CHEAPEST Braided Fishing Line on Amazon?! (KastKing vs Nordtale)

-I went on Amazon looking for the CHEAPEST braided line for bass fishing, but which one is better???
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-Rods I Use-
Lews Custom Speed Sticks (Various Sizes and Actions):

-Reels I Use-
Lews Custom Pro Speed Spool:
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Lews BB1 Speed Spool:
Lews Mach II Speed Spool:
Lews Speed Spool:
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-Camera Equipment-
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Wayne Brooks says:

I just got into breadline

Averett Hines says:

U need to start who won the giveaway in the vids

ReelBassinTac 7 says:

Try spider wire ez braid and power pro would like to see a review on those 2 great vid

James Callan says:

I’ve just used regular Fishin line, never used any Bearded line. I’d be honor to use this line.

Jordan DeRoin says:

Look at that nice looking beard

ruben rojas says:

Awesome video bro keep up the great work

Hyper Mav says:

Sub like fish awesome

TheOsmodius says:

I started out using Power Pro braided line, but bought a 1,000 meter spool of the KastKing 20lb, and I love it. The sound of the line coming through the eyelets doesn’t bother me, I actually love that sound, and it casts just as good as the Power Pro. Goodbye Power Pro, I will not be coming back.

Averett Hines says:

I want the black line especially


Switched from power pro to kast king a year ago. No complaints from me.

Dalton Eury says:

I would love to win this line!!! Love fishing braid. Awesome videos man keep doing what your doing!

Fish 4 Fun says:

They don’t sell the High Vis yellow in 65lb or 80lb, or I might just get this line.

André Fernandes says:


Chris Gonzales says:

Another great video with good tips man never used braided line cause of the price but you found some good deals thanks

Bass And crappie says:

Your the best brother

Koda Ballard says:

I really wanna try samari braid from dawia

Clarence Burkitt says:

thanks for the helpful info. cool beans


Kastking I like..they have bags rods reels tools basically everything a fisherman needs!!!!

Brent Cook says:

Love the content especially the budget conscious aspect. says:

Have you ever used either one of these lines???

Teigan Hays says:

please give me some braid I really need it

XxKitchenNinjaxX says:

Love budget fishing

fatpanda4756 says:

This is the video I have been wanting to see.. thanks for doing it

Fish Junky Glenn says:

Love braided line because of the durability of it!

CL Fishing says:

The kastking line won icast a year or so ago and is really high quality

Antone909 says:

New to braid, ive been an ultralight fisherman all my life, i love braid so much now

DaddyO's Ink says:

The cheapest stuff I found on Amazon was called Dorisea…… it casts GREAT, very resilient…. but it fades QUICK.

Rafael Collado says:

I use kastking fine there product pretty good

Gayle McGee says:

I love the fact that Ppl like yourself try to help others buy items that are worth the price even if it’s cheaper. Why pay more when you don’t have to. I hated fishing but my best friend got me to LOVE it. Videos like this help me get more for my buck. Thanks.

_catchnrelease_ says:

So I took the advice and got some of the NORDTALE braided line and It was the worst decision. It has stained and ruined 3 of my rod/reel combos. Be careful trying to save a few bucks with this junk line

Paranormal_ Blacktivitiy says:

Chicken salad

Justin 653 says:

I just got my first lews speed stick spinning combo , been trying to figure out what line I should use. Mono or braid. I haven’t tried braid yet but this pole with be used for jigs, swim baits, drop shots. Can you help me choose what size braid to get? 30 or 50?

Jack Roelands says:

Hey good video Lojo

Tyson Thomas says:

I love fishing

ruben rojas says:

Can u do a video on what equipment u used when u first got into bass fishing

The Fishin hippie says:

Idk if I would rate the lines without catching any fish on them. Grass doesn’t pull like bass

SueWhooo says:

I’ve used the Kastking superpower braid before and really like it.

darren rodd says:

Very cool video good test and fair

Chris Zayas says:

Thanks for this review. New to baitcasting and this was a big help.

Bobby Kowalski says:

Great videos. Keeping making those great videos.

Fishing On A Budget says:

How much did they each cost, and is the yardage of the spools that same?

Chad Brown says:

Hope I win some line, love the content

skylar russell says:

Great video

eric white says:

Love the line test

Tommygun800 says:

I have used Kast King line before and their floro is pretty good but their braid is not so goood

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