HONEST Review of Cheap Fishing Braids – Watch Before You Buy!

Long-term review of lower cost ‘e-brand’ fishing braids from KastKing, Godline, SeaKnight, Piscifun, Runcl and Nordtale. I go in depth about each line’s feel, durability, color fastness, knot strength, true lb rating, and overall performance in primarily surf, boat and inshore fishing conditions.

Are any of these brands actually worth your money? Watch to find out!

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Name brand braid that I recommend:

Daiwa J-Braid X8 http://amzn.to/2yRoYXO
PowerPro Super 8 Slick Braid https://amzn.to/2BRiBbj
PowerPro Braid https://amzn.to/2PCGlW2
Suffix 832 Braid http://amzn.to/2n3vk4n
Spiderwire Stealth Braid https://amzn.to/2Eol3Yt
P-Line TCB X8 Braid http://amzn.to/2ftsFij

E-brand braid that worked for me:

KastKing SuperPower Braid http://amzn.to/2mBRnym
SeaKnight Monster W8 Braid https://goo.gl/KJGEJZ
RUNCL Powerbraid https://amzn.to/2GTvdSJ
Piscifun Lunker Line https://amzn.to/2GY4G6A

E-brand braid that didn’t work for me:

KastKing KastPro https://amzn.to/2BNKykp
Nordtale Loot https://amzn.to/2XfQE64
BraidsPro Godline https://amzn.to/2GWu6BK

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AnalogAssassin1 says:

Love your channel, been following you for a while. I would like to see you get a decent mic for your voiceovers on them though, that cutting in and out, and tone change is not par with your quality of video and info bud.

I will still be watching though >)

I have had great luck with KK braid. I have never had it break, never had a failure. Love the rods, they are outstanding in Pro Tourney line, have many reels, so far no failures, though they have a finish issue with quality control, but no malfunctions yet, also a 99% saltwater guy.

El Presidente says:

P-line TCB x8 it’s Teflon coated that’s why I stick with it on the name brand braids where are you getting the prices from amazon

Adrian Ayala says:

I dont see the the power pro

Salty Strikes says:

Have you tried Reaction Tackle braid? I was pleasantly surprised.

iu soloman says:

Just recently respooled my spiderwire after 15 yrs with power pro.

Generation Surf Fishing says:

I’ve got to disagree you on that one, if you want something to break send it to Kerby Lau

The Last Anchovy says:

What kind of reel is that in the background??

naughtydorf18 says:

There is a brand called Gotcha out of NC. They make Gotch plugs for pier bluefish and spanish mackeral and soft plastics for seatrout, drum, and flounder. Good stuff but their house brand braid in 20lb test……….IS AWFUL. 7.99 for a 150yd spool of 20lb braid.

Howard green says:

One question even though the majority of these braids are below the standard required are they better than the non braid equivalent for children’s rigs. I favour spiderwire braid

Peyton Kurtz says:

I have tried many lines, and I wanted something very smooth, the smoothest one I have found is tuff xp, but I have not tried j braid, what is better.

piggie916 says:

Ish, is there any good places 2 hr’s from Sacramento that are good for rock fishing?

josephtube24 says:

This video was very very helpful, hoping you can do more of these type of line reviews. Thank you Ish with Fish!

James Ritchie says:

You are an idiot. Just tell viewers what YOU think of a braid, and don’t run your idiotic mouth talking about how others give fake reviews, or say they love a braid when they don’t. Maybe some do that, but I have yet to meet one of them. Every person I know gives honest reviews, and honest opinions, and they do so without badmouthing other YouTubers.

You simply have no clue what you’re talking about when it comes to other YouTubers, or when it comes to how most of these companies distribute their products, or what they expect in return. You are, quite frankly, a dumbass. You need to learn what a good review is, how to give your own opinion, and keep your mouth shut about everyone else..

Jason Clement says:

I have the kastking superpower braid in a moss green colour and after a few month of use it has been impressive but its not bleeding or fading out like this guy is implying…if u wanna buy a coloured one go right ahead

KatiePhongh says:

Are surf perch sensitive to white line?

Pang han woon says:

Daiwa J- braided x8 line is not consider good quality line…… i fish on and fight the fish for few second line broken suddenly . i tried harder control my reel tension drag , unfortunately it broken too.

Tom smith says:

Dust from bleeding line can jam up a reel and line rollers.

WhatsCrackin904 says:

Good ish man! I recently spooled on the new J-Braid Grand 20lb. I haven’t used it much but it may be my new favorite line (Power Pro was my norm). I haven’t used J-Braid before,maybe get you some Grand and compare the two.

Pang han woon says:

Shimano Kariki SX8…… by Shimano…….

Ish With Fish says:

(spoiler alert) my all time favorite braid is Daiwa J-Braid X8. what’s yours? any other cheap dependable braids i should try?

Henry Tablang says:

My 3 favourite braided line I use. Varivas Avani (made in Japan), Tasline Elite (made in New Zealand), and World Fishing Tackle KG Strong made (Germany).

HOOKED ON PR Jon Rojas says:

I’ve only tried the kastking and the spider. Of those two kastking is better

Victor Cortez says:

hey man, found your video extremely informative. I have used the following lines: 832, slick 8, powerpro & kastking. I personally am not a fan of 832 as i’ve seen my knots slip and that hasn’t happened at all with the other lines. however, maybe it was the random spool i got that didn’t match up since i know and see so many others love it. maybe i’ll give it another try in the future. powerpro & slick 8 are an easy and safe choice of quality/dependability for me. kastking…i’m so impressed with this line, just recently i landed my pb 40lb striper on 30lb braid w/kastkings 30lb flouro (no longer available) and it had ZERO issues. i just recently ordered from j-braid to spool up my seigler sg & penn slammer for an upcoming trip to Panama and your review gave me even more peace of mind. Also thanks for your trip on the Godline…I’ll be sure to steer clear of it. Seems KastKing is the way to go if you’re trying to save a buck, also their customer service is really good as i did have a small issue with one of their spools. i ended sending it back and they replaced it with a brand new spool. can’t complain about that! Thanks again and Tight Lines!

Howard green says:

G’day found your channel today rate it highly thank you for your honesty regrettably it seems to be a rare thing among fishermen.

Cato Hostilius says:

Love this video. My go to will always be power pro or suffix. I’ve tried j braid but didnt have much luck with it.

SB68SS says:

I use both J-braid x8 and sufix 832, but for me the sufix 832 is the best,

geoffrey collins says:

spiderwire stealth same price knots better and smoother..

Rodney's Fishing Adventure says:

Thanks for the honest review!

Steven on The Water says:

Shadock braid is pretty awesome

E P says:

Having used most of the “amazon braids” I’ve fond that, if you’re willing to shell out big money for your reel/rod combos, you should also invest in line. If your braid messes up on you, it could basically ruin your outing. Especially during surf casting, from experience.
J-braid is deff my favorite game/rock fishing fishing braid for the price and power-pro is my go to surfcasting braid.

M Jones says:

Thanks for the review! I’ve wondered about those lines. I’ve been using 50 lb Spiderwire from Walmart for almost 2yrs. $15 for 300 yards. Saltwater, very little bleeding, no problems

Craig Gilcrest says:

hahaha…. i thought you were tackle adviser until i noticed your ghost tag bottom left corner .are you guys related ?

Reel Fishing says:

What’s up with the pet peeve on the bleeding… unless bleeding affect the line, I wouldn’t care if the color wash off as it touch water .

What I care about is knot, breaking strength , smoothness (as in not cutting into your line guides )

But thanks for the reviews , I have been eyeing a few of those lines

53CopCeco says:

What about KastKing Mega8 and MaxThin?

Jaden Louden says:

For me, my favourite braid is either power pro, or bullbuster braid. Bullbuster isn’t considered cheap, but it works really well, and i think it is worth trying out.

AutoAgentcoza says:

What about the KastKing MEGA 8? You never said anything about it…

Sergey Smith says:

Just to point out, as far as the Godline. Pulling 10 pounds of drag on 20lb should snap it every time since 20 is the tensile strength and 10 is the force the drag exerts on the spool which means a fish is also pulling with 10 pounds of force to pull the braid off the spool. I have no doubt it’s awful line and the diameter is most likely not accurate whatsoever but it does say it is .18mm while the J-Braid is .23mm for the 20 pound.

fishing up a storm says:

kast king is good round and strong in the 50lbs and up

Dap 99 Neo says:

I used Blood made in japan… worth the money

J G says:

I rolled the dice on a braid on Amazon by a company GEVICONT…. in 25#. Honestly? It’s fine. Super sensitive and seems very strong and also small.
But honestly I feel like all these cheap Chinese braids come out of like one or two factories and different companies buy them in bulk, add their own marketing, and throw it up on amazon. Fight me

Bikoy Kulukoy says:

I caught 35 inch black drum on daiwa 15lb test and 20lb leader. Took me 20mins to land it but didn’t snap

Bill Zunic says:

I was happy with that review.

Devon Hurley says:

what’s the thinnest name brand out there or like top 3

Adrian Ayala says:

Kastking line is very strong but is make so mush noise

Abcd 886 says:

You mention kastking and j braid do very good on surf fishing, bottom vertical jigging….. Are they also good for salmon steelhead bobber, spinner, drift…. fishing?

MinMirny says:

Great review, TNX!
Would be interesting to have your opinion on Berkley Nanofil.

UBS Rich says:

Trilene braid is what I’ve found to work best for me. Very strong and I very rarely get wind knots.

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