Choosing Fishing Line: Monofilament vs Braid vs Fluorocarbon

Choosing fishing line. Know the difference between Monofilament vs Braid vs Fluorocarbon. All the pros and cons,


TheTriggerMan says:

Fav video is snakehead fishing

Troy Calvin says:

The 10 fishing knot video it gave me such an advantage when it came to my knots due to the fact I wasn’t shown very many fishing knots so this improved my knots and fish size/quantity of fish I am catching thank you Luke

Ryan Faze says:

you are the best thanks for the help


How to cook catfish

Ron Krzaczyk says:

I only use mono cause I like the stretch it acts like a shock absorber along with the rod ive never really had a problem with fish breaking off other than hooking a big bass on ultralight gear when fishing for panfish

Jeremy Odom says:

I like the video where Tommy cut his biggest catfish

Gary Biggs says:

I’ve set up my heavy cat rigs w/ 65lb Spiderwire stealth braid and 40lb Trilene big game mono leaders, but thinking I may go heavier. The 120yd 65lb braid was all Walmart had, but probably going to buy 80lb Spiderwire 500yd spool from Bass Pro and 60lb Trilene mono. I’ve only spooled up 2 of my 4 heavy rigs and the spinning reels hold around the full 120 yds of Spiderwire. The 120 yd spools at my Walmart are only $9.00. I’ll be paying more for a 500yd spool, but won’t have any waste if a reel only takes 100 yds off a 120 yd spool. J says:

I got 700 yard of mono at Walmart for a 1.74 12 pound test


braid has no need when catfishing

Steven KA9MOT says:

I love your videos. I’m hooked!

panteradime5150 says:

I have a lot of trouble with the braided on my bait caster would a difference in braided quality and coding prevent some of that deep backlashes? Also have trouble with the way it feeds off the reel

siriusdish says:

who won line?

Primal outdoor says:

what’s the best line for cat fishing in your opinion?

Matthew Turner says:

My favorite video is the one when you tested the strength of the ugly stick gx2

Brendan Yaramus says:

nice video but im very impressed in your childs skill to stack all the packages without them falling

Meng Lor says:

will never use mono or flouro. last time i used flouro i lost a huge pike because my line exploded. have transitioned back to braid.

Mychal Boose says:

my favorite video of yours is still the first one I watched the how to catch catfish from the bank where you and Tommy are fishing at night, great gear great catches, great dad moments, funny kid lines, great video.

Craig Rasnic says:

How much is the spider wire and where do you get it. I live in Lynchburg Ohio and Walmart is about the only place close to us and they don’t carry it.

Daniel Vanzant says:

Luke! or Anyone else. So what is the recommendation from this video. Think I am sold on getting braid for main line (need a recommendation for how strong), but not sure about leaders. Mono or fluoro for leader????

ian martin says:

what about the zebco line? its $1.50-$1.75 at walmart and comes from 8lb all the way to 50lb. i have some 10 pound and coudnt break it when i got hung on a log and walked back 70 feet with a stick wrapped around it

Camo FishHunter says:

no kastking line????what

Jake Oathoudt says:

My favorite catfish and carp is the tiny pool Challenge

saw wabba says:

What your favorite fishing line to use

phillip shevchenko says:

What would you use for surf fishing. Perch

vick gz says:

my favorite video was the 4th of July fishing day

Adam Smith says:

What about environmental factors. I’m no tree hugger but fishing line can be a menace

Ruben Martinez says:

your video with the cooler caddy you made wad awesome, you gave me some great ideas!

TeamBassin says:

my favourite is the how to go bank fisinhg for catfish

Kaze says:

No mentioning braided lines sometimes can get wind knots?

dredger9mm says:

Always been a monofilament guy, but you make a damn good case for spiderwire braid… Thanks for the video! What’s YOUR overall favorite?

David Razo says:

Yo wey

Larry Ciarrocchi says:

A little piece of double stick tape also works well for attaching Spider Stealth braided line to you spool.

luc prevost says:

Monster Blue Catfish Trip 356 lbs in 8 hrs Jan 22-2014
rely like video on choosing fishing line!!!

Anthony K says:

Hey Luke, Love the videos you post they are very informative. Its hard for me to choose just one but If i had to choose one of my favorites videos it would be the fishing rig video. I also found the 10 fishing knots video helpful. Keep up the good work and thanks.

Nickolos Brownsey says:

my favorite video was toy Rod challenge

Christopher Carroll says:

Please give me the real I watched all of your vidios

lu bui says:

i’m new so this video helps a lot. Thank You! subbed

Erick Herrera says:

The bamboo fishing rod video

Braden's Man Cave says:

I use Fluro for all of my fishing… seems to be the best jack of all trades for me. I appreciate it’s Abrasive quality and just overall strength.

OutdoorAttack says:

love vids like this

Steve E says:

Yet again, another fantastic educational presentation of SUCH an important subject. I don’t think many anglers put much thought what so ever into choosing line, other than its strength. But boy is it important and can even be the difference between a great fish and a just good enough fish. I always hot much thought into my rod, reel AND line combination. What body of water am I on, water clarity, the underwater geography, am I fishing a spinning setup, baitcasting or conventional reels, depth, current and on down the line it goes. Something else that I think is overlooked far to often is liters but, that’s another topic all together. Great video and information.

Jarod Hammonds says:

hey catfish and carp YouTube channel don’t know if you have heard of this line called Pline XXX Edition it is a copolymer line and I love it is his abrasion-resistant stretch resistant and for the best thing is is it comes in all different pound test on my baitcaster for catfishing I have 20 pound

أبو علي says:

Nice video
Which one better for jig and casting . I use brid line for casting but it not doing good

Larry LeFoy says:

Can you use braided line on a spinning reel?? Enjoying you video’s!!!

Niko Cirrito says:

my favorite Catfish and Carp video is the 100 pounds of catfish with 1Rod1ReelFishing

BackToSpace Gaming says:

Thanks for the tips. So many products to choose from, but you help me narrow down what I need and when to use it.

Michael Jordon says:

if I went from mono to floro, would I have to lower the weight of my jig head in order to keep the fall rate the same

John Stephens says:

Do you have a video on good hooks?

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