NEW! Sufix Advance Mono What is it? Is it just marketing hype? Does it live up to it’s claims?

Sufix Advance Monofiliment is the newest line from one of the most popular manufacturers of fishing line. I feel like Sufix has always made good products…And have used many of them over the years and still do. (I’m big Sufix Superior leader fan for heavy stuff)
But Sufix claims quite a bit with their new series of lines….does it live up to their claims?

I gotta say….after some on the water time…and bench time…..
Regardless of what the bench tests say. The on the water time left me nothing short of impressed.

I think it is a spectacular main line and will be using it more. I also want to use some of their heavier offerings. In 20 to 40lb test.

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Bert Rijkers says:

Becaue of you I was curious about this line, so I ordered it and replaced my braid with this sufix line on my spinning reel.
I have to say, It’s like you said, it ain’t coming of my reel anymore, I love it!
It’s very sensitive, it does have a bit of stretch, but it’s strong as hell!

Thanks for this review!

FumioFunakoshi says:

It seems like you need a college degree these days just to buy line or fishing gear in general…lets flashback to 1962. i was 9 years old at the time. We were at our camp in Maine and my dad just bought me a Zebco rod and reel combo, probably cost somewhere between 7-10 bucks. We tied a 3″ silver inline spinner with a hook to it. I went out behind the camp and got a can full of worms, got into the boat and started trolling back and forth across the pond…after a couple of hours I had a 5 gallon bucket full of white and yellow perch. I had no idea what size or kind of line I was using or what action or flex the rod was. And for the reel it might have been a 202 or a 400 I don’t remember but the bottom line was I was catching fish. Technology is interesting… but sometimes we just need to go fishing…BTW I did enjoy your video.

Tacklecentral Fishing says:

I can’t believe that Avet named their star drag Teva. Yup. Nonsense.

Steven says:

Very good video by the way

Zay The Banana says:

kastkings fluorokote is so stretchy i cant hook set i hate it

Derek Petter says:

Since you are a primary braid guy, what is your favorite braid?

Reel500 says:

Is Berkley ProSpec Chrome any better than the Berkley big game? The 40lb up to 100lb?

smalljaw says:

I’d like to see you do some testing with Spiderwire ultimate mono. It is thin, much thinner than advance and it does have a lot less stretch than every fluoro I tried, the bad part is that is has a lot of memory but works well with a line conditioner.

Matkoo Matkoo says:

as always straight forward and enough info
thumbs up from Croatia!!

josh m says:

So would you say this line floats better than standard mono?

Jay Wack says:

This is my favorite line. Using the 25lb as my leader for jigging here in Tennessee rip rap. Using Sufix Promix for ultralight setup and never looked back. Caught a giant catfish on the Promix 6lb test in 80’ water. Proline is their slightly cheaper version of the Advance. It’s the next grade down but it’s silky smooth and lasts forever. I hope they always make these two lines because I have found the best line I’ve ever used without a doubt and I’m super picky!

Bill Clinzel says:

I have been using
P-Line CXX for bass fishing in the New York State reservoirs for many years,,so I am curious about the Halo now that you said its your go to..can you compare the two?

Cj Nerf says:

I am new to your channel and Subscribed instantly ! I have been binge watching your content lately ! I particularly enjoy the reel breakdowns not to mention the lure clip video order nearly all sizes through your affiliate links ! Super Informative i feel watching your channel and Tactical Bassin’s channel which i love – IMO gives me all of the required info i need to make informed , confident decisions now that i have re-discovered my fishing passion. Great channel you should without a doubt be larger the 15K having said that i expect you will be huge in the future ! Glad i found you ! Have a great day and thanks

Steven says:

What if you tested in a 10meters long or 5 meters long will it break in a higher strength?

SB68SS says:

i have used Sufix 832 for many years now, i have tried many other lines but for me the 832 is the best for my fishing

jmurray66655 says:

Interesting review, but you must be getting a different spec in the USA because when I checked the Sufix international web site the 0.28mm has a stated bs of 15lb and the 0.30mm has a stated bs of 18lb. Maybe something that you could take up with Rapala as they distribute Sufix in the USA. Great review though as I have been interested in this line.

Steven says:

I also did a test on monofilament a few weeks ago , sufix cast n catch 4.4kg 0.28diameter breaks at 3.4kg shimano technium 8.5kg 0.3diameter breaks at 3.9kg black magic velocity 8kg 0.35diameter breaks at 4.2kg
And till 2am in the morning, and I think is it because of the diameter I don’t care as long as I set my drag under 4kg
Until now I saw your video and it was a relief. Not just me getting the same result, It’s the diameter not the label.

Vinfish 46 says:

sir scoob , great video Thx for the tip on line diameter vs # test on the box because I’ve always wondered  why after I’ve? bought line that either cast different or felt thicker  ?

LetsGo Now says:

Seems like good line the problem w these lines is that you almost always have to order them. Ive been using Stren Power Knot lately and that line has held up. When my two spools ran out i went to Trilene XL. Ive tried Trilene XL/XT before and didnt care for it. However, i heard that Berfkley tweaked it. So far so good the only thing it comes out a bit crinkly but after you use it 3 or 4 times it uncrinkles itself.

Dixie Bassin says:

The “Sand Paper” is to simulate cover not a “Fishes mouth.” Lol. The sand paper test is a little more scientific than the way you “Feel.” Lol.

Nick S says:

I would be interested to see what this line’s abrasion resistance is like.If it seems like the abrasion resistance is better the Sufix Superior, which is what I use on most of my outfits, I may give this line a go for 20lb, 30lb, and 50lb tests.

Bob Gill says:

Ever used Stren Sensor? Heard it was incredible.

Twangtown7 says:

Minus braid, what’s the best line for flipping jigs/plastics? What’s most sensitive? Thanks!

Phil Porter says:

Wish I could buy this in Germany.

Projectfap says:

This one is stretchy like hell.

mtg42c1 says:

It sounds like the factory put the wrong line on the spools. If the 8 pound is the same diameter of the 12 fluoro, and they break at the same poundage, that means to me that it was an error in spooling. Just my 2 cents

jonnywaselectric says:

Curious about the uni knot, I use it on almost everything braid and mono mostly, I have had some fluorocarbon snap

Joseph Venezia says:

Hi like your videos,I’ve went the whole way around and went back to a co-polamer, if you want to try a great line try mamoi diamond illusion it’s super strong ,a lot thinner than the new suffix low memory ,I use it 12# ,great line compare it and you’ll see. Floro has way to many quirks for me,so went back to mono. I’ve been fishing for 65yrs ,I’m 75 ,and when you get over the marketing sometimes the old stuff is better

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