Braided Fishing Line vs Monofilament – Which is better?

With so many types of fishing line to choose from, which one should you select? Capt. Chris Myers tells about the differences between fishing lines and gives his opinion on which one is better, braid or mono. Inshore saltwater flats fishing near Orlando & Disney World


Coolride17 says:

Then you have pro fishermen saying use mono on top of braid. Braid wears your eyes on your rod down a heck of a lot faster.


Right on well said ..

gonegetmind17ify says:

What if you have a reel that has 18pounds of max drag on it but it is up to 30 pounds line capacity of braid can you put more than 30

Adam legend says:

I use braided so I can go heavier line on my reels

Faith M. says:

i might seem dumb but my setup works for me, 12lb mono on my baitcaster. why? because it casts farther that with braid. i use spiderwire 30lb braid on my spinning reel. why? my spinning reel is my dual species for bass and catfishing. i used both mono and braid on both reels, i just prefer braid on my spinning and mono on my baitcaster.

Serenity Sekhmet says:

I like the video, watching a couple more, then subscribing. I will say though, mono line comes in a lot of survival kits and in some paracord, it has been proven to work very well and even by some soldiers who have had to use their survival kit due to situations, but I love both, guess it all depends where I’m going. keep posting the videos

just a guy says:

If you fish clear water reservoirs or fish in reservoirs or lakes with alot of rock braid isn’t always the best choice, contrary to popular belief it does break and frays quite easily on the rocks.

Dan Kepler says:

This guy is biased did nothing but down monofilament, rename your video caption

Shawn Rullens says:

I still use monofilament line. Have no problems with it catch many fish. Saltwater and freshwater. Will not change unless it is unavailable anymore.

Brad Ewing says:

Hey Chris Myers. Thanks for all the videos. Quick question on braid. I haven’t used it a ton, but I liked it when I did use it. My question is “does braid work as well for topwater as well since mono floats?” Thanks again.

Ward Tyson says:

The only problem is trolling big fish with snap you right off where there’s no stretch

Matt Caterham says:

I use Power Pro and after today I’m not so sure . Wind was a bitch of a factor , and I had a few spaghetti incidents but got them controlled easy enough. But I always have a problem with the line at the rod tip. Winds around easy and screws me up. 15lb braid is what it is . Had a Great day with Smallies and some Mean Pickerel. Zoom Super Fluke swimmers got murdered. Is that a wind it problem.

funa mota says:

How do you know how much yards do you need in a 6 feet pole like yours

VoidiePop says:

im kinda new at fishing and i really love it

BiggCoffee OutDoors Magazine JGaskin says:

Very helpful info.
Thanks Captain CHris!
(BiggCoffee OutDoors Magazine)

VoidiePop says:

ok ok so i use really small crankbaits and squarebills but im not sure of the size of braid to use and that can throw it

William Stanley says:

come fish for big tarpon around here go ahead use your braid and see how many fish you can get to the boat , I bet its not many…. RTD

Bruiser 38 says:

I wasn’t sold until you said “it makes a cool sound”… Should have started with that.

Michael Cardona says:

I got 300 pound testline. what kind of reel would I get for shark fishing off q boat

Ben Tech says:

stretch actually can help as a shock absorb er

StealthClassicZ says:

I would rather used braided line on higher priced lures like livingston just so It does break as easy and so I don’t waste money

Gulp_Man102 says:

Power pro vs sufix?

Martin Szy says:

Also the braid does not have memory twist like filament line can get if stored over time. I would suggest using a Ball bearing swivel near the gear in either case.
Shimano Ultegra 10000 XSC, Power Pro 40 X 500 Yd Green, Lamiglas LIS 11 MHC. That’s my Gear for Surf Fishing.

Bass King says:

I bought 12 lbs braided line for my baitcaster but put it on my spin cast rod it’s a lot less trouble .

x zebur x says:

there’s no excuse anymore. 10lbs braided spiderwire stealth braid is like 12 $. you can get even cheaper braids.

Azzamatic says:

Any opinions on unifiliment vs mono and braided

Brian R. says:

I like braid I mostly use kastking it’s cheap and I can get 1000 feet spools! i use 10 pound test mostly! after using braid I 2 will never go back to mono!

VJTrey1 says:

Hi capt, i have 30 lbs braided line what pound of leader line do you recommend? I’m fishing in saltwater in pier. Thank you

Brandon McDowell says:

U could use electrical tape also as backing

Rad Reeling Fishing says:

Great video. I’m going to give braid a try. I’ve fished with mono for so many years…caught a lot of big snook on mono in some extreme structure. I just ordered a new Diawa 4000 and a heavy eight foot Shimano rod. I’m going to spool it with braid for bridge fishing with big bait for large snook. Thanks for the tips what size braid would you recommend for my new combo?

Riam Mey says:

my favorite brand for braid is spider wire

Kenith Macion says:

try to use braid in Cristal clear water.???

Tinman104 says:

10 lb braid and lower sucks it snaps if you set the hook really hard and fast. I use mono but i will use 80 lb braid.

J Falk says:

I do not use braided line for bass on my lake. Mono is clear and low vis, braid is high vis. The fish in my lake won’t touch a lure with braided line, they see it, and it spooks them. Where as low vis mono in 8 lb test, I catch fish all day … just saying.

superchrisbeatz1 says:

Idk why every time I cast braided line it slices my finger

14Manchesterfan says:

Awesome tip thanks 😉

Nathan Payette says:

1 thank you my grandpa suggested that i get braided line and i did 2 what about bait casters and 3 you left out how you can not use your hands when you get snagged or it will cut into your hand ( not form experience thankfully) but wrap it around some pliers and then pull

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