Fishing for Beginners – Types of Fishing Line.

Choosing the right line can be confusing. Here’s a rundown on the characteristics of the four major types of line.
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Nickmo Fishing says:

I haven’t used copolymer and was wondering if you could get by using 20 pound or heavier copolymer for frogging? Also loved the vid.

FishingwithJayce says:

First of all thanks for your videos.  I started making my own too.  Question about Seaguar Red label……I had it break TWICE in my reel.  Using a bait caster.  I have no idea what the hell is going on.  Its a clean break.  I took it all off and put on braid.  Of course no problem.

Dice Man says:

Hey Gene, I know this video is a few years old, but do you still use the Palomar knot for braid? I finally got a Frog rod and loaded it up with braid (never used it before) and was searching for braid knots… you said, there are different opinions on this but the Palomar knot is so easy and quick….if it works for braid, I’m in.

That guy for 2a defend the constitution says:

what seaguar you got there cause i have found red label to be to high in memory for my preference.

Chris351971 says:

Just a wild guess here, Something tells me you are a Georgia fan?

Outdoors Guy says:

What is the best line for every type of fishing topwater, frog fishing, spinnerbait, buzzbait, wacky, all on a baitcaster 7′ medium mod-fast rod? Reason why I ask is because I’ve been using braid 40lb for everything from frog, chatterbait, walking style, and very little swim jig.

Richard Lollie says:

Gene where is this months MTB Slam haven’t seen it on either channel yet. I just bwanted to let you know I just started teaching my kids to fish and last weekend my son caught his first 4 pound bass.

Jose Romero says:

I have seen Japanese braid line on Amazon for like $14-$18 in big quantities. Do you know if is any good?

PTdoubleOT says:

Wish you would’ve touched on castability but this was good

Kevin Chen says:

Hey. G . where can I get the Izorline “XXX Super Co-Polymer” 15LB test? whats the price normally?

Jared Grigsby says:

Do u like it

SquirrelKnife says:

I use like a reverse Polomar knot I guess I make a loop like you normally would but I put it around my hook and tight it up and then use and overhand knot to keep it from coming undone, I caught a 40 lb snapping turtle on a spinning lure and the knot didn’t even budge

John C says:

Do you recommend using co polymer for a leader?

Just Cause says:

How often should you change your line?

gpb29 says:

This is just what I was looking for, Gene. I keep flip flopping on my line choices for my four reels. Nice refresher course on why and when to use what. Only one I have not tried is the Izorline XXX Super Co-Polymer. Time to go shopping. Thanks.

Jared Grigsby says:

Try the kast King copolymer

Milan Kraguljac says:

I only use the hook n hotdog jig I don’t know what’s up with people now days

Andrew Mitchell says:

Can you use braid for crank baits? I want to put 8lb braid on my spinning reel that I use for every kind of set up but want to make sure it will cover all of tackle. Thanks in advance

braden cap says:

I was wondering if I can frog fish with copolymer or even mono what would be better to use for frog fishing thanks

Matthew Pang says:

I use a 40lb test line on my 7ft pole. I used to get more action with my 20lb test line but the line just struggled with the bigger fish. I have a 20lb test line. should I put the 20 back on?

Geff_ 34 says:

I have a spinning a 3000 spinning reel, i’m thinking to put in copolymer because i can do actually all the technics, but what type of pounds i have to use? (i don’t fish in heavy cover).

Jordan Spencer says:

“Couldn’t hold a knot for nothing. Well not (knot) anymore” 8:19. Very punny!

Dan .Murphy says:

Flukemaster where do you buy your Izorline super copolymer

John David says:

Does copolymer sink like fluro or float like mono? I had all my reels loaded with copolymer other than my cranking reel which I loaded with Flurocarbon.

EH Celikok says:

i bought 500 m of braid from amazon for 14 dollars and it is the quality line.It is Japanese

plutoplatters says:

McCoy,Trilene XL…. Original Stren 3 best… to me.. use Trilene XL the most.

Christopher Wiechert says:

how many Georgia hats do you need, Gene?! haha thanks, nice video

George Ehrhorn says:

My favorite part of this video ls the pile of hats. I can only imagine that the closet is full of Georgia Bulldog hats.

Matt Koss says:

What line would you recommend for everything. I want to order the izor line 15lb for everything, but you cannot buy small quantities of it. Is Yo-Zuri hybrid or P line CX premium any better or worse? Read a bunch of reviews on all but there are mixed reviews about all of them. Thanks -Matt K

will 1 says:

Hey man love your vids they have taught me so much! Quick question. The other day I was pond fishing and caught a 22″ bass but I didn’t have a scale. How much do you think it weighed??

That guy for 2a defend the constitution says:

monofilament is good if you get a good brand with low memory and reduce sun exposure.

poonjaber1122 says:

What do u think about yo-Zuri Floro?ever used it?

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