Power Pro Braided Line vs Cheap Braided Fishing Line from eBay Tested!

I test cheap braided fishing line from eBay against Power Pro braided line to discover whether the cheap braided fishing line from eBay is even worth the couple of dollars it costs. My hope was to discover the best cheap braided fishing line and save a few bucks.

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AleaderWaterShoes says:

Good video, my friend!

Master_Caster says:

Can you review Kastkings line of braids?

Mike PATRIOT says:

I’ll tell you from my experience cheap Crap fails. Not 100% sure it was the line, it could have been oysters but my 33 or so pound Chinese braid broke instead of the 20 lb flouocarbon… not sure yet. I’ll fish it more just use that setup with a popper cork instead of dragging a jighead or other bottom lures.I’ll let you know.

Larry Highland says:

I use the china brand Saratoga 8 strand. Surprisingly good stuff, and cheap. Ebay

foxbow90 says:

I use nothing else than cheap Chinese stuff. The 8 strand braids are amazing.

philod902 says:

Thank you . I went to the website you linked to for the bag o’hundred hooks, but they are out of stock on my preferred 2/0, as well as 1/0 and 3/0. I put a large spool of their braid in my save for later tray, figuring I’ll get it when the hooks are back in stock.
Uhhh….never mind. I’ll bite the bullet and spring for Power Pro. Most of my bait casters have 5 years of the same load on them. Time to reload. I guess its cost effective, since I had to change mono every year. But it hurts for a while, lol.

Troutaholic flo says:

kastking Braid stronger than Power pro and cheaper

Donald Martin says:

Ok neither have I, but I may just break down and give them a shot

Benjamin Makin says:

well the people at powerpro make hamburger wages and they are owned by shimano, so that doesn’t surprise me any.

Fishing7776 says:

Good video Id like to see a comparison video with these lines Power pro vrs Savage gear braid that would be cool!

Fred Fable says:

Just a silly question:

Why you need (or what for) a so thin fishing line if you need 20 pounds of strength ?
is this for a tiny spinning reel? a so delicate fishing needs that strength? a power that never existed before?

Since my childhood (outside US and 50 years ago) I’ve learned to buy the line by diameter…(I ‘ve found 20 years ago, is different here, people buy “By the pound”)
Buying “by the pound” is deceaving in many ways…

A 15 pound “old fashion mono” is thicker than a 40/50 pound braided today.
A 40 pound braided (4 strands) is 0.32mm diemeter when the 15 pound old Zebco mono is 0.35mm diameter…

Is not the time to load your baitcaster reels with a 0.32 ø braid 40/50 pound resistant?
In a normal reel you will be able to put 100 meters or 109 yards, is that not enough? at the same time you reduce the chances of backlash…and that is a whole block in my neighborhood!!! is a lot of line!!

And you are also having an absolute abnormal oversized resistance…

I spent a lot of money in braid lines last 15 years, all possible brands and sizes.
I decided to go to 0.32ø for all of them (8 strands 40 pounds resistanceand, low abrasion)
How are you loading your bait casters?

Spinning reel are different in my case, they are more suitable to “finesse” fishing.

edward egnor jr says:

should of stayed with the 20# weight it would of held just fine the second way you did the test.

Len Dog says:

I’ve been using the Chinese braid brand spectra for years now and have never had a fish break me off! I think for the price I’d stick with the spectra … power pro is to expensive

sen yang says:

i think you are bad man if you want some one let your line is better you can think lots of method but not this way we got big shark use fishing corner, and 80lb got the shark i want to show you the picture .we don’t like power pro because is produced by my factory too.http://stores.ebay.com.au/fishingcorner http://www.dhgate.com/store/19795912#st-navigation-storehome
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. Thank you for your attention.

Velvet Elvis says:

you just saved me $30 thanks

J Allred says:

Thanks, good information,

Adventure Outdoors says:

Another good test. I will be taking your advice and not buying that braid.

Cat Daddy Fishin says:

Power pro is 8 strand and that cheap is 4 strand. Big diff

Twig 'N' Timber Archery and Outdoors says:

try some 50# Chinese braid for fly reel backing!

SuperBardley says:

Heads up! On our West Coast forum, Northern California Kayak Anglers (NCKA.org) the general consensus is that while kayak fishing, we don’t run a main line that’s over about 35# due to the difficulty of successfully breaking it off without rolling the boat. Yes, we use 40# or 50# leaders for toothy and abrasive fishing, but keep the running line limited, AND we’ll use something less than the running line so that that is what breaks off rather than shortening our main line.

Remember, the whole point of drag and rod flex is to allow us to use lightweight lines without breakage — this arrangement allows us to land some seriously big fish with disproportionately light line.

Jose Romero says:

I have a friend that use 100lb “bravefishermen” cheapbraid and he got a 65lb fish with no breaking. Idk I guess depends on brands.

Donald Martin says:

You get what you pay for……

badandy says:

Same issues with cheap Chinese crankbaits. Can’t beat a good Rapala.

Fly Fishing The Southeast says:

17th lol

fireriver 610 says:

yeah braid slips, cuts your hands when there is pressure, wears out guides, hard to cut has no stretch so there is rarely any give in it. very hard stuff to work with. mono is easier to use and has more benefits

Bill Mickler says:

You get what you pay for, just spend the money and get quality fishing line, well worth the investment.

yakfishing on a budget says:

I use the cheap wish .com 8 and 10lb braid for my panfish rods and have had no problems with it at all, even when I use them to target bull Croaker’s sometimes I catch redfish and Sheepshead by chance and have never had any problems with it, but when i target bass trout and red fish I stick with power pro

Lightspeed Snail says:

I use to use mono too, but switched to PowerPro because I got tired of leaving my expensive lures at the bottom of the lake or hung up in a tree. With the braid I can easily retrieve my lures and reel in the big ones. PowerPro may cost a bit more, but when you’re talking about losing a $16.00 Whopper Plopper, or not, it’s a lot cheaper to buy quality line. I looked at getting some of that cheap, Chinese crap, but talked myself out of it. Glad I did.

Matt Sloan says:

I love that you introduced the knot variable. So many people make posts that whatever brand 30lb braid snapped lifting 10lb’s of weights. I suspect most of them attached with horrible self defeating knots (probably slipped rather than breaking). I must admit my braid experience has been fishing for large mouth bass and my biggest issue with it was that it WONT break. You will break a rod before snapping off 20lb Stren. Of course I always used a mono leader, but if that braid ever made it into the snag you were done. Or heaven forbid had a backlash (can happen to the best of us at times).

John Sims says:

I purchased some Chinese 100# for offshore fishing, and it has never failed me.

fireriver 610 says:

I never use braid I’m a monofiliment guy

viper2788 says:

The pound rating on fishing line is determined under static loading. When you pull up that fast, not only are you increasing the load, you’re throwing impact resistance into the equation. Either way, proved your point

3605Josh says:

I fish for monster catfish and depending on the cover I use anywhere from 40-80 pound test braid. I have been using a cheap Chinese line for a while (3yrs) now and have not yet had an issue bringing in fish up to 75 pounds.

Fred Fable says:

Ok Steave I have some things to point from the “Chinese experience”.

The smell…

I don’t know why many of the items we buy in china are sanitized “by law” and others seemed to be not.
No matter the material whatever you buy, they smell like: “smoke from and old kerosen or gas oil lamp” somebody told me that sanitizing process is done inside to the whole container, no matter what you put inside, unless is edible.
Even those little cardboard boxes from China Post smell inside…I don’t know what to say.
Rubber stuff, plastic, fiber glass, wood almost the majority of things get “that smell”, related to fishing lines…the smell vanishes when you put the lines in water during the fishing process.

hippie tie-dye says:

Remember the phrase keep it simple stupid… Take a wooden dowel, wrap each end of the fishing line around the dowel five or six times, this way you will you will eliminate the knot cutting the line

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