beginning of the video. I was always such a fish/tech sucker for new gadgets/gear as well as a recovering knot junkie. lol.

Overall, it’s great in theory in my opinion, but I’d wait a few dozen generations before buying using one myself… and I only have one usable hand lol.

Speaking of which, I hope someone comes out with an effective, durable, and decent electric system for motorizing reels. I’ve got a few ideas, but that’s about it, and everything on the market I’ve seen just seems like it’s overpriced and very poorly made considering the tech available today. And I desperately miss fishing…. I miss it more than my arm and leg many days.

All in all, great video. I’d love to see more like this. Thanks for the effort!

The Canadian Angler says:

Great vid but that knot is hideous

Darin Wilkes says:

I would rather save my $200 and buy a another rod, and probably some more gear.

Craig Fitzgerald says:

Yea, doesn’t seem very applicable for inshore fishing, or other fishing for that matter. Cost, performance, time and aesthetics seem prohibitive. BUT, it is good to see people thinking and trying to apply ideas. And independent reviews of such ideas. Thanks to both.

Jim Bean says:

a dab of gorilla glue works great on knots

marty lopez says:

Gimmick, would not buy it….what’s next an automatic bait hooker?

Michael Barquin says:

Nice ,but would it matter if u use the liine that came in the box.

KrazieDanimal G says:

sorry but, I don’t trust it. if I am not making my own knots, then I do not trust it. especially for 200 bucks!!! hell no!!

fsujag54 says:

The weld looks like it messes up the presentation. I’d go with a standard, hand-tied knot any day over this.

KrispyAquascape says:

Hey I would love it if you make a striper strong shirt. Was looking for it on your website.

Key West Kayak Fishing says:

Back to the drawing board for version 2. I was hoping that it would have worked.

Nicholas Allan says:

drop of super glue on leader knots and your good to go

Clint Johnson says:

Thanks for the video. For $199.00 The final product is definitely not worth that kind of money.

Yakista Lor says:

the best idiea for that is probibly ganna be anything like a drop shot rig in my opinion

Alex Fu says:

Thank you for the tests. At the start of the video, I have to admit I had high hopes on the welder, but based on your test results, they basically say it sucks. I see a lot of issues with it, can’t handle 60 lbs mono, the knot is bulky and yet lacks strength, so what’s the point?

Ian W. H. says:

Might want to test weld vs perfection loop or rapala knot.

Dean Nation says:

Great job testing this equipment.

fjmurray25 says:

as always top notch video, thanks. I agree with the other comment,I wouldnt pay $19.99 for it either.. can you imagine the horrible sound that would make going through the guides what were they thinking.

enrique carrion says:

nothig more strong knot

Cambren Sievert says:

I feel bad for you that you wasted your money on this thing

Alisha says:

Waste money.. I think tying knots to a hook or swivel is easy.. If it was made for braid to fc and was as good as fg knot then maybe i’ll buy one but only if it was as thin as the fg knot cause that thickness looks like it will braid the line just going through the guides.

TheOneTheOnly W says:

I mean I can see uses, but… not many.

Jonmark Flood says:

What part of Florida do u fish in?

Greg Gray says:

Great to see you using the Orvis knot – my go-to knot for most terminal tackle.

Chris Moore says:

i lost so many brain cells on this product.. Great review but only a moogan needs this

Cambren Sievert says:

Unless your like 95 years old or have lost fingers this is uselesss

paul hammond says:

The light line was also the only one you cleaned. I would clean some 30# mono and give it another quick test, just to see if the cleaning makes that much of a difference!

IMMEDIATE gamer says:

how many tests involved clean line.. with the swabs that you were instructed to do.

Pumba Nation says:

I havent had much luck with the Seguar 100% fluoro. been breaking at 9 pounds on 12 pound line. I had to toss it. seguar red label and p line break over 100% with an improved clinch.

Rory Dimov says:

I didn’t know such a device existed. Glad to see your results, I know now that I would not waste any money on the line welder. From my perspective, the “weld” is way too big. It may be OK if you were using 60# or 80# line with the huge hooks for large fish/baits. The one line that beat the Orvis knot was 10# line and that size “weld” would scare away any fish in a 3 county radius where I fished up north for Salmon, Trout and Steelhead. Incidentally it may actually work pretty well for a line to line connection for braid to mono or flouro. Try tying a small half hitch or two on the braid before welding and place the knots within the weld (close to the tag end of the braid). In theory the knot/s may help keep the braid from being pulled through.

Of course knot strength is important but more important than the strength of a knot is the size of the knot when fishing for line-shy fish. More important than the size of the knot is knowing how to use your drag to accommodate your equipment to include the strength (or weakness) of your knots. For those who can’t master the tricky, fancy or best-of-the-best knots, learn one or two simple knots and learn them well. Plenty of easy ones out there like the surgeons knot, the Orvis knot and the uni knot. Good enough.

So, to conclude, thanks for taking the hit and sacrificing $190 so the rest of us could see what it is all about. I think your video was a success. I think the device was a fail on multiple fronts such as; cost (initial and recurring), time it took to “weld” lines, strength of the welds, practicality (it is a bit bulky for the pocket and it is one more electronic device to have to constantly charge up). I will seriously be taking my $190 a spending it on other things that will hopefully put more fish on my stringer.

Noah Strand says:

The line welder is the same as superglue…

Glen Varza says:

polymer knot so easy this thing such a gimmick lol

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