Choosing Fishing Line: Monofilament vs Braid vs Fluorocarbon | Bass Fishing

Choosing fishing line. The difference between Monofilament, Braid, & Fluorocarbon can mean more fish, or lost fish. Here’s how to choose fishing lines for bass fishing.

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Nathan Pepple says:

Good advice, I used to use braided line for everything but the more research I put int different types of line the more I realize that that there is no one universal line for everything. My everything rod now has flouorocarbon on it and I have other setups with monofilament or braided line for different situations.

Joshua Twyman says:

Since im in middle school and on a udget i use straight mono and use it for everything and it works fine 6# for crappie 10# on my 6’6 medium and 12# on my 6″6 medium heavy

BassGeek says:

Nice tips I’m bad about leaving rods out on my deck all day.

BassinwithBoginski Bogin says:

Still love mono for my top water n drop shot

The Illinois Angler says:

I’ve personally seen the success of switching from braid to heavy mono and flouro in clear water flipping. I went from 2 fish to a 12 fish on the same stretch.

William Evans says:

Great job, Glen, of explaining the different types of lines and when to fish them! It gets complicated as well as expensive trying to figure out what’s needed for which application. I appreciate the tip on fluorocarbon as a good all around choice for those of us who are on a budget. Thanks again!

Randall Hamrick says:

Nice information. I have had issues with florocarbon as well as braid breaking off at the lure as well as loosing lures due to abrasions. Tried all of the tips, all of the different knots, been fishing mono many years and that is where I am staying personally. Thanks for the info.

Music Playlists says:

Nice vid!


You are good at this

Donald Ledet says:

i still use mono and fluoro all the time

JL Anz says:

I love monofilament… its kept up with whatever i chose to throw on it in the past.

Lathan Coleman says:

What is good for a buzzbait

John Hart says:

Mono is great for top water. Braid has no stretch

Brad Hancock says:

Not been real happy with floro, it seems to kink and then break very easily.

Paul Tiffany says:

I like braid for crank baits and a softer action rod.

Calvin H. Gordey Jr. says:

Awesome video lots of helpful information really like the on a budget part I am always on a budget and I never gave any consideration to pairing the line size to water clarity.

Jim Damron says:

Very Helpful

Game Bred Duramax says:

Spider wire

Greg Vincent says:

Great video. Packed full of info.

Gabe Harris says:

Wholly agree on the mono for topwater approach. I also use it as a leader for braid just so I get a little stretch over the 5′ of leader cause I have a tendency to try to set the hook too quickly, but still while in heavy stuff

silver90500 says:

Good info Glenn

franklin hill says:

I use braid on everything luv it

RhinoFishing TV says:

Ok, so I’m a dinosaur, but I find myself going back to what I know, what I grew up with, which is monofilament. Fluorocarbon is way overpriced, and braid is problematic for the reasons Glenn states, and a few others in my opinion. Having said all that, I prefer braid with mono/fluoro leader for T-rigged soft plastics. But most of the time I prefer good old mono for value and versatility.

robert buchanan says:

Definitely had some good pointers on what lines to use with certain baits

Geoffrey Rogers says:

On my 2 reels (spinning) I have 10lb mono due to my budget. Excellent video, when my budget gets better I’m gonna get some flurocarbon and a baitcaster bc I want to get a baitcaster again but once again the budget is reason for getting spinning gear

johnnybfan says:

I like my braid but for anything really light I go back to mono.

Jeremiah Armstrong says:


John Coleman says:


Horace Reid says:

I heard copolymer was a good affordable universal line, can you make a video on copolymer line. Thanks for making line choice less confusing.

Joshua van Wyk says:

I’m definetly getting flurocarbon for my cranking setup, is there a specific brand you recommend?

With Scars says:

I use braided line almost exclusively. I have the least amount of problems with it. I may have to just get me some mono for fishing topwater though. Don’t care much for it, but if it helps with hook ups, then I’ll deal with the issues I have with it. I do use flouro for Texas rigs, spinnerbaits and swimbaits. Not sure why it wasn’t mentioned, but I also use copoly line as a leader on my spinning setup. It’s kinda the best of both flouro and mono. It’s less visible than mono, it has the lesser stretch factor like flouro, it’s also a little less buoyant than mono and it’s more abrasion resistant than mono. I do want to check out the new Fire Line 8 carrier superline to see if it’s any better than Sufix 832 superline that I currently use. Thanks for the informative video Glen, keep up the good work and we’ll see you on the forums!

Peter Fry says:

Great Video and points .Thanks. An important factor for me with all lines is setting the drag on the reel, I tend to use braid for all my lure fishing but always set the drag accordingly. When I am not fishing for things with sharp teeth I use fluorocarbon between the braid and lure.

Paul Dowden says:

I have had good luck with braid for most things but mono does have its place. I use mono on my spinning reel and as a leader for carolina rigs. I asked you a question about copolymer line a couple of months ago, which brand you liked. You answered me but I didn’t write it down. Big mistake. So what brand of copolymer do you use?

Rex Mason says:

You did a good job, I think, in explaining the lines. However, one question I have is “What lake or area are most of your teaching videos filmed around”??

Kevin Cook says:

due to lack of room on the boat, and lack of benjamins in the wallet I only have 4 rods….2 spinning and 2 baitcasting. I run 20 lb braid with a 10 foot 10 pound fluorocarbon leader. on the bait casters I use 40lb braid and 12lb mono10 ft leader. it works ok for me.

Jim Taylor says:

I still use mono for every thing but have a few reels with the other types on them , all my Mitchell 300`s have mono on them which is about 4 got them from the age of 16 till I was about 23 . The line I like best of all is Berkley trans optic gold

Royce Hershberger says:

Braid for short line fishing. It stinks for casting unless it’s wet. Jmho

Adam Galiard says:

Good discussion on superfine, thanks

Bassin 63 says:

Thanks Gene for your perspective on this line. Always enjoy your Commentary and videos . You have a lot to share . Thant being said I keep it simple, some following what you have mentioned here.
I utilize braid on all my reels with top shots of 9 to 12 feet of either Mono or Fluorocarbon. Depending on what i’m throwing. Anything that sinks is going to have flouro and anything that floats is going to have mono. I feel that with that much leader of either is enough to utilize its stretching capabilities. This also saves me on having to change out a whole reel filled with either mono or flouro. Of course on clearer lakes I try to use as much flouro. as possible for it’s invisibility but if i must use mono , then i’ll down line size as much as possible as well as change my rod to accommodate the fight with for instance , heavy to medium and etc. All that primarily because I do have braid under it all. Yes even my drop shot or any finesse spinning set up. About the only thing I don’t use braid is on my crank bait reels, where I use all flouro. This of course is just how I do it all . One thing that I have learned through hearing peoples advice is always listen to what one as to say and if what that person has offered works for you , great and if not, there always seems to be something in what that person offered that you can use in your technique that will make you better in something you do. So is why I do see and appreciate your videos and commentary’s. Lord knows I don’t know it all and every little lesson learned is being educated. I will have to look into that super line mentioned. Sounds interesting. Note; This has to be the most I’ve ever responded to an article and not trying to win anything , but just felt i was given a chance to share.
Take care , God Bless and many tight lines, always. Thank you . PS, Copolymer I use as well. I treat it as mono.

Fernando Pacheco says:

Good information…thanks… Personal y i dont like braid…monofilament…

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