Mastering P-Line

How to master your fishing line choices.

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Classic Cast says:

I’m primarily a braided line guy. I’ve got more fish and the line has lasted 3 time more than monofiliment or flurocarban. but what’s the difference between the braided lines

Fish & Disc says:

Howdy Nick,
What line or combo (line+leader) would think would be best for Trout fishing the sierra streams this year? Water is crystal clear and a little warm so trout seam to be sluggish and picky.

Terry Ashton says:

Excellent and informative video. Well, I guess that is why you are called the Informative Fisherman. I work at a local Cabelas in the Fishing Dept. Honestly, I just ran into this great line. Unfortunately, we only carry 2 of the many lines. But, once I caught on to the Fluoro Coated, this is all that I recommend and install for Beginner and more Experienced Fishermen and Women alike. I read quite a few reviews and other than the odd complainer, which you will find anywhere, I have not read one bad thing about it. Every time we stock the wall, I am usually out in a couple of days. I actually got a bit of a Dressing Down for not pushing Braid. I asked that the next shipment, they bring in lots, which they did. Now I am sitting pretty for a while. I would like to see some of that Braid. So I can compare it to a couple of other brands, and the one that I do use. I trust you that it will come out well just the same. Obviously Leader Material for making Toothy Fish Leaders, Leaders for the end of your Braid and decent line for Rigs and Drops Shots. Sounds to me like P-Line has everything covered. One of the other Outfitters also uses the Coated on his reels when he doesn’t require Braid. I do get to make a few recommends regarding equipment, Tackle and such, so will do some checking to see if we can’t bring in some P Line Braid also. With the last shipment, I had enuff on hand that I could buy a few boxes for myself. So, I got 2 of the 10 and 1 of the 8 lb. We got so much that I lined the wall and put a bit in Back Stock for when I run out.

Zoila Sanchez says:

hi nick l have a question i fish cat fish i use a penn750ss and a 8000 battle i want to switch line to p line cxx super strong would 25lb be good for 30 to 40 cat or go. with 40lb braid

Blake Cisneros says:

I have a Shimano Curado E7…and I just purchased the 20lb this the best choice? I’m replacing my 30lb Power Pro that I use to catch big reds and flounder

Salvador Cisneros says:

quick question I’m fishing the Sacramento river what’s the best P line to use on my bait casting reel

Bryce Newell says:

For large mouth bass what p-line do you reccomend.

InformativeFisherman says:

Your welcome Arnold! Thanks for taking the time to write that!

Catching the Craze says:

Good Video Nick, I do have one question however and am curious what advice you have. I’ve tried P-Line several time on a bait casting reel but have only resulted in back lash after back lash after back lash. Im not a pro caster but Im certainly no chump, what brand of P-Line would you recommend for cleansing this problem?

Jacob Mosqueda says:

is that Xtra strong sting a braid or?

Kareem Blake says:

Is the P-Line CX-Premium Fluorocarbon Coated Fishing Line (clear) a good low visibility line? In comparison to a 100% fluorocarbon line how does the visibility match up?

Jason Mulson says:

Hi Nick! What would be the best bass and trout fishing line? Also what pound test line is best using a baitcaster?

Rohan Khan says:

I bought all kind of products, Japanese, USA , China, all bullshitted except P-LINE, no joke with 15lbs can carry 6kg ,super strong, no bullshitted for this good staff, superb for p-line

CalBearAddict says:

I am going to do some stocked rainbow fishing and am looking for a low vis line. I was thinking of switching to Fluoroclear from mono. Primary bait will most likely be Power Eggs or Power Bait. Should I be concerned about the fact that the line does not float (i.e. will it pull my bait down to the bottom) or if using 4-6 lb test, should it not be a problem?

Gabriel M says:

Nick ive seen some of your videos. You come across as a prick. Anyone agree?

Anime4 Mii says:

Hi there, I was talking to a customer service
I ask him is 50 pound mono line stronger or 20lb braided spider wire
And he’s say 50 pound. Lines?
Is it true….

Jose Camacho says:

Hey nick I have a question. there is this Lake a go shore fishing for strippers but the only way to get the 20″+ is to throw my bait on a Carolina Rig as far as i can with my 12ft rod (80-100 yards).
The problem is that my leader keeps getting tangled with my main line. What would you suggest to prevent that from happening.

This is my set up: Carolina Rig: 12ft rod, 30 lb braided main line, 4 Oz weight on a slider, swivel, and a 15 lb flourcarbon leader.

yumpin yiminy says:

Nick..why do you bother having the company experts on a video when you act like a know it all already?.. I’m unsubscribing from your channel..not that you care !!!.

Rico Suave says:

I use the xx strength pline 2lb to fish for cichlids in south America works great caught over 200 fish u using it

Kyle Ritter says:

Quick question. Just bought some 6 lb test Pline 100% Fluorocarbon for this year’s upcoming trout season. How long of a shelf life does it have if it is sitting inside my house, or “controlled environment” and not on my reel yet?

Slimey Pendleton says:

Hey Nick! with Shad season in full swing i was wondering what type of PLine and leater material you would recommend? I’ll be Bobber/Float fishing the upper American River. Thanks for all the great content!

Christina Carrillo says:

What line would you recommend for bass fishing with a abu garcia bkackmaxx

31sweetcorn says:

What would you suggest for ice fishing for pan fish?

MrEricdgreat says:

What line for big Swimbaits say 3-10 once lures?? Thank you

pat m says:

I spooled up yesterday and it keeps twisting. So annoying!



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