Kastking Super Power braid 15LB, 20LB and Mono 30LB strength Test

Kastking Super Power
15 LB (white)
20 LB (blue)
Mono 30 LB
Strength Test..

Fishing line
breaking strength test


Paula t says:

Fantastic. Great vid. Thanks!

kizz jd says:

4x or 8x?

Konrad Wysokinski says:


Darryl D says:

Dang good test thank you.

Maxwell Stanley says:

Nice review. Can you make a review for 20 lb Maxcuatro, Super 8 Slick and Ocea Flurocarbon

Sleepy Boiii says:

If i use a 30 pound mono does it mean i can catch fish up to 30 pounds on any rod ? Please answer thank you

cybor death says:

Hell thats well over there rated weight and thats no drag so I’d say I could bring and least a 55lb 60lb fish in on my 8ft uglystick catfish rod with the optix 60 reel but I have it lined with 50lb power pro braid and about 20ft 50lb triline big game mono been thinking about stripping the braid off and switching to all mono the cats didn’t seem to mind before when I had this cheap 30lb mono line on don’t remember the brand but it was way thicker than this 50lb triline big game mono and my it hard to cast looked almost like weedwacker line for only 30lb but i did bring in fish on it it just too bulky and hard to cast so why not go bigger and thinner

Mika Mantynen says:

Best line test arrangement and video i have seen. Just facts, no talk, no music

Kent Yammo says:

Dude doesn’t have many videos and all the sudden does like 5 kastking line videos in a row? Something smells fishy… kastking is known for offering free products for good reviews.

Ra'uf Azman says:

Could you test the kastking superpower 40lb?

53CopCeco says:

Very good test

Joseph Schmoberg says:

Very good video …. easy to see what you were doing and much better assessment of line strength than other line tests …. very well done !

John Vanegmond says:

Brilliant! Thankyou.

The Second says:

Way to take the subjectivity out of the testing.

Ahmad Qayyum Adnan says:

Good job buddy…

2100BLF says:

So in a way, in real life, shock loading on the line for some fishes might be significant factor in some cases when people complain that a line breaks. Eg, stretchable mono vs Spectra. (If i am not wrongm, i believe dyneema based lines usually can stretch a wee bit more than spectra based)

mobydimk says:


Danny Schwab says:

Very nice. Thanks and god bless

Salty 77 says:

Wish I would have fast forwarded to 7:09

J&R Isaacson says:

Nice job. The chart at the end is what most other videos are lacking. Your testing machine is fantastic.

2100BLF says:

Very nice, thanks for the pretty scientific testing. BTW, i have seen some other strength tests using weights in a bucket or similar and it’s critical to be putting them extremely gently into the bucket. Shock impact loading is extremely critical. This is a 20,800lb Spectra vs 5900lb polyester shealth/polyester core extreme / exaggerated test . The 20,8000lb spectra broke and the 5900lb polyester did not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDIo-WZkSaM&t=3s

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