How to Choose the best Fishing Line

Here’s some tips on how to chose what braid to buy…

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jacobfishing says:

hey morningtide fishing. just wondering how you order the ‘all white series’ tasline braid. i have heard that it is extremely thin and well above its breaking strain and you guys use so it must be good. i have been on the website and every time i go on it says the store is closed for maintenance. i have a daiwa crosscast 10-20kg surf rod and a daiwa crosscast x 5500 reel and i recently got some braid for it but the braid is so shit. thanks and all the best

Kurtis Bollard says:

Love your vids guys can’t stop watching, just asking what’s your opinions on power pro? Cheers yew!

ignition. says:

I’ve had Tasline and hated it! There wasn’t a session where I wasn’t getting a wind knot because it was so thin and had no coating. It may have been partially due to the setup as after I stripped it a replaced it with a standard Rovex (with coating), I also placed a small wedge (made of layers of electrical tape) under the base of the reel seat to angle the spool of the reel in the direction of the first guide (similar to the Daiwas). These two things improved my fishing experience dramatically. But I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the Tasline for that reason and considering it was so expensive. I must state this setup was my lighter all-around beach and estuary combo and not my LBG setup. I do however want to test out the WFT KG strong on the LBG rig.

Alexander Quek says:

hi mate, always had this question in mind about fishing line: if drag force of reel is lets say at 30lb, why would I need a breaking strain of fishing line way above i.e 50lb?

wouldn’t a better choice of line breaking strain be nearer to the max. drag force a reel can produce? In this case for the reel that can produce 30lb drag force, choose a line breaking strain around 35-40lbs max.

Marius Bartolome says:

you remove the line on the spool by loosening the drag, that will destroy your drag

chase gibboney says:

What brand leader do you use

John Milo says:

Hi boys, quick question here. What knot do you guys use for attaching lures to your fluorocarbon leader? I hooked up to 4 kingies today and lost them all (most likely my fault for tying a poor knot). Cheers, John

Ahmad Allouche says:

thanks for your time man much appreciated!! ive just ordered a 1000 metres of 50lb for my 5500h expedition. how many metres did u guys get on your expedition?

FNC LBG says:

Surley you guys hook some rouge kingies of the ledges u fish through summer why arn’t there any in your vids?

AJ Green12346 says:

Have you guys ever tried spider wire invisibraid?

IDRK (Official) says:

How many LBs of line toughness would you guys reccomend for shore tuna game? I’m not sure if a 78lb Varivas line is too much because of the casting distance? Will a 50lb line be enough?

Fondle Cream says:

I love using diawa j braid it works best for me and not too bad on the wallet too

FishingWithGeorge says:

What did you make your logo with?

sheldoncy232 says:

sunline super pe is tops! and holds its colour real well

Manuel Cal says:

how is fins to you guys ?they came out with a new one Fins 40g says is smaller and stronger would like to see a review on that

Ronny Medina says:

Can I have one of those use reels please!!!

Coffs Coast Pedo Hunter!! says:

Love your work lads
Keep it up an happy fishing yew

Datder Dastric says:

please make a video on knots !

Rob Holland says:

Apart from making stupid noises, I am none the wiser about how to choose the right line for the right application. I think you boys need to work on getting some actual facts and put it together in a format that is easily understood and makes sense.

Johny VA says:

Could you boys please explain PE ratings for line and how that effects cast distance and strength?

Kwillo89 says:

Guys I’m happy with my Varivas line but can you recommend a good snowboard for snowboarding down hills?

Madbear says:

Hey guys, I noticed you are using the WFT gliss lines lately, decided to try some myself and its awesome. I want to get some spooled longer than 300m but nowhere seems to stock them. I know Aaron has like 1km+ of it spooled on his dogfight. Do you guys simply connect multiple 300m’s together or they actually come in 1000m spools? Thanks

Ryan Dugger says:

Aloha from Hawaii Fellas, Love your videos. We do some land based GT fishing here. Was wondering what knots you guys use and leader system. How about a video on terminal tackle set up. Cheers aloha

reckkles s says:

What line do you prefer for 30lb-40lb braid? I’ve tried Jerry Brown, Daiwa J-Braid, Power pro, Daiwa saltiga boat braid and spiderwire camo. The type of fishing I do is land based gt fishing. Reels are 6k and 8k shimano saragosa.

ned cox says:

doesn’t it cook your drag by using the drill to take the old line off? i’ve always wanted to try this as it looks quick but worried it will mess up the drag.

Akaash Ramlal says:

have you ever tried the power pro maxcuatro braided line?

Fishing With Colby says:

You should do a rod and reel “showcase” and if you’ve already made one can you link it for me Thanks!

Born Lucky says:

fishing in rock the sufix or power pro braid the line for is

Kyle James says:

Is wft good braid to put on big spin reels in the 10000 size? Thanks kyle..

Ahmad Allouche says:

Awesome thanks dude your a legend!tight lines

Dean Murray says:

This is interesting to know! It pays to know what line is the best for situation your in and what you can afford..

Love the bloopers and the end haha

Keep up the good work boys!!!

dano253 says:

Hey fellas, any thoughts on the 19 kg WFT Gliss?

Ahmad Allouche says:

hi guys love your work keep it up because im learning alot haha just a quick question, where can i get tasline braid from? And what do u rate it out of 10?

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