Bullbuster Fishing Line Hook Up – So Long Ande

Bullbuster fishing line was nice to hook me up with some line. So thats a bonus for the YouTube, Reel Guys will be getting hooked up with my surplus Ande mono regular and leader. Be sure to follow on the Social Net


MrRedskins0021 says:

I don’t like Ande. You have to replace it pretty fast after using it. Treline last longer.

Muscle man says:

were do i make an order and were do i ask you what i want?

Around The World Fishing says:

I really don’t need more shirts or hats I like them but I really need some 50 and 12 for my spinning tackle and bait casters I love your videos keep posting : )

TheMroption says:

How often do you replace the mono on your reels?

Around The World Fishing says:

I need some line where do I ask

asher439 says:

i need some 50 pound line

Bass Pro says:

Hello I could use some spare line I am coming to Florida soon I have a new real and rod I bought but I don’t have any good line for it if you still have some available that would be great

Beachwalker Guide Service says:

what no ande anymore say its not so

Matthew Fincher says:

l need sum

GetHookedFishing96 says:

Ande makes some solid mono line. Love their pink Ande.

Rodd Sayler says:

anything is better than ande

Colton aynes says:

I really need some new fishing stuff I’m 17 but I really fish a lot and I don’t have money to buy new line or new anything and I wouldn’t mind a sticker or two….RUN THAT DOG

truman13 says:

fish for catfish here in mid mo. so I have used Ande. Why you changing?

william money says:

I need that mono for sheeps

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