Braid Vs Mono Vs Fluorocarbon – Best Fishing Line Type – Full Comparison / Review

There is no “best” fishing line type for spinning reels, baitcaster, or bass. Mono, braid, and fluorocarbon all work well with every type of reel, it’s just the conditions you need to change your line for.

Thanks for watch, and as always, good luck fishing!


Madogyo562 Mobile says:

i can see your script 1:22 to 1:38

Ryan Sanchez says:

wow all junk lines

Leo V says:

Well put, young man. Thanks for the info.

Australian native Fisherman says:

In Australia that braid cost $50-60 dollars

Knetters Practical Outdoors says:

For a scientific explanation of why fluoro is hard to see in water check out my “Ice Fishing With Fluorocarbon” vid.  You guys might get a kick out of it.  Thanks for sharing.  KPO

Daniel Harlow says:

great video! thank you for sharing your opinion.

Cast_Reel_N_Catchin Az says:

the vicious flourcarbon always bird nests to easy what do I do ):

Rick Forrest says:

great video, your videos are good because you understand that you don’t have to spend a fortune to catch fish, keep it up

justin billings says:

does fly line BACKING sink or does it floteplease anser quickly

K B says:

Best line video on youtube. Thanks

WINGZ says:

How about hybrid line , like copolymer?

Ash Scott says:

I find that braid is best for catching fish, fluorocarbos is best for catching spiders, and mono is best for catching birds.

Nick Fry says:

I got the same brand of braid and the same color and it was 30lb test and it was only 12.84 for 150yd

Alden Buyer says:

a 5 minute unskippable ad? no thanks.

Fish Finder says:

Also people should know braid can act like a hack saw on softer metals or non ceramic parts. I’ve seen this first hand with heavy use casting all day long it will cut into pole guides and also damage your spinning reels -all bad when you hook a Screamer…..

Mitch Andopolis says:

80lb spiderwire stealth braid with a 40lb berkley big game mono leader! All day!

Vittorio's says:

That video was “tight”… in the way a fishing line should be. Will definitely aid in the fine tuning of the skillz. Thanks for sharing.

Gun Slinger says:

I pretty much only use a spinning rod. I was having so much trouble with copolymer and flourocarbon I decided to go to monofiliment. I can’t seem to break down and spend the money on braid.

Connor Sloan says:

What’s your opinion on Fireline?

Andrew Lines says:

What size spinning reels did you show in this video ?

Tell me the difference in thickness and strength between 4strand , 8 strand and 12strand braid ?

andrew koenigsberg says:

nice video. great info!

Setem Fishing says:

Can’t beat mono.

Andrew Kim says:

Cant u use a flourocarbon leader when fishing braid? It sucks cause if u get snagged u have to retie the braid to flourocarbon but still it helps the visibility issue. Im a beginner in using a baitcaster and at first i put 15 lb mono and compared it to when i put 20 lb braid power pro, i got less birdnests which is contrary to the popular belief that mono is better for beginners and better casting distance like u said with braid.

Dominic Wenger says:

Great video as usual!

Adventure Time Outdoors says:

how do you like that brave fisherman braid? decent quality?

chickennuget373 says:


Darcy Foster says:

Braid with leader

Heather Diaz says:

I like to tie a braid backing then a mono or flourocarbon leader

Jesse Cantrell says:

i notice you have Trilene fishing line.I am thinking about using it for a liter line for catfish.Your thoughts?

David Garcia says:

great advice… like the way you have your setups…100 Lb & 50 Lb.

Jarvin Ballecio says:

How about ocean fishing ? Fishing line ?

Trout Luvr says:

What about knot strength and tying them? The braided can be a challenge especially the slick it frays and has static making it hard to go through small loop. The fluorocarbon if you don’t lubricant your not the fiction melts the line making 6lb test 2lb at the knot. Etc… I use fluorocarbon now but might go braided with fluorocarbon leader line.

ummarqureshi says:

which fishing line is used for silver carp fishing and in what strength?

James Ritchie says:

I think you get what you pay for with line, regardless of type.  I think the best braided line by far is Berkley Trilene pro grade.  It runs about forty to forty-five bucks for three hundred yards, but it’s worth every penny.  Braided line can be strong enough to muscle large bass out of a mass of weeds and others vegetation.  Fifty to sixty-five pound test is still very thin, and means you’ll keep a lot of fish you would lose with lower test line.   My experience with fluorocarbon is that it makes excellent leaders, but I think it’s a very poor choice as a full spool line.  As a leader, you get all the benefits, but none of the disadvantages.   There’s just no reason I can find to load an entire spool with fluorocarbon.  For me, the only two advantages of mono are: 1. Price, but it isn’t nearly as cheap as most think.  Between sun damaged line, broken line, tangled line, etc.,  you have to replace it far more often than braided line.   2.  The fun factor.  I love ultralight fishing, and unless you use two to four pound test mono with an equally light rod and reel, I don’t think it counts as ultralight.  It’s a true challenge to land a large fish with a tiny rod, and very low test mono line.  For me, this makes it fun.  I’d never use hundred pound test for catfish.  What fun is that?  It’s like hauling the fish in with a winch.  I wouldn’t use anything over fifteen for bass, unless in a tournament where you have to muscle fish, and can’t use a landing net.   Hundred pound fish have been caught with two pound test, and this is what makes you a fisherman.  Just as with hunting, or any other sport, it’s sportsmanship that matters, and this means giving the fish a fighting chance, and of need skill to play and land a fish without breaking fragile line.

Markus Eddington says:

I’ve been going trout-fishing quite a bit this year and haven’t been catching anything. I’ve been using monofilament now I know I should be using the fluorocarbon. Thanks for the line tips.

Jonathan Nguyen says:

Where did you buy the 100lb braid

Kevin Jones says:

is eagle claw any good I been using spider wire mono

D Kat says:

So what do you think about that Zebco Omniflex ? I have used this and it is very inexpensive.

TheOhioan216 says:

I recently bought that omniflex line and it’s the best mono I e used, it doesn’t just snap it has a lot of stretch before it breaks

Carlos Cruz says:

Great video thx just answered every question I had. Lol

David Um says:

Hey man sorry to bother u but do u think bass will see 10 lb braid im trynna get braided line just straight up

su phan says:

Thanks for the i know which one to buy.

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