Casting Distance Experiment – 10 lb Braid vs. 20 lb Braid On Spinning Tackle [Surprising Results]

For those of us who use artificial lures, an extra 10, 20, or especially 30 feet in a cast is a HUGE deal.

Because every inch of added distance is an extra inch of the best strike zone territory given that the fish have less and less chance of being wary of danger in the area.

After getting more serious about inshore fishing with lures and competing in tournaments over the years, I found myself transitioning from mono, to heavier braid, and then to lighter and lighter braid because I realized that they all enabled me to catch more fish mostly driven by the increased casting performance (longer casts with less effort).

But I never knew exactly how much farther each transition allowed.

So I decided to run this experiment to see how far I could cast a 10 lb line compared to a 20 lb line with all else kept constant.

And I was shocked at the results because the difference in casting performance was much greater than I had originally assumed.

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How Much Farther Can You Cast With A 10 lb Line vs. 20 lb Line? Results Here

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SilverGray says:

Cool video. Thank you for posting. Always wondered % I was able to cast a little further when going down to my 10 lb spools

ramom rodrigues araujo says:

How long is the rod? Man, 160 meters cast is really far… Nice video!

Randy R says:

Awesome demonstration.

Marco808 says:

Great video and info sir. I plan on using 1 oz to 1 1/2 oz sp minnows on a 9ft. st. croix triumph. Would 10 pound braid be too small for the lures? I was thinking no more than 20 pound braid with this. Ill be using a shimano ultegra 4000 btw. Aloha from Hawaii.

gripNslip says:

like your experiments series, one of the best on YT

Score Outdoors says:

Wtf is that casting form

Rod Royal says:

Trouble is hit a rock with 10, it’s probably going snap. Your study showed how 20 broke from abrasion. I went with 30 on my new combo because I can see it better, takes less to fill spool and matches my leader size in diameter. Thanks again! Great service.

Vichea Chim says:

The wind looks a little breezy by the look of the water. How will you compensate for that wind?

BatCountry Fishing Rods says:

How about braid vs. NanoFil, or NanoFil vs. NanoBraid? From what I’ve seen Nanofil out casts braid. Nanobraid is softer and out casts Nanofil but it is lighter and floats on the wind more to be blow into things.

Billy McDaniel says:

What would you use for sea trout 10# or 20#


Glad I saw your vid, never considered trying out 10lb. Till now….I just don’t know how it would handle a cobia though…

johnnymohani says:

Can you do 10 vs 12 floro???

Vegh says:

Underfilled spool vs full spool how much difference

David De Leon says:

Man this is a great video, keep up the great work you guys do.

Bill Flint says:

I have two questions about casting distance.. 1. People say you can cast further with a longer rod and was wonder how much longer does the rod needs to be to really add worthy distance. 2. In freshwater there big thing about micro-guides and wonder if there such thing in the saltwater community and if they really give you more distance?

Dermot Murphy says:

Very useful information, thank you from a beginner when it comes to these things!

David Austin says:

Strangest way to cast ive ever seen

StevenChua96 says:

very informative! thanks mate

Michael Rhoads says:

How about mono vs braid in the same size class.

Austin Akner says:

25% advantage, numbers aren’t adding up here

PJ Jackson says:

How about spinning reel size cast distance? ex. 1000 size vs 2000 vs 3000 vs 4000 test!

__s says:

same test with baitcasting reels, please?

littletoy says:

what make of braid. Thanks

Sleepy Boiii says:

If i use a 30 pound mono does it mean i can catch fish up to 30 pounds on any rod ? Please answer thank you

Whiskey Dreamers says:

Love these vids because they remind me that I still have a lot to learn. I do mostly flats fishing from a kayak and have been using 30lb braid every time. Talk about overkill. Definitely switching to 10lb when it’s time for a re-spool.

benny rosado says:

Great test!!!

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