JDM value?? Daiwa J-Braid review

Appearing to be almost identical to Daiwa’s long time ultra premium Samurai braid, their new J-Briad could be an exceptional value. In this review I look at the nuances of this line and provide a report after having fished it for 10 weeks.


Gary Marchlewicz says:

I got a lot of brake offs using 30lb cabelas slick braid (Don’t know the official name off the top of my head). Going back to using 50lb regular power pro where I never had issues.

Brian Schaper says:

so would you recommend this line for finesse spinning reels??… seems like the limp line would do well with spinning tackle and i cant imagine snapping off 1/4 shakey heads and other lures of that nature

Allah Turbo says:

why obsessed with color the whole video,more time should spend reviewing the line resistance to fray,abrasion resistance,strength etc

Hello says:

If you’re into loosing baits while casting, try PowerPro Slick8! Its marvelous at doing what it does best, break.

Fishing Rod says:

but previously you said that stiffness will wear out and both will behave the same after the break in period…so now at the end of the vid you give the bad news of the J- braid because being smoother is why it brakes! Humm! let’s go to the drawing board again!!!

Fugettaboutit says:

Excellent and concise review, like all of the ones you do.  All the qualities you describe are why I like Tuf-Line 4orce and Domin8 braid over Power Pro in terms of handling/noise/suppleness.  But like the J-Braid, I have had a few ‘snap-off’s’ because of an unnoticed dig-in/knot.  Thing is, with that soft uncoated quality, I can basically back my spool tension completely off and it just flies though the line guides on long casts…whereas Power Pro has a bit more friction and stiffness, and can even induce a birdsnest.  So I kind of take it with the territory and try to watch out for the snap-offs, because over the course of sessions I appreciate the better handling more, and the snap-off’s by comparison are farther and fewer in between.

jerry vang says:

I’ve been using Samurai braid since last year and haven’t had a break off yet. Of course I’m not throwing anything over 1 oz. and with the 20# version. I do notice though that since it is a really small diameter, it tends to wrap at the tip in windy conditions while retrieving. Very good review, thank you.

Purifier Phoenix The Mecca says:

keep it simple, use fireline original 🙂


u should be selling used cars!

geoffrey collins says:


Ashley Petersen says:


The Angler Crew says:

It’s hard to believe that 50lb test is breaking off with a swimbait (even with a sudden stop). From the way you are explaining it, it seems like you are going straight from braid to lure. Could it be that the knot is slipping and not breaking off? I always use fluoro or mono leader so haven’t really tested straight braid to anything. Just bought a 30lb J braid because it was on sale. Hope I don’t get any breakoffs!

Ga Bassin says:

50lb is way to flimsy the dye comes off and onto your reel

John Xiong says:

great review on the job braid. I was planning to pick up some and try it out. but now seeing your review I’m gonna stay away. especially the color dye coming off sticking on the reel.

OutofWORKoutdoors says:

dang as soon as you said daiwa braid and Swimbaits, i was like NOOOOOO!!!!. I’ve broken off two Alabama rigs too during the cast. For some reason it will just break off exaclty like you said and i had 80 ib samurai. And my A-Rig at the time did wiegh like 4 oz. I made the switch to 20 ib Flurocarbon and been happy. As for Braids, i’ve made the switch to Maxima but its pricey.

james beasley says:

what do you think about using the more supple braids on spinning gear and then using the Berkley for casting gear? seams as though you might not have the break off with lighter lures while also have a line with less memory. then on casting gear the memory isn’t such an issue and the Berkey would be the better choice there.

paul pt says:

I bought 58 lb j braid for a ssv5500 spinfisher and the line snaped off on a sink bait after that I casted a swim bait but more careful and i discovered a few small and big knots but it didn’t break of thanks to the light cast, so today i did some research and you where just describing the same problems

not jeremy says:

what is PE braid?

James River yakking says:

how does that braid compared to the suffix 832 braids or the Power Pro the sufix832 braid is my favorite

Lindholmer5k says:

regarding braid color.. Meh, the fish sees the braid no matter what color it has, iv used multi colored, black, dark green, signal yellow… cant say any of the colors made any differense in comparison the others what so ever

Zac S. says:

Huh….what knot do you tie when you’re experiencing the break offs?

Damian Baran says:

I use j braid 20 ibs test and it is amazing, i pulled out logs with it and it doesn’t snap, also has very good sensitivity making awesome knowing when you have a light bite, in all a very good line and daiwa has yet not disappointed me

Andrew Snyder says:

I trust your reviews more than anyone on YouTube. Thank you for being dead ass honest lol. Sitting at my local angling store while writing this and have j braid in my hand. Watched this. Changing my mind back to power pro lol.

Stephen Colella says:

Excellent review I just bought J- Braid today I’m going to be trying it for the next few months we’ll see what happens !!

mrBDeye says:

The same thing happens on my baitcaster reel the braided line stops suddenly when casting. However on my spinning reel the braid works fantastic.

Zack Royal says:

i used this daiwa j-braid when it touchdown in my country…3 days later i unspooling it..it pop or cut off when i cast..i double check my guide ring for crack and my guide are good..i only cast 5g lure..lost many lure on this braids..

Hunter Flannigan says:

I already used J-Braid for quite a while. But only for UL fishing for trout and perch for which it’s pretty awesome.

Bearz G. says:

Do you know where I can get a hand on a Zillion that model? I don’t like the TWS ones…

Rui Fernandes says:

Once again a excellent job. Congrats Carl!

Fishing Rod says:

yep @ 9:10 and 16:50!

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