Bullbuster Fishing Line Review

Check out Bullbuster products at www.bullbuster.net.


number1mattryanfan says:

its not quite as cheep anymore, but it still seems like a fantastic investment.

Taylor Owens says:

Great video, I will have to buy a spool and see how I like it

Outdoorsman11 - says:

how do you get a swallowed crank bait or a jerk bait out of a fish

Rodney Arnold says:

Thanks for the review will be checking them out, and thanks for helping out Americas heart the small business.

Kyle The Bass Attacker says:

Thanks for sharing will look into this

TackleJunky81 says:

Sweet deal Gene, thanks for sharing! Really like the new setup too!

bulletcdr says:

just picked up some braid and mono amazing prices i probably never wouldve found this product without your video thanks gene now i just have to wait for the snow to melt lol

Vince Latham says:

Sounds like a great deal. When i get low on line i will definately get some to try out. Thanks for sharing Gene.

GabooNx says:

Looking for a floro that has similar qualities to seagar but much lower costs. If the product compares please review and let us know when its available.

I use Berkeley xt for all mono how does it compare? Xt is highly abrasion resistant and strong for its size.

Reece Lindgren says:

Seems as if they have raised prices.

Bryan Lathrop says:

Thanks for doing what you do, Gene. You rock.

Darryl M says:

Great you spot lighting bullbuster. I for one recall when you did mention them a few months back during MTB review. I tried out #12 and due to winter coming on at that time didn’t fish much. However I can speak on spooling, casting, and memory in which I will sum up as VERY satisfied.  Looking forward to spring to continue my evaluation and also try out #15. But I’m confident I will remain just as satisfied if not more pleased with the product. And as usual, Gene you are Da Man keeping us anglers and want-a-be anglers (lol) on our game….  Thanks again .. Gene, the original “Fishin Buddy”  … 

danny mc tigue says:

Not only does the line sounds great but it’s nice that you’re not only reviewing big brands that wouldn’t notice a little increase in sales but you’re helping smaller brands like Bull Buster get bigger.

angry fish says:

I sent an email to Bullbuster asking them where their product is made all they would tell me is where it is spooled. Miami Florida. Does anybody know where it is made?

wingnut199780208 says:

You should do a izorline xxx review as well.

Jwillisfishing says:

Great video! Definitely gonna check them out!

Bassmaster_26 says:

I’m trying to wonder how good fluorocarbon is if you could choose would you pick mono or floor

JRoss Griff says:

I’ll have to check this out. Thanks for the video Gene. Great reviews on this channel and fishing tips on the other, one of my favorite youtubers.

Brandon Smith says:

How does this compare to iizorline xxx

SouthernKayaking says:

Hows the memory on the line?

solaydbak says:

I tried going to this website but my computer said it had harmful programs on the site. But amazon had it so I might have to pick up a spool. 

Kyle Bumgardner says:

Looks like a great company. Thanks for sharing. 

Rocky Rodriguez says:

I’d like to see what’s the breaking strength (chart) like what Momoi offers is.

Timothy Haun says:

I’ll get a few spools of each of their lines when I get my new rod and reel combos.

Colby Wade says:

hey thats my name colby

Matt C says:

interesting.  I am going to have to try and check out some braid.

Christian Salter says:

idk what happened but the price is a lot more than and not at all cheap

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