Slime Line SHOCKING Test Results!

I test Slime Line fishing line in this video and the test results are shocking. Slime Line is a popular fishing line for catfishing and many catfish anglers use it to catch catfish around the country. Slime Line fishing line is highly visible, especially at night.

Catch The Fever, makers of Big Cat Fever fishing rods make Slime Line. The line I tested was 40 pound monofilament.

If you’ve ever asked yourself is Slime Line any good, this test should give you an answer. Slimeline catfishing line is designed for folks who fish for catfish, especially those catfishing at night. Slimeline glows under black light, and this is great for Catfishing at night. Many people believe that Slime Line is one of the best catfishing lines on the market. So, if you are looking for one of the best catfish line available, you may want to give Slime Line a try.

Here is a link to a previous test I did live with 20 pound Slime Line monofilament fishing line.


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Panfish says:

I’ve never done any scientific tests but my 30 pound Slime line is hard to break in comparison to 30 pound Big game. I have not caught a fish over 30 pounds with mine yet but last night I had several very strong Flatheads and a Blue give it a work out! Great video as always!

Brooks Pearce says:

Good stuff 🙂

Ross Best says:

Dieter Melhorn, What is the highest visibility or brightest line there is? I know Power Pro & Ande had some pretty high vis stuff but it’s been years & many new lines have come out.

Shane Dunn says:

Love the video but i spool up with braid and i already have tons of leader lol what cat man dont.

Andrew Wolfle the Catfish Master says:

Can I use this for a leader in catfish rigs???

Jeff Morris says:

I,ll put my Kastking 80 pound braid against slime line anytime.I guess I could call my kastking slime line to ,because every cat I catch coat,s it with slime,ha,ha.You,ll say ,but it isn,t as abrasion resistant as mono.I disagree.Last time I went fishing I had a 36 pound flatty wrap me around a 10 foot branch that probably weighed a 100 pound,s.I hand hauled it up from the bottom and tied it off to my boat and lipped the flatty and cut my line and put him in the boat.Try that with slime line and watch what transpire,s.If your always catching a bunch of dinks I guess it would be okay,ha,ha.Just funning you, but if and when I catch another 100 pound plus cat he,s mine.

Brad Plemmons says:

Which line do use most? And Lb. Test please? Thanks for the videos

Anthony Raines says:

I’m going to get some of the 40lb. I have a few trips lined up for some monster flat head. I normally use braid but I’m starting to fish some lakes and I like to use floats while on the lake at night. Braid don’t sink so awesome video and thanks for the info..

KennyP's Country Catfishing says:

Great informative video Dieter. Thank you.

Leslie VanDerau says:

I purchased Slime Line (30# test) for the 1st time at the Catfish Conference. The hubs and I have used it since but we aren’t huge fans. We particularly don’t like the stretch on it. We refer to it as slinky line. We still have kept it on one of our reels for the summer. But other than the cool black light glow and it casting off the reel well, I can’t say I’m a huge fan. I just cant get past the stretch.

Mr. Gadget Catfishing says:

Lets see some real life line testing if you can.
Some of the lines you have tested make some coils of it and let it sit on your boat in the sun for some trips to see how it stacks up with the UV and heat. Be cool to see if that has any play in the outcome. Lines sure have changed over the years and I remember having some when saltwater fishing that after being in the sun would break really light. Wonder if some of the newer stuff handles UV and heat better? Your early test of slime line may have been different due to storage of the spool tested? An chance it was in the sun or high heat? Keep up the great work. Thanks

KentDrumz says:

Good results, my got to for mono…

Gary Borders says:

Good Info/Video!!,,,I’ve Never Used Slime Line,,But I Do Like The Visibility Factor Of It,,The Stretch,,Not So Much! I Have Used Ande Years Ago,,It Is A Great Line!


Love these gear test videos bub!

Brian Gregg says:

To me I don’t buy line from Walmart. I had a buddy who worked for Walmart distribution warehouse. He said Walmart ordered line so far ahead sometimes they came across boxes of various lines that set in the warehouse for 6 years. Non climate controlled storage. To me if I getting line I would like to have same years run. I think this is the variable most people don’t consider is how long the line has set in changes of climate. It still new but age is a considerable factor when weather goes from -0 to 90+ degree’s.

Justin's Fishin Fetish says:

Great demonstration. Now you got me interested in how the lines I use preform.

Rob Fife says:

Ande monster is the best

Jobuck66 says:

Great video and great information

True Nature says:

Really nice video Awesome Dear. i like your video. keep it up. pls visit our home.

James Arwood says:

Gooly Riojas says:

Ima braid guy Power Pro to be exact would consider doing a test and or sharing your thoughts on any braid any brand

Matthew McNulty says:

Good info here. I learned some stuff during this! Thanks Deiter!

Cat Daddy Fishin says:

Still like my braid.

Maurice Cason says:

I was talking about the ande monster line

Josh Hicks says:

Good video Dieter. Thanks!

Kentucky Catman outdoor adventures!! says:

Very informative great review!!!! I may start using it for my leader line

RespectTheFish says:

Love it! Great videos Dieter!

Scott Brown says:

I got a spoil of 30# slime line. Caught a 24# flathead on it. I like it so far.

Maurice Cason says:

How good is the and line when it comes to casting


Thank you for all the information. I always learn something from your videos. Keep up the good work. Catch you on the next video.

Cat Daddy Fishin says:


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