SpiderWire Product Video – Ultracast Ultimate-Braid & Invisi-Braid

A look at SpiderWire’s Ultracast braids, the strongest, smallest diameter super line on the market. 8 carrier line, made in the USA with Dyneema fibers.

Website: http://www.spiderwire.com/
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Dan Stephens says:

I use #40 ultracast invisi-braid on my VS250, I love it!

Junior Martinez says:

I use the palomar knot when im going for reds or trout i dont get why ppl say it slipps it never slipped on me and i love this that im thinking on going shark fishing with this braid i need some suggestions for rigs?

Cheo says:

I’ve used Spiderwire and I think its great

Gunnar Filler says:

What happens if you get snagged

Xavier Miller says:

I think spyder wire digs to much compared to power pro and tug o war

Asura says:

how thick is 50lb invisi-braid

Junior Martinez says:

This line is the best ill never switch to any other one the only lines i trust is this and seaguar fluro

Hilmansai Lampung says:

senar paling kuat spinder.ku suka senar ini.

Vinnie E. says:

Worst braid I have EVER USED! I used almost every single braid out there and this one was easily the worst. Never buy spiderwire it sucks!

MiscerVids says:

So, my reel specs say it will accommodate up to 8lb test (because of size) and i can spool roughly 90 yards of line. If i use this spiderwire invisibraid, can one safely assume 20lb test would work just fine despite my reel only asking for 8lbs max?

ryanjofre says:

Even a regular Palmoar can slip with braid. The Double Palomar is the way to go.

GalaxyDragon777 says:

invisi braid is a fantastic braid

MB Outdoors says:

I just recently bought spider wires 20 lb braid and spooled it up on a brand new okuma trio, the line broke with only the tension of spooling. Huh.

Babis Tsoukalas says:

guys I have these line invisi braid 0.20mm do I need to use a leader to my lure? or I can cast instantly with the braid….fish can see it?

Helicopter Hayes says:

Would It be good for small mouth bass in clear water

JC Bone says:

My favorite braid! 10-15lb invisi-braid is my go to on all my inshore reels! Love it!

Unpwnable says:

I am just buying this for my fish tank LOL and not for fishing LOL!!!

Junior Martinez says:

spider wire is the line of my choice each time i buy new line and the best line in the world

RED MAN 503 503 says:

couses a mess when backlashes happen it digs to much making the thumb trick useless also im a bigginer with baitcasters.

Peanuts&Corn says:

I’m looking for the best line for using a jig would this be a better solution than going real heavy fluoro

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