Fishing Line Review: What’s my favorite 6 # mono?(Trilene, Stren, Suffix, P-Line, KastKing, Seagar)

I do most of my fishing using 6 lb test mono-filament fishing line, and in this video I share which is my favorite line I’ve tried over the past couple years. The video includes my thoughts on Trilene, Stren, Suffix, Kastking, Seagar, and P-line.


Fishin N Stuff says:

I love Suffix and pline is my second favorite , that was a great review brother

Efurd Garage says:

awesome great info, i never got that far into lines. 553

Ralph Barton says:

Been a suffix user for a couple years now. All the walleye I catch and steelhead are on either the 4 or 6 pound suffix. Hands down my.favorite. nice job on the video

Musky Hans says:

Nice video! I just subscribed to your channel. Could you please subscribe back to me?

Enthusiastic Fisherman says:

Great video!


Great vid

Moi Reb says:

What is your ideal set up for catfish around 1-5 pounds in lakes? Rod length, type of line, line size, reel ect.

JakeTheSnake says:

Awesome vid check me out.

J.T. Cooper says:

Daiwa Justron mono is a true strength smaller diameter line. I use it and like it very well. There is a video on here where a guy does a pull test on 10# line that is the same diameter as Stren 8# line. It broke consistently at a little over 10#. I like smaller diameter line as long as it is true strength. The downfall is, not as much abrasion protection as thicker line in cover situations, but I fish a lot of sand pits. Stren was my line for 40 years until I tried some of the Daiwa Justron mono.

Jake Deal says:

Good video! Thanks for sharing

Bob Tack says:

Ive been very surprised with the poor performance of the braids and fluorocarbon- i love the stern and that is what I’m sticking with-thanks for your review-

lou cifer says:

Trilene xl and stren hands down are the best

SeaOtter Rick Rodgers says:

hey, coming by to check you out from the fb page. nice video dude! htting buttons!

TheSquishey says:

I love my Trilene smooth casting.

lou cifer says:

I agree the trilene xt sucks but their xl is way better

Moi Reb says:

I had another question do you happen to know how to keep your bobber still in heavy running water like at a spillway? Is there a technique without having to use heavy weight…

Let's Go Fishing! South Florida says:

Good review on the fishing lines out there. I’m a braid guy but have been using the Stren line in 12# test to get back into monofilament again.

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