Fishing with AWESOME new GODLINE Braid!

Fishing with this new fishing line (GODLINE) Braid was awesome i think i found my new favorite braid compared to the competition fishing line it really lines up with quality and beats them in price for sure!


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lifeisgoodenjoydaryd says:

Dude it feels like you haven’t posted in ages. Well only about 4 or 5 days but dang bro your like my fave channel. Keep it up mang. I’ll try a spool of Godline just because your da bomb.

opticalriot says:

I dont like the name.. GODLINE.. its offensive, and its packaging is soo dark and gothic

Vinfish 46 says:

Been using that line 2 yrs it’s great and strong

Spek says:

But is it better than powerpro?

Evan Miller Outdoors says:


TheMasterCasters says:

Lol I turned down an offer from Fishingsir, they just seemed real sketchy in the email. Looks like they do have good stuff though

r.i.p nate says:

I caught my first snakehead the other day on a live worm!

Austin Boyster says:


Victor Oliva says:

Which bait caster brand do you recommend??

Harlem Walker says:

You remember the fishing reel and rod off wish list I got the same one

SoCalMike858 says:

Line is strong but isn’t as good for casting distance. They were really cheap in November 2017 when 1100yds for 65 or 80lb line was $14.99. Since then, they’ve raised prices so its not longer a good deal. Might as well buy KastKing. says:

I’ve been seeing this line out there and wondering about it, I think you convinced me to try some!!!

TheKidFisher says:


Realwobbler says:

Have to try it out! Nice video!

Meh Gusta says:

those prices are awesome im definitely going to pick some up lol

derf109 says:

Would this be useful for catching gar?

Dillan Geremia says:


J Dos says:

what weight ?

jose nunez says:

bro i love yah but stop being a dumb ass and carry some god damnnnnnn pliers MANNN fuck. do you want to get hooked again lmfao

David Bennahum says:

bruh godline is even more expensive check for ur self

Robert Garcia says:

fish in cali see how well u do

Suhail Lopez says:

We need to go fishing
To gether i live in south Florida

Wildside says:

55th like

7citiesfishing says:

Awesome video man, and that’s some good looking line?

Skiddols says:

Did they change their packaging recently. Seen some “Goo Line” but now I can’t find it wondering if it was God Line I seen just with a D looking like a O

MountainManThan says:

I’m gonna buy some because it says “one more cast” lol

Sweet Dreamz Entertainment says:

How about a lizard fish catch and cook plus test God line in the ocean?

Luke Smeby says:

Hi from Minnesota

Mikey Conley says:

one like one fish


is that the reel from wish?

Austin Boyster says:

Is that the wish app batecaster

Candi Hartman says:

You were using the wish app baitcaster

Master Ninja14 says:

I hate how hard you are setting that hook!!!! And people wonder why bass’s mouths are all ripped up!

Spek says:

Wish reel?

n6yun says:

In your opinion what makes braid a bad line and how long do you think Brady will last in your opinion when does it go bad

mikromato aa says:

If that isint monofile line it sucks

Carson Grady says:

where do you look for parasites?

Fishing With Lou says:

was that straight braid, no leader?

Lou Davis says:

you should do a weight test on it to see what it can hold at it’s test weight

Voidzz says:

I bought godline a couple months ago cause it was cheap and it turned out to work great. I prefer it over any other braid cause of the price and quality.

Breyden Dembiczak says:

Wered your new pet

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