Really professional grade? Berkley braided line review

What is “professional grade” anyway? Is everything else amateur grade?? All kiding aside we’re taking a closer look at this new offering from Berkley. With so many lines on the market is there really any difference or advantage or is this just new packaging for a new year? In this video we’ll examine this line from a tabletop perspective, then (and more importantly) I put this line through the paces for 10 weeks.


ruben madrid says:

great video, thanks for your review and recommendations


I bought this one at Dicks recently bc I’m on a budget. It was the most inexpensive braid there. Looks like a made a good decision!

Edward st.antoine says:

thanks sir how does it cast compared to mono? btw the fact that the line readily changes it shape i.e. stays where ya bend it till reshaped is a lack of memory as far as lines go. when a fishing line has memory it wants to stay the same shape it was on it spool i.e. curly q

T Y. says:

Thanks man, been fishing for a long time but not too serious. This last summer, 17 year old son wanted to fish sooo I went balls out ( what 17yr old want to hangout with dad?) thanks for the tips to catching more fish!!

Randy R says:

Will this work for on shore casting a lot for salmon ?

Fish Eye Fishing says:

Hey I just subscribed to your channel check out my channel subscribe if you like it and please give a shoutout thank you


does braid cut the eyes on rods

Texas Bass Freak says:

I SWEAR by this Braided Line!!! I used 40 lb. on my Baitcaster Reels and 20 lb. on my Spinning Reels!!! It’s the BEST that I’ve used thus far!!!

Will Whitez says:

Always used power pro 65 to catfish.This year i went to kastking large spools on amazon cheap 50% cheaper than power pro and it feel almost identical.

kushcrumbleshatter1990 says:

Anyone try the Berkley Gorilla Tough sinking braid?

Tanner Basch says:

Hi i just recently subbed to you great videos i have 2 things to ask you. What braid would you most highly reccomend using (baitcster). And can you do a video on how to properly setup and cast a baitcaster.


JT says:

you use 65 lb braid for bass?

BuildAPrep Preparedness Outfitters says:

All reviews are subjective. I’ve been using either Power Pro or Fireline for braid and I don’t have any complaints related to performance. Seeing as Berkley has been making fishing tackle for a long time and their products are solid, I’d assume they wouldn’t release a shitty braided line.

GreatLakesFishingTV says:

power pro maxcuatro is really good braid

Chuck Thornton says:

Fireline works well with top water not much luck
Any other way . The fish stay away from it in the creek any ideals?

Donald Martin says:

Maybe the limp lines are better suited to spinning gear and the stiffer lines are suitable for bait casters……???…..

Christopher Angamarca says:

great video

Jeff Patton says:

I think the softer uncoated braid would be more beneficial if using a fixed spool reel.Ive tried the power pro slick 8 and find it doesn’t perform as good as a 4 strand powerpro uncoated line, as it’s not as limp on the spool. I’ve used 5 kilo 4 strand power pro for uk bass fishing over heavy shallow ground for 4 seasons, and it’s all about the correct set up, drag e.t.c and confidence to go light. Cast 11.2 lb power pro, and you think you have cracked off! Less wind knots than with heavier braking strains funnily enough. Multiplier reels are more suited to heavier braids, and coated ones at that.

CrappieDev says:

Good review

BrandonRyan Outdoors says:

Omg glad I didn’t watch the J braid video because I used 50lb of the same stuff for flipping in a tournament and kept broking off

Larry Moffatt says:

Hey KIRF: Thanks for sharing BRAID technical commentary not emotional or paid. I noticed you were happy 3 years ago with 50lb and said you might standardize on 40lb. Here you are going with 65lb. More reliable and no such thing as overkill I guess?
(I chose 0.008″dia 15lb INVISI translucent fluoro-coated white braid on my finesse spinning reels – to see if I can get bit as much as all fluoro or fluoro leaders for bass fishing). Time will tell, as I left one reel with all 0.009″dia 8lb fluoro.

Kentucky65 says:

Earned a sub, very impressive research.

Question are you still useing Berkley braid as in this Video ?

Aidan Meidinger says:

I know how that is losing a new crank today a river to sea poper



William Wilson says:

Profession grade video. Real life testing instead of just a personal opinion. Keep up the good work.

Troy Cote says:

hey keepinreal I’m just getting into swimbaits I got four from real prey two forage trout 7 .25 and 2_golden shiner 7 in I have 2 Savage gear glide baits and Savage Gear Large rats .Just got my 8 ft one three rod and spooled up 65 power pro to 20 big game Should that be sufficient? What do you recommend Thanks a lot for the northeast swimbaits video’s, Very informative. Keep them coming!

Christian Chavez says:

I have had the same problem with the j braid. Went through 2 different spools thinking it was just a bad batch of line. Nope same problem

leejproductions27 says:

I see you are I love with your own voice. It is a shame you can’t keep on point, instead of trying to impart anything you ever learned. a product review is just that, a Product Review. not a history of braid.

Lunker Chaser says:

If i use 65lb power pro on a 2oz and it stops it shouldnt come of right

Branden Edwards says:

You need to do a review on hammer rods they make excellent fishing rods

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