Best Mono Fishing Line Experiment: Abrasion Test Across 4 Popular Lines

This video shows the best mono fishing line in terms of its ability to withstand abrasion.

This is a very important factor for those of us who target fish with rough mouths as well as those of us who often fish in areas with a lot of underwater structure (docks, rocks, oyster bars, thick vegetation, etc.).

We recently built this testing assembly, and it has been able to help us determine which lines truly are the best for abrasion resistance.

In this video, we are testing the following 4 popular lines:

– Berkely Trilene Big Game
– Stren Original
– Ande
– Berkely Trilene XL

I had assumed that the one with the thickest diameter would be the winner, but that was not the case.

Watch the video above for the details in this test.

If you’d like to see more of our line test like this, just click on the link below:

Here, you’ll see an assortment of our fishing line reviews and experiments.



Patrick Connors says:

Yikes, lol. Thanks.

HookedOnTheBay says:

If possible, I would like to see Bullbuster line and leader reviews. Not sure if youve done them or not, but Im curious. Thanks!

Maddog Fishing says:

I’ve always use monofilament as a leader but I switch over to fluorocarbon in finesse situations. I’m definitely curious to see how the visibility test goes.

mrtoady2 says:

Out of all these tests I have seen conducted, the most important factor seems to be the ability of the line to stretch as being the most important factor. Since that is the one characteristic that the mainline mono exhibits over all the others.(That along with it’s increased diameter) I originally thought that the density/stiffness of fluoro would give it an edge, but this particular test disproved that. I guess that extra amount of pliability goes a long way in retaining integrity under load. Along with being slightly thicker.

Jim Sheldon says:

I would like to see a comparison of the Stren vs Yozuri hybrid also.

Rod Royal says:

I get laughed at on many other sites when I’ll tell them I’ve tried almost every brand and every type of line for 45 years and Stren original is still my top choice for strength, visibility and castabilty. Getting back to some braid for spinng and it doesn’t loop as much. But if you’re just starting out, especially with a baitcaster, Stren will help out. Sure it stretches but I don’t catch many fish with a ton of line out anyway.

Randy Provost says:

Could you guys do a test on inshore baitcaster reels? I’d like to know more about the Lew’s Inshore Custom, Curado K, Daiwa Costal. etc

Derrick L. says:

Please do Stren Original vs Sufix Superior

ChrisPowellFishingTV says:

That was interesting thanks man!

Urban Fisherman says:

My grandfather always told me to stick with Ande. I may have to reconsider.

Mamun Khan says:

spoon lure casting best leader line tell me??

Albert Viera Fishing says:

I like the High Seas fluorocarbon coated copolymer.

No Name says:

I like to see a visibility test done in the field. Meaning take 2 anglers same rods , same reels , same braid and then 1 use 20 or 30lb mono and 1 use 20 or 30lb fluorocarbon. But make sure both are using the same pound 20 vs 20 or 30 vs 30.

Honestly that’s the best way to do a side by side comparison.

Marie-pierre Frigon says:

I would like to see trilene XL vs XT in a abrasion test!

Realistic Fishing says:

Awesome experiment. Way to go Stren!

Eugenio Bolaños says:

Try coated braid vs normal braid and vs mono

Robert Jeffries says:

Can you test yozuri hybrid and kastking copolymer….. kastking has a mono leader I used and it worked fine but still looking for a second option….. I don’t use floro anymore

Matt S says:

Thank you for doing this experiment. I’ve been wondering for a while if I should keep buying leader grade mono or just regular mono.

What’s your thoughts about using steel leader with artificial lures? I recently got bitten off by a bluefish on my 20lb mono leader and I’m wondering if the smaller diameter steel leader would be better than heavier mono.

Rob Fowler says:

I love these test definitely some eye openers! Great job Luke.

David Lewis says:

I like all your test. Thanks for all the info. Can you test Copolymer line against Mono & Flouro?

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