This video is on the “how long does braided fishing line last ? ” I have usually gotten about 1 years worth of use out of my braided fishing line. I go in depth about my opinion on braided fishing line.

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I am Mongo says:

I’m at 5 years on one of my rods. Color is extremely faded but I have yet to break the line on a fish. Even extremely hard to break off on snags. I don’t think it has lost much strength. Power pro 20 lbs I think.

Jackson Vang says:

good video

Kevin Sandells says:

Wonder how many people will Google pasture. Lol enjoyed the video. Good stuff to know

Kevin Sandells says:

The last time I used braided line it was like casting bailing twine. But going to try it soon. it has changed a lot since then

George Sutton says:

When I fished commercial rod & real , I used “Power Prow ” – and had to change about every 3 years . ( mostly because it got too short , from cutting to change lures ) And I fished A LOT , averaged 280 days a year for 8 years straight . Now I only get a out on the water about 8 times a year , but will not use ANYTHING different !

TTH Fishing says:

I’ve been waiting for this vid

DanSan Channel says:

Use a new leader. I used power pro 20 to 65lbs line with a fibercarbon 6ft leader. I just swap the leader out.

drew Douglas says:


Brett kinzel says:


Shadow says:

I would put color fading as the last indicator. Some braids will loose color really fast, but still be strong and cast better once a bit of color is lost. Definitely if it feels crusty or is frayed it should start to be in your mind to cut or replace just like other lines.

BG Baumgartner says:

I have braid on every reel, longest is about 4 years on a smaller reel and shortest has been about 18 months. Swapping out from Power Pro to J-braid right now as I like how smooth the J-braid is and it seems to cast much smoother.

Louette Johnston says:

I use Dawa fishing braid

KuhChuck says:

PowerPro actually suggest using a Sharpie to re-color your line…if you care about fading.

Brett kinzel says:

I’m an Ohio guy that gets to Naples Fla a couple times a year. Power pro yellow on shimano stratic, curado and quantum. Use reel magic heavy before putting the rod away for several months. Use a reel cover. Power pro is still good after 6 years, but have been through a lot of leader.

Todd Williamson says:

braid is most definitely worth it. good vid as always bro

TroyboyQUE says:

Amen for the braided line. Great video Yak right on point.

TTH Fishing says:

Is spider wire a good brand of Braid

eaglemansamjc says:

I use cheaper braid from China and it works great but i noticed that when useing heavy lures i need to cut off 4 or 5 feet about once every 2 months cuz it gets weak where the line rubs on the end eyelets. But lighter lures not so much.

La Techie says:

Loved it! I’ve had my 14lb. Berkley Fireline on as a the main backing of my med. power spinning rod setup and have noticed a couple of line breaks on the hookset as well as a crankbait sailing across the pond on a cast. I was thinking that it was probably time to change it (been on it for at least a full year of pond fishing every chance I get, about twice/week for a half hour minimum)…you just confirmed it for me. Thanks!

deckard313 says:

Nice fish!I used mono on my ultra lite this year for Bass dishing…been using 4 lb braid about 10 years…Ill never use mono again.Tangles and problems e mono…never a problem with braid.I like Power Pro better than Spiderwire….casts are better with Power Pro….Spiderwire seems stiffer (??)

Lars V says:

Me being a cheap skate will unspool the line off the reel and swap ends ! Use the fresh end of the line for awhile and then replace the line when it’s totally played out!

Brett kinzel says:

I’m an Ohio guy, get to Naples Fla several times a year. Don’t fish a lot. Shimano stradic, curado 300 baitcaster, quantum spinning. Use power pro yellow. Spray the entire rig with reel magic before putting it away for 3 months. Braid line is still good after 5 years, maybe 6. Been through a lot of leader but the braid seems like it will last forever.

drew Douglas says:

Yea dnt be a cheap skate

Addicted To Fishing says:

Good stuff as usual

Mike Tidbit says:

I’ve only used braided line once in the 70’s for pulling grouper up before they got in the coral. Can’t remember how long it lasted, but I remember changing it out for mono because it was more “forgiving” when trolling for dolphin, sails or kings. Lost too many fish trolling with braided line (pretty fast troll)

L.I. Archer says:

I’ve had spiderwire ultracast invisibraid on my reels for years and just keep cutting off the worn first couple of feet when it’s necessary.

Peter Wallace says:

A nice mackeral (King) there!

ReelNavajoFishing says:

great info

Danny Schwab says:

Finally someone that uses my liked brand. Been using this kind over 11 years. I had allot of rolls like 4 of the 10 to 60 and I’m using my last 60 got that left don’t need need some 20 lol. But I catfish with mine. But I’m right while I’m watching but I don’t throw away when it’s old. I’ll cut off 40 to 100 feet. But I’ll add the mono on a different reel and add one to the other. I’m glad you just said flip. Thanks people don’t do that. I’ve had braid on my big cat 10 years but I don’t use every day or week. I’ll fish it few months then put up when big big cats are not on my menu. But sir I loved this vidoe. Sadly when I got mine 10 years ago I was working now I’m disabled so once it’s gone I’ll have to sell some of my stuff to afford more 20 dollars roll kills me. So praying I find a sale then I’ll get more. But till them I got some mono and other styles. But uea 10 years is my longest. Just anyone reading this remember flip the like. God bless

James Arlie McCown III says:

I respool my braid 1 time a month..mono 2 times a month and flouro 1 time a month…

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