Best Line for Bass Fishing | The Answer May Surprise You!!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about when to use different types of fishing line. So in this video, I explain the differences between monofilament, fluorocarbon and braided fishing line and talk about the different baits and techniques I use them for. Hope you enjoy!


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Ephraim Varela says:

Thanks for the 411, from Southern CA. Great video bro

Timothy Aldridge says:

I prefer mono over any other. Trilene big game 12lb is my go to all around line it has been an extremely good line for me for years.

Allan Hise says:

If you have to drop shot on a regular basis, braid to floro will save you the headache of line twist. It will get so bad with a dropshot, cant even get the bait down.

Thurminator Fishing says:

Best line i have found for the money is suffix pro mix, its a mono. Floro blend its great line, casts really good and good strength.

Roger Scheuermann says:

Good video, How did you do at Beaver Lake this past weekend? I am sure you did Great. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Duane Theimer says:

Copolymer is a good alternative to high dollar florocarbon and cheap crappy mono. Tip bulk spools of P line save alot of $$$$$$$.

YourNextCast says:

Great line tutorial. Not only good for beginners but is also good for intermediate anglers. Always learn a lot from your channel

bass accoutant says:

love strenand Berkley. big game 12 pound. I pulled in a 33 inch stripe 19 lbs took runs then jumped good fight. Thanks big game. 12 pound big game and ugly stick gx2 all a man needs

JustFishing says:

What you think about PLINE fluoro?

Chris Skirvin says:

Great video, learn something every video!

Team Jesus Outdoors says:

Hey man, good vid. I am one of those guys who have been fishing, longer than you have been alive…lol. I believe that the best line for most anglers is Copolymer. I also find Stren Flouro to be garbage! I only use mono for topwater. For everything else I use either Braid, Flouro or Copolymer, but by far I use Copolymer the most! Copolymer doesn’t get nearly enough attention.

Sawyer Mcmurphy says:

I agree 100% with all of this. Won a lot of money on crankbaits with big game.

trextrextrex says:

Lots of good CoPolys out there. Suffix, Pliine, Izorline. Flouro does stretch and it DOES NOT recover on a hard stretch. For most new anglers coPoly and Braid will be fine

FrikenFid says:

I swear by trilene 12lb smooth casting Mono. I love that stuff and have never had any issues with it. Great video! Learned a ton.

C Caballero says:

I found 12,000 yards of Berkley big game in 12 lb test for $10 lol

John Daniel says:

Jonny, ur KILLING IT !
Keep up the great work.

Chief BigDab says:

Great video, Jonny. I’ve enjoyed your efforts and it shows through your excellent content. Looking forward to you next video. Keep up the good work!!

ronron bish! says:

We appreciate the videos. You’re instructional videos are second to none on YouTube brutha! From the map breakdowns, to the electronics, to the fish movement and instinct..

Josh Grimes says:

JBraid Grand with a Maxima ultragreen mono leader….best for almost ALL situations except for super gin clear very deep water.

David Sjelin says:

Where did you get all of your knowledge from? Great info

megarouge61 says:

Great video! As most of us are non pro anglers the only info we really receive is from Pros on TV, magazines, etc…. these guys get paid by product plugging you see it all the time. Their job is Fishing and sales. They always use the “new greatest thing” on the shows simply to sell the product.

TheGaragemahal says:

How do you know from the package that it is mono? It never says mono anywhere on it! Usually the fleuro options have fleuro somewhere on them. Thx for another great video for a beginner like me

Rolando Nandin says:

I use braid backing with fluoro but I spool about 70 yards. This will allow for me to never cast to knot so I won’t put pressure on the knot. Also after a while i reverse spool my fluoro to another reel and that’s even longer use. Never broken off and I have even gone 6 months on same flouro when I reverse spool to another reel setup. Good stuff though. I’m a big fan of segaur bc diameter is smaller and same strength as others.

Big Al Cervantes says:

Thanks brother

Snoop12922 says:

Jonny great video, but where is the copolymer line like Suffix and Izor. Copolymer lines are a great bridge between mono and fluorocarbon.

sirron bailey says:

This was a great video I really appreciate it. Do you use a fish with a 12lb test or a 14 lb test.

Matt Fields says:

Just a thought…chart like you make for the lake breakdowns (for patreon subs) would be excellent for this.

Louis Brentnell says:

I always feel that watching your videos is a great use of my time.

WildBillHabiki says:

i gave up on the braid to flouro on my spinning reels. yeah it’s convenient but the frigging knots always break for me. i have tried several different knots but I guess I just can’t get the hang of it. they don’t break straight away but after 3-4-5, 15 fish or a snag, boom it breaks. I friggin hate mono so i put flouro on everything but i swear on a spinning reel you can get some crazy loops in your line on the spool almost like a backlash which means you lose a lot of line. fishing line is one of the most frustrating aspects of fishing imo.

Paddle and Hook says:

I recently switched back to using mostly monofilament again after not getting as many bites on spider wire. I think it was a visibility thing, only spider wire bites i got were in heavy lily pad cover. Thanks for explaining fluro applications 🙂

Rob Dob says:

Trilene big game is on 75% of my casting rods all the time.

Bill B says:

Good info as always…

David Baker says:


MyTopSpinner says:

So Jonny for us new baitcast users why is it better for us to go mono first as a learning curve over fluro?

jared k says:

I think you need to fix that treble hook split ring on that jerkbait, looks like its messed up. Good video Johnny, a lot of guys here in Ky use Big game too. I’m not a fan of floro myself but see a few applications it can be a good leader.

Gizmo Carr says:

I think you did a great job of explaining the concepts between different types of line. I agree that anglers starting out would save money and confusion by just using monofilament line. Line diameter is seldom explained. I think a video on how line diameter affects lure performance would be a great subject to explain in a future video.

Kyle Lee says:

Copolymer such as P-Line Floroclear?

John Hanley says:

Thanks for all your knowledge and vids!!

Matt Nash says:

Keep em coming bro & let’s all watch & wait as this channel takes off!

Nick Winchester says:

Great video. Thanks for sharing.

Dbombdalton says:

Are blades jigs and chatter baits the same or no???

arciefan says:

And always if you can do it buy in bulk spool. Nothing more frustrating and in my opinion a waste of money is when you can down on one of the small spools and it’s not enough for a fill. That loss is multiplied everytime that happens not to mention you get a better price buying a bulk spool.
Mono man myself (suffix bulk spool) and I have nothing against the other lines, but for my application (spinnerbaits primarily stained water) it’s what I prefer.
Excellent video !!!

Daniel Adame says:

Do you use fluorocarbon when throwing square bill crankbaits? It seems like a good option for keeping the nose of the bait down when bouncing off rocks and riprap.

TxNupe2010 says:

Jonny, what about line for Drop shot or Ned Rig on a spinning rod?

will Martin says:

That was great. Awesome video. Thank you.

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