KastKing VS PowerPro

I conducted dry (land) tests to compare generic and name brand braided fishing lines. There are huge differences in prices between generic and name brands.

So I invested for 3 rolls of KastKing from Amazon. If KastKing performs well during the dry test, this will benefit many anglers. Many anglers can save a lot of money.

I spent 15 hours to perform cast-ability, knot strength, and abrasion resistance tests. I did my best to perform test fairly and consistently.

Results: KastKing is better than or at least equal to PowerPro.



israel villarreal says:

i allways use powerpro but 2 years ago is starting to notice that is lose more fish because it broke when i make hook set

GS Allen says:

SUbjective BS. Need to use a calibrated casting machine.

Brad Neumann says:

try the casting mega 8 80lb that is unbreakable up to almost 145lb pull.

Dustin Edmiston says:

How long was that long ass tag end???!!! That could be the difference in the casting test.

cenexes 12 says:

now put kastking against stren superbraid and see who is the winner for about the same amount of money

Blake Libby says:

I really dig this video. These head to head challenges are a great way to see results. Thanks for sharing!

Will Whitez says:

kastking 65 is amazing replacement for power pro 65 much smoother cast and almost as strong

lthp says:

very helpful. thanks

john foy says:

Kast king is only 4 strand and pp is 8. So that tells ya its as good if not better.kk is my go to line and i tried most of the major brands and it by far outperforms the others.

Marius Bartolome says:

kastking and powerpro are equal

Marius Bartolome says:

all of the brands are strong

jim bo says:

TRY salt on K KING for awhile and tell me it holds up like power pro.

Dustin Edmiston says:

It’s a bigger spool of last king in the break test!! This test is bullshit!

William Munny says:

Do a Sifix 832 vs Powerpro they seem to be the two most popular

Ethanbittle says:

Unless you like freaking thick ass cable braid just stay with power pro

ricky33183 says:

it’s all the same bs just buy the kastking and save money and fish more

Sal Palos says:

Im not sure how scientific this is…but its good enough for me! lol Generic brands FTW! Fishing is like NASCAR now with all the product placement!

Just ordered a big spool of KastKing 50lb!

mostafa abdullah says:

is a kastking good line ,do You advise me to get it

DiegueCR says:

Great help! Thanks!

Wilson Miranda says:

That’s a review! Thanks

Volkan KüçüK says:

Hello friends, I have tested Kastking Mega8. this line is thicker than for same braking strain any real PE line. in fact 2 times ticker. Kastking is cheap because its not use spectra or dynemaa (they both use PE ) as a raw material. There is no sign for it. I guess they use their own thing. Be careful when buying this line for your spool capacity.

Altex lan says:

I bought the china braided 30lb rated line, when tested. it break at 10lb. I will never buy china braided again.

Linh Nguyen says:

I’ve had the same KK 15, 30, and 65 on my spinning and baitcasters for last 2 years. Color looks the same now as it did 2 years ago. It does dig on the baitcasters, but not enough to affect casting distancing. I was a PP user before, but switched to the MUCH cheaper KK. I can’t comment on any other strength other than the 3 that I’ve used.

Zac S. says:


Charlotte Goodbody says:

Whilst KastKing is a good, cheap braid for the occasional angler – as with most braid manufacturers, they apparently grossly understate its diameter. Looking to maximize the capacity on a spin reel, (whose stated capacity is 340m X .35mm line), I spooled it up under tension, with .25mm KastKing, yet found well over 80meters left on a 300m spool!
Clearly, something’s off!
Given that the reel is a Shimano product, I’d be inclined to believe their claims over KastKing’s. Unfortunately, my calipers don’t measure such small diameters, so I can’t verify it’s claims.

Serg Z says:

thanks, very big thanks )

Moriarty 667 says:

Thanks for the test but it is not a fair test – I have both powerpro and kastking and I can tell you that kastking braid is clearly thicker than powerpro for the same resistance point.

Jiang Nick says:

I can feel kastking is going to stir up the fishing gear market in the near future.

jim bo says:

KEY word long term durability. In salt KASt KING breaks down sooner and allows sand to impact into the line. Then You have this nice sandpaper line sawing away at your guides. If you can afford alconite guides to solve the problem you can afford power pro end of story!!!!

loc dawg says:

Awesome video

Péter Kucska says:


LRO1986 says:

berkley big game #20 all day errrrryyyyday if you’re chasing monster cats! I have kast king braid on a few rods and its tough shit.

J CHO says:

thanks 4 ur information

Marius Bartolome says:

powerpro,kastking whatever brands of braid is strong

lendog says:

if your gonna spend the money I’d go with trilene professional braid instead of power pro

sefox88 says:

well I was always told when it break at the knot its usually the knots fault not the line … the knot is important when It comes to tying all type of line as because the knot may cause the line to cut into itself …  when either line breaks somewhere beside the knot let me know

bill callihan says:

cool test,but can it be accurate since your using your arms.you would think that one arm is stronger than the other.causing different pressure on the lines.but cool demonstration.power pro is over rated and very expensive.have a good day

seanfishingtexas says:

I’ve ordered some of this Chinese braided line the diameter is bigger on a lot of them how does the diameter compared to Power Pro

Rob P says:

Powerpro is thinner allowing for more line to be put on a spool than with the same # test kastking.

danipesca hoy says:

kastking is good power Pro shit

jmartinez0019 says:

What diameter does the kast king come out to? 20lb power is at .009″ diameter

M DW says:

Thanks for taking the time to film this. It looks like I’ll be buying a spool of kast king next time i check out on amazon.

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