KastKing SuperPower Braid Fishing Line Strength Test: Episode 633

John “Toast” Oast from Fishyaker.com puts KastKing SuperPower braid fishing line through strength testing. For more fishing and kayaking videos visit Fishyaker.com or the Fishyaker Youtube channel.

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KastKing SuperPower Braid Fishing Line Strength Test: Episode 633

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Konrad Wysokinski says:

Sir, have you tested kastking superpower line with diameter 0.07 mm?

Steve Flynn says:

0.22mm Kastking braid was overkill for a freshwater Drum that I caught in the Missouri River. It was at least 20 inches and made the drag scream a bit. I think 14mm could have done the job. Maybe less without horsing it. I’ll be buying this along with JOF and Sea Knight Tri-Poseidon.

marko shuli says:

i was expecting more from this line even more now that i heard they are going to make a line made in USA anyway very nice review

Tala Tala says:

ill take 15 pound .. good enough for the price..

Rob P says:

I hate to tell you but your test is flawed. No offense you have a great presentation but a short strand of line is not representative of the overall durability of fishing line you should be testing with at least 12-15 ft Because when you shorten the line You’re effectively taking away torque that the company had in mind when testing. In the auto mechanic industry you can break wrenches and sockets and bolts all day but adding a few extra feet gets the job done 90% of the time no sweat. Thanks

OceanBorn Crete says:

If I see braid breaking above its labelend poundage consistently I would suspect the diameter being larger than advertised. For the price 25% is good enough I agree. Just need to be easier on the brakes.

Luis Moreno says:

I do a lot of surf fishing and use kastking once and that was enough for me to not use it anymore rather pay more and buy suffix spiderwire or mustad that is cheaper and works great. Power pro is ridiculously expensive and when you cast on strong wind creates to much nesting on line.

dbrownsd says:

Kastking upgraded their formula this year, and those listings are marked with [upgraded] in the title, it would be interesting to see how this compares in your tests. In my tests with it, the 10lb consistently broke at right around 14lb.

JHK L says:

we do not fish at a distance of 12 inches. If the line were 12 feet long, it wouldn’t be broken under 20 lb.

Anime4 Mii says:

spiderwire stleath or this?

JSJ 3017 says:

Don’t use a knot, you’re weakening the line at the knot. This isn’t a accurate test. You should make a knot and wind it around the hook. https://youtu.be/pgfDwzj_P6w these test are done on the old kastking superpower braid, but the method is more accurate and the line doesn’t break at the knot

James Hill says:

I used to run Kastking just because it was cheap and never lost a fish on it. I stopped using it because it doesn’t work well with baitcasters, even when spooled properly it always digs in and sticks to itself and is a general pain in the arse especially in windy conditions. However I still have a spin reel spooled with Kastking and it is still going strong after about 6 months of heavy use, lost nearly all its colour though.

Dennis Barnes says:

Nice test John. It would be interesting to see how it would perform as a wet line. Can you soak the line in a bucket of water before you do the test.

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