How to Choose Braided Fishing Line – FOR BEGINNERS (KastKing KastPro/SuperPower/SuperKast9 – 2018)

Do you use braided fishing line? Did you know there are different types of braided fishing line? If you answered NO to both questions, you’re NOT alone.

Braid is an interesting topic of discussion. There are many factors to consider when deciding which braid to use. I’ll discuss the three main points I consider when purchasing a braid. Think of it like BUYING NEW SHOES!!! You have to decide on fit, feel, traction, color, etc.

I’ll cover the braid that I used in the past and the braid I use currently. Most importantly, don’t forget to COMMENT BELOW. I’m always happy to answer any questions!

Thanks for all the support, I appreciate every one of you!!!


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KastKing KastPro

KastKing Superpower Braided Line

KastKing SuperKast9 Braided Line

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Carl G says:

You’re a master at human hand ventriloquism, I am mezmorized by talking hands 🙂 AND I’m Italian!

Reel Fishing says:

I want a line that’s great for bass fishing (top water ) , but can with stand sharp teeth , Incase a northern pike or musky were to hit my lure .

My brothers said that it doesn’t matter what pound lines (braid) you got , if the northers or musky get it in the jaw, it’s gone !
Is that true ?

Darryl D says:

Question on Braid weight? I see at times heavier braid being used 20-50lb but the reel and rod have lower capacity could you explain?

MrStradia says:

What pound test is a typical line for bass fishing?

CastanedaFishing says:

do you recommend using the Mela II 4000 for bank fishing for salmon?

Yankee Tanker Outdoors says:

you are kinda a nerd… lmao.. just kidding great info man.. I knew maybe half the knowledge you dropped.

TheLunkerLaywer says:

What are the reasons / benefits of using braid with a lighter weight fluoro leader? The line is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain right? Is it just that the braid is cheaper than fluoro? Does it cast better? Thanks for helping me understand.

Darryl D says:

Thanks again Debo on to the next video. Could you sometime hit on line weight and the application.. 10lb compared to 50lb etc thanks

Mike Walsh says:

Nice job as usual DC. What application would you pick the SuperKast 9 for?

Patrick Connors says:

Thank you as always, I am running the gamut on all braid brands, currently using more of (own more) KastKing.

Jeremiah Clarin says:

Very helpful

GreenHouse Predartors says:

Hmmm that opens my eyes a bit about braid.

Shawn Spidle says:

Nice. Very informative about braid. Have been thinking of going to braid but couldn’t find a good video about it. Keep up the great work bud

Collin Rivard says:

Thanks Debo. Gotta say I like the super power braid #20 lb test

Canadian fishin' freak says:

Piscifun 25 lbs braid love it

GreenHouse Predartors says:

Yea i am the men what try nearly every time new braids but also buy at the same time a trusted one if the new one is not my favor.

Levi Palmer says:

I’ve a couple setups with Super Power 30lb. It seems to be a really good all around line. I’m hoping to test it out this weekend on a nice flathead.

Victor Franqui says:

People’s can say whatever they want but im been using Chinese braid line for quite some time now and for the price is really hard to beat,now im using kastking mega 8 braid and don’t regret it a bit actually is pretty dam good

KastKing says:

Thank you DEBO!

Dwayne Sudduth says:

I’m using the 20lb Superpower Braid (in Hi-Viz yellow) on my Sharky II/Calamus set up (the only one I am currently using, I love it that much). I also have an 8-lb KastKing FluoroKote leader tied on; it’s my creek/river set up for anything I through–weightless stick baits, Texas Rig, Jigs, Ned Rich, even squarebills, spinnerbaits and topwater. I fish rocky rivers and creeks mostly so I need the abrasion resistance.

I’m going to get another setup which will have the KastPro braid/FluoroKote as a comparison. Waiting on Amazon to get more Calamus rods! I think KastKing under estimated their popularity.

William Noble says:

First! Great video Debo!

BambulanceMan says:

Thanks for the primer on braid man. exactly what i needed to know.

John Ames says:

Nice work nice information

Rob P says:

Kast King Super Power Braid is So good I said it before it’s mostly all I use 15-30 is all I need

Barramundi BrawlerZ says:

Do you know what pound mono is equivalent to 25lb superpower Kastking braid?

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