Mono vs Fluoro: Abrasion Resistance Test (Shocking Results)

This will make you question everything you’ve heard about the strength of fluoro line over mono line…

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Is Fluorocarbon Leader More Abrasion Resistant Than Traditional Mono Leader?

In this latest fishing line test, we put 20lb fluorocarbon leader line up against 20lb traditional monofilament leader line to see which one had the most abrasion resistance.

For years, we just assumed that fluoro line would be stronger and much more abrasion resistant than mono line (because that is what the line manufactures have led us to believe), but we had never seen any real proof.

So we decided to put the two lines in a head-to-head test to see which one would last the longest against sandpaper (similar to the mouth of a snook).

The results kind of shocked us.

Check out what happened and let us know what questions you have and any other ways we can improve the experiment.

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Is Fluorocarbon Leader More Abrasion Resistant Than Traditional Mono Leader?

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Justin Williams says:

In my case I fish in Southern California and the most of the time that fishermen are using fluorocarbon lines deep sea fishing, and we are fishing for pelagic fish where there is little to no places to chafe off and as we all know that Tuna and Socal Yellow tail and tuna can see mono fishing line in the water more so than fluorocarbon. In most cases that I prefer to use mono is when I am fishing near an island where they can go down and go into kelp or into a reef but when I am fishing near a kelp patty I use flour carbon fishing line.

minelab 71. says:

Mono Al day long.

FisherOfMen333 says:

The main reason I like to use fluoro is because it takes FAR less time to break down in the water. Mono is awful for that. It takes hundreds of years to break down, where as fluoro takes only a few years. That is my reason, not the whole invisibility thing. There just seems to be a lot of people swear off fluoro because of the visibility and abrasion resistance compared to mono. Just remember that fluoro is better in the regard I mentioned. Happy fishing!

Joshua Lammi says:

I would love to see some abrasion tests with braid.

Caden Seegers says:

When did Seth McFarland get into fishing?

The Nature of Fishing says:

Excellent. Love to see this kind of testing. Thanks for this. Although you did address diameter differences, all comparisons really need be done with equal diameters, measured with a micrometer.

Den Smith says:

Great…now the cost of mono is gonna skyrocket.

Robert Cochran says:

How can anyone take your word for these results? Not calling you a liar…. I’m just asking what everyone is thinking….. take a continuous video with ZERO EDITS!! Only then will everyone believe the results!!!!

magnus andersson says:

Got damn!

Sashimi 2nite says:

Good abrasion test.
Can you do a strength test pls…?


Thanks for making the video, I know these videos take time. I really appreciate your efforts. Beretta Sr.

Norm D says:

Like movie perfect storm George Colony Long line sword fish up to 1200 pound fish what long line brand do you recommend?
And what weigh of leader line should I use please does anybody can help me please!

Lorne Hargis says:

Great and fair analysis. Wondering about the visibility. Look forward to that. Thx.

Felix Martell says:

Copolymer vs Mono vs Fluoro

jmartinez0019 says:

I would like to see that test with cheaper flouro

Nikita T. says:

Amazing experiment. Love it!

Nate V says:

Awesome video, do you happen to have a video demonstrating braided line?

H Keeping it Reel says:

Very interesting, thanks for the video

Evan Hammond says:

Florocarbon reflects less light and takes less to stretch it so its more sensitive. Just so the folks who watch know the true advantages.

Felix Martell says:

Copolymer vs mono vs fluorocarbon

African Twin says:

I wounder how the Aliexpress lines perform . I buy most small fishing parts from Aliexpress Rompin shop. They have nice prices for what i need.

Gilbert Robles says:

This is the test comparison that I unconsciously was waiting for. Thank you sir. I wonder if their is a way to experiment which of the two stretch s the most (tensile) strength I guess. Great video with surprising results.

Eduardo Lopez says:

Try a fluorocarbon vs copolymer abrasion resistance test

john p. says:

Great video ! now i would like to see a test proving Fluoro is less visible in clean water.I’ve never been convinced that it is.

Samuel Shonhart says:

I’m not bias of either line I use both but he should of used like seaguar abraz ex or inviz ex instead of the blue label. Because I think the blue label is made more for finesse applications I believe. Or maybe some just regular Fluor from p line or vicious

geoffrey collins says:

now try this test with berkley big game fluro please

Christian pizzoleo- miles says:

You should do this test with different flourocarbon lines

Wayne D says:


jadonx says:

watched this after loosing two trout today without force with flouro breaking near hook! think ill go back to mono.

Krillbilly says:

fluorcarbon line wasn’t invented to be stronger than mono line, it was made to be more invisible in water.

John Tewelow says:

Great test. Thanks for taking the time to do it

Jerry Anderson says:

Good test

Donald Nixon says:

Have you tried fluoro vs mono from the same manufacturer such as a fluoro ande and mono ande? I might have to give it a test!

Tony Gruber says:

Hi Luke, just curious if you tried this test with the same # test braid vs mono to see which was more abrasion resistant?
Thanks, Tony

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