KastKing Braided Line Review

My personal opinion on KastKing’s braided line. I will never go back to any other braided line brands after using this!

KastKing: http://www.eposeidon.com/




Okie Catfishing says:

Man, I’ve heard people swear by this stuff….I’ll have to try it one of these days.

DefinedLens says:

Will this braided line sink when it gets wet?

Dan and Angie Fishing says:

Nice helpful video man!

Dennis Harrison says:

They got good looking reels. To seem realy well made

Jeremy says:

this guy sounds like he works for kastking

Cato Hostilius says:

Better than PP or about equal?

Dennis Harrison says:

I just ordered a 1000yds of 20lb test going to put on my ambassadeurs mines color is blue

lance henthorn says:

That same thing was happening to my son with his over priced braid. I put some 25 pound kast King on his reel. Let’s just say he sold on it! He paid $20.00 plus on his spool of name brand braid. Was able to get one spooling. I paid $14 on my kast King and have spooled 5 baitcast reels and have at least 1/3 if not 1/2 of the spool left.

Slammin Salmon says:

Doesnt die the cork handled rods you might have? My buddy just put the green stuff on his brand new St. Croix salmon rod. First cast and as he was reeling in the wet line and the dye in the line started spraying all over. Most of the cork on his rod is pretty much died green now. Anyone know about it? I use kast king line myself used to be a power pro guy. BUT! Havent used to braid on the water yet.

Rolandas Klimašauskas says:

Is it 4 or 8 braid?


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Adam Kraabel says:

Go Hawks!!!!!!

The Blind Fisherman says:

I ONLY use KastKing braid. I’ve put it on ALL my rods I use. There is NO spool memory and its not sticky with a coating. I REALLY love it on my baitcasters cause you can get a nest out in SECONDS with KastKing. Its also very sensitive and extremely durable.

Ralph Barton says:

Great review. I gave it a like and subbed if you could sub back I’d really appreciate it

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