Fishing Line – Money Saving Tips

Here are a couple of things that I’ve been doing for years to save money on fishing line.
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Rem C. says:

Is filling your spool halfway or 1/4 with mono a good tip to save money? And also will it somehow affect casting distance?

Travis Smith says:

hey Gene just wandering why you don’t use the larger and smaller sizes of izorline? Was thinking of getting some 20lb for jigs but don’t want to waste money if the larger sizes are no good.

GZ Huang says:

got a stupid question, Gene. what do you do when you have some line left on the spool on the rod, but not enough for a full cast? do you just take it off and throw it away or knot it with new line to make it longer?

Your Average Angler says:

where do you order your izorline? i cant seem to find any bulk


Any specific place you like to buy it from ? What website ? Thanks .

vanderley3 says:

Very helpful video

Justin Behrendt says:

What size izorline do you use for your cranks?

Shane Davis says:

money saver video

Bassfisher5150 says:

Hey man whats the best inexpensive and versatile baitcaster for bank fishing?

Clifford Williams says:

can you make a video on unified filament was looking for bulk line haven’t heard anything about it and I want to hear it from an expert I can trust

Griffin Anderson says:

If you put it on your line AND guides, you will notice a difference in casting I promise you.

Matt Reynolds says:

okay fluke I have a question.. I have 12 pound seaguar invizx on my crankbait rod. it’s a 13 Fishing concept a reel. I took it out the other day and while I was fishing with it I realized my line is spinning on the spool. kind of like if you were to put braided line on without a backer. I’ve never seen this happen before with fluorocarbon or monofilament and the only thing I can think of is that I sprayed it with the KVD line and lure like you show in this video. hoping you can give me some insight on that and help me figure out what’s going on or anybody else that might see this. thanks

23soki23 says:

hmm I might try line preserver now, but I’ve always kept my reels and line in doors and in my closest either in the box or a towel over them. that keeps the line for about 3-5 years with constant fishing year round.

ItsTrixtorG4M1NG says:

Is IzorLine thin for its pound test would you say? And is it low stretch?

steve4321able says:

2 years with the same line? LOL Better you than me Gene. One huge tip people… Put a cheap colored backing of mono on your reels and fill it either half way or a quarter and tie your good stuff to it. I use blue or yellow colored line so I can see when its getting close and gauge it to the perfect amount before the knot. Use only 5-10 yards more than you can cast of the good stuff to account for re tying and abrasions. Don’t fill your entire spool with it. So many people waste expensive line that will never see the light of day. I can get 3 fresh re spools with one box of InvizX.

Joshua Buckner says:

Gene… Where are you buying the 1lb spool of 15lb test? Is it the XXX Co-Poly?

Jim Underhill says:

Hi Gene, I’ve heard you talk about reversing the braid on your reel. Any tips you can give me? What equipment do I need that would make this better? I started fishing again a year ago and your videos have inspired and helped me catch my first bass. Thanks!

Matt Sactown says:

Gene I just wanna say you’re the man. it’s awesome to think how many people are inspired by you to go fishing

reynoldsflip says:

I dont think I caught it- what type of Izorline do you use? XXX Super/ Platinum/ or First line? Whats the difference between them? Thanks!


Can you make a video on explaining braid, every time I use braid on my bait caster it gets stuck and tight and there’s no birds nests but it just gets stops or line breaks off and my lures fly off, I’ve tried changing brands!

slooperwatermelon says:

im sorry if i missed it in the video, but where can i buy line in bulk? thanks

Kyle Stewart says:

Whats the name of the line?

MidwestDippin says:

I went to a yard sale over the summer and it was strictly fishing gear, I bought 30 pound braid with 8 pound diameter for 3.50 and used it all summer. Take advantage of the yard sales instead of paying retail price from stores lol.

david hayman. says:

Where do you buy a big spool of braid like that

Bass fishing is life says:

Check this out I am 12 years old and I just caught me personal best a 10 1/2 pound bass

Stefan vård says:

Always good videos ,,, tight lines from Sweden

robbie chhuon says:

awesome tip gene! your the man!

Shane Davis says:

where do you get your the fishing line at for the one in the video

Rygis King says:

Hey Gene, after watching all your videos I went and tried some fluro line and I noticed that fluro line has ton of memory. It doesn’t have immediate memory like mono, but it builds memory and keeps it for a long time. So when I put a fresh line on my spool, went out and cast it, it all separated from my spool causing a big mess. I’d have to keep the fluro on my spool tightly bound for a month or two before I can caste it without it separating from my spool. Any way to fix this quickly?

Eric Block says:

+Flukemaster Have you ever used Yo-Zuri’s Hybrid before? I’m looking to try some co-polymer and I’ve heard a lot of good things about it and it seems comparable to Izorline.

Seth Hunt says:

Do you back line your reels?

Jose Martinez says:

Just bought some off tackle warehouse kvd line treatment how is it on braid

Jerry Lopez says:

almost a year. would you still recomend the same products in this video?

Benzene says:

How do you keep your fluoro and mono from getting memory? I never have it last more than a few weeks because the memory gets so bad.

Luke Mooney says:

hey,i was wondering what the type of line you buy?

Bass Fishing Wisconsin says:

Make a rod and reel arsenal video


Would you say lure magic could do the same thing? I’m asking cuz I already own a can of it

Flippin Fishing says:

Alright here’s an idea for a video. Get 1 friend or family member and challenge them to a fish-off only using a altoids sized survival fishing kit. No rods or reels allowed, only stick rods or hand lines. The challenge could be either total fish or length. Just an idea you should try. If you do try it please shout me out in the video! Tight lines.

Bobby Beans says:

Where is the slam of the year? The tension is killing me. Every Time I see you uploaded something I think it’s SOTY and nope something else lol.

Midwest Outdoorsman says:

how is the memory on izorline?

Scott Strong says:


Nate Shiz says:

i come back to stren. best memory profile and strong a nails….

ReelLifeBassFishing Alex Reyes says:

whats your favorite flouro and braided line brands??

Daniel Engle says:

I don’t like braid, especially spider wire. It rots too quickly, I shouldn’t have to cut back the line every time I want to fish. I’ve heard power pro is great but haven’t invested in any. Mono is my favorite though, good stretch and strength.

amartelly says:

gene I’m thinking of getting a spinnerbait setup , I see alot of people suggesting fluorocarbon but would copolymer work just as well? I’m fishing shallower waters than what you are probably used to

urbina says:

Hey Gene thanks for the video. One thing I wanted to add if you don’t mind is that after getting a backlash you spray the kvd spray on and the backlash will come out that fast and easy. Give it a try next time lol that is if you ever get a backlash.

Henry Kaiser says:

thanks for the vids! love em! i learn alot from them. better fisherman now becuase of you

Jordan Myers says:

i want to see u and john fishing trip

Ozarks Hillbilly says:

The biggest enemy of line is sunlight. Store you line supply in the box, or inside a larger cardboard box that is closed completely. I’m using line right now off a bulk spool I bought over 8 years ago and it is new in every way. It has been stored in a DARK, cool dry area all that time and is still just fine. And if I had maybe $100k riding on every cast I would change my line every night too.

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