Best Fishing Line for Every Technique

Ever wonder what line works best for what bait? Everywhere you turn there is a bass fisherman with an opinion about fishing line and no two anglers agree. In this bass fishing video Matt breaks down the line sizes in fluorocarbon, monofilament, and braided line that he and Tim use for a variety of techniques. If your preferred fishing technique isn’t listed below, drop us a comment and we’ll be sure to respond.

Line Sizes for Various bass fishing techniques…

Large Swimbaits…

-65 or 80 lb braided line:
-25 or 30 lb Mono Leader:
-30 lb Fluorocarbon Mainline:

Crankbaits (Including squarebills, mid range, and deep diving crankbaits)…

-30 lb braided Line:
-10-17 lb Monofilament Leader:
-10-17 lb Fluorocarbon Main Line:

Frogs and Buzzbaits…

-50 or 65 lb Braided Line:
No Leader needed and never use fluorocarbon for floating baits.

Topwater Baits with Trebles…

-30 to 50 lb Braided Line:
-12 to 20 lb Mono leader:
-Never use Fluorocarbon for Topwater Techniques.

Texas Rigs and Jigs…

-40 to 65 lb Braided Line:
-15 to 25 Lb Monofilament Leader:
-15-25 Lb Flurocarbon Main Line:

Swim Jigs, Chatterbaits, and Spinnerbaits…

-40 to 65 lb Braided Line:
-15 to 25 Lb Monofilament Leader:
-15-25 Lb Flurocarbon Main Line:

Worming/Finesse on Baitcaster OR Spinning Reel…

-10 to 20 lb Braided Line:
-6 to 10 lb Mono Leader:
-6 to 10 lb Fluorocarbon Mainline:


-10 to 15 lb Braided Line:
-6 lb Mono Leader:
-6 lb Flurocarbon Main Line:

Float and Fly/Hair Jigs…

-5 to 10 lb Braided Line:
-2 to 4 lb Mono Leader:
-2 to 4 lb Flurocarbon Mainline:

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Fishing with Lucas says:

How long is your leader for huds or other swimbaits?

jonbenson42 says:

Matt, Super long shot you see this and answer it but (All help is welcome).. You say everything is braid to fluro… do you back your reels with something prior to the braid?

Joshua Adams says:

My dad cranks with spinning gear and he crushes it do you ever do that’s?

Davedtz1 says:

Great video as usual. Big fan guys

David Hidalgo says:

you list Maxcuatro for the braided line for all of the lighter lines. Once you look at link to Tacklewarehouse there is no 5lb or 10lb or 15lb just 20lb and above. So my questions is for lighter braid should I just get Suffix 832 also or is 20lb Maxcuatro better than 10lb for dropshot and or senko fishing

Leticia Nunez says:

Dude love your intuitive and informatal vids question? Ive lost a couple of pricey swimbaits i use 50 pound braid sometimes 30 pound braid with a 45 pound steel leader and iam 6 foot 7. 320pounds iam a big dude and when i load up to throw a far cast braid snaps right off how can i diminish the loss of swimbaits wich set up would you recomend for a 8 to 10 inch Huddleston or savage gear ,thanks

ronnie muratori says:

Why is it your prefer braid to mono for big swimbaits instead of strait flouro?

David Chestnut says:

I have a question. what if you are bass fishing with only one baitcaster and using multiple baits. what would be a all around good option for line type and size?

ross reed says:

Do u guys use backing before u put braid on

landon goff says:

So all my dad buys is 17 pound mono. I love using chatterbaits and frogs. Good idea or not?

Adrian Belle says:

How long of a leader should I be using for big swimbaits?

Bobby says:

My question is why not braid to heavier floro? Why mono? I’m currently using Keitech swing impact fat 4.8s on owner flashy swimmer 5/0 with 40lb PP super 8 to 15lb Seaguar blue floro leader with good results. I also have little 2.8 and 3.3 Keitechs on 3/0 flashys (seasonal transition swimbait vid) Now I’m stepping up to 5.8, 6.8, and 7.8 Keitechs on 8/0 and 10/0 beast flashys. I just want to get my line right. I’m in central ohio and fish water that is a 5ft+ visibility down to 4” vis.

Thank you so much for the videos and all the work that goes into in!!! You guys are fantastic!! I myself grew up on the Delta (Tracy, CA), I was too busy waterskiing to fish. I can only image what I missed now that I’m into bass fishing.

Cod God says:

Should I put 10lb fluorocarbon in my spinning rod just by itself?

Jason Wells says:

30# braid to 15# leader be ok for football jigs and Texas rigs? I kayak fish so rods are limited and I use one rod for more than one presentation

azbestfishr says:

You should four times the subscribers you have always supper informative.I have been subscribed to you for year’s keep up the great work.l do have a question on the swimbaits how heavy is the braid you use.l have used straight fluorocarbon but would like to try braid to mono fluoro l use the dobyn 794 795 806 and 867 for really heavy baits.l was thinking 50/794 65/795 80/806 and 100 on the 867 any feed back would be greatly appreciated.Thanks to both of you and tight lines.

Gn fishing says:

What about a frog?

Roly Juarez says:

You just answered all my questions about what size of line to use . Thanks

Kyle Tweed says:

how long of leaders do you use? I’ve never fished leaders so am unfamiliar. Also, swivel and knot recommondations please

Er H says:

there we go …..TacticalBassin ….know wassup ! thanks again yall !

steve evans says:

hey Matt: what size leader and length do you use on the california swim jigs?

jacob Godfrey says:

good videos thx fir The knowledge

Webb Visuals says:

I want to try a fluorocarbon leader but there is one thing, I’m worried that where I am Pike are extremely common. regardless if i’m fishing for bass. I’m bound to catch at least one Pike. my worry is that the pike will end up breaking the leader off.

Joseph Ely says:

What do you recommend for a good braided mainline size, were I what usually be tying on 12 to 15 lbs Floro? Is 30lb braid over kill? Would you step up or step down to 20?

Troy Cote says:

Such a key point w walking baits.Havnt commented much lately since I got into to the local swimbait scene,but still watch all your videos.I want to thank you guys for getting me into Swimbaits.Saw you two landing toads on them and have been hooked since.

Jamie Bundros says:

What line do you prefer for clear water worm fishing???

General Killshot says:

lol I got six pound flouro to 40 pound braid… but I live in Minnesota where 3 pounders are big

Nick Murray says:

Jumped right over the spinnerbait category

Timmy's Tackle says:

Hey I just got a rod for all lure applications(Shimano excage/casitas) and I was wondering what’s the best line for it???:)

Joshua Adams says:

What size braid for 8″ Huddlestons do you use?

Timothy Rose says:

I like mono always have. I set hard sometimes . I’ve been trying braid on and off. I’m not a fan of waxy braid it’s awkward when it sticks to the spool

Chris Mata says:

Hey Matt I’ve tried braid to a leader but I personally prefer fluorocarbon for jigs. I feel like my dobyns 734 has enough sensitivity and power to bury the hook

eyelkenc says:

Get Your Super Quality Fishing line from this link;

Ufcguru Official says:

Matt, you ever use #15 braid for crankbaits? I use it straight braid around big rock ledges, rocky bottoms.

J Bertrand says:

Do you use braid for cranking?

Daniel Henderson says:

what would you throw using 12lb trilene xl?

Chris Mata says:

I’m just starting out swimbait fishing, should I spool up my reel with braid to mono leader or just straight fluorocarbon? I want to spool up 65lb braid and then add a 20lb mono leader. Or just straight 20 lb fluorocarbon.

Daniel Henderson says:

A homie, I’m using 20 lb Seagar with 12 lb vanish, what would you be throwing with this line setup?

Oh,, I’m using a Lews TP1 Speed Stick with Lews Tournament Pro G 7.5:1,
And one more question, can you tell me everything about the setup, what would YOU bee doing with It? Thanks bo?

Chris Mata says:

I’m looking to add a flippin/pitching, jig and small swmbait rod to my arsenal. I want to spool my reel up with 30lb test braid to a 17 lb fluorocarbon leader. Would this be the way to go or just strait fluorocarbon?

Brandon Pearl says:

What length 25lb leader on a 6 inch huddleston?

Brandon Weeks says:

Matt what’s a good leader line to use for jigs. I have Sufx 832 30lb braid. Looking for a good Fluoro leader. Also is it leader material or just leader line that you use. Thanks.

Ruthvik Gajjala says:

What leader line and test should I use for jerkbaits? This will most likely double as a finesse bait setup.

johnnymohani says:

For finesse. 10 or 20 lb braid?

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