Best Fishing Line for Distance Casting is Ardent Gliss – Tested!

While fishing line conditioner helps add distance to a cast using braided or mono fishing line, Ardent Gliss line takes adds even more distance than you can imagine and makes it the best fishing line for distance casting! I test Ardent Gliss fishing line against braided fishing line treated with KVD lure and line conditioner and the results of my distance casting test using a spinning reel are staggering and make Ardent Gliss the best fishing line setup.
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Jack Gold says:

whats your rod setup? thanks

J Wolf says:

How does gliss compare to the new fireline ultra 8 in terms of casting distance?

Todd Smith says:

How is the Abrasion resistance and stretch, on this line? What is it like when compared to Braid, Mono, & Fluro characteristically

Larry Talbot says:

WOW! That’s a significant distance, considering all the “lube”-type products can’t get out that far. I’ve got to try some!

tan thien tai Tong says:

I been using this line for almost one and half year. I have same reel and rod, except my line is 40#. They good at casting, but because the line was so thin, soft so it get stuck very easy. Although the line can load 40# but it get cut very easy, so when yoi fight with the fish and it swim in to the rock or just pass the rock, that’s enough to cut the line.

Chitownmike says:

Wonder if you can get even greater distance if you used KVD on the gliss. Maybe an abrasive and breakage test next??

Greg Jackson says:

That’s a heck of a casting distance, and had not heard of the Gliss brand until now. I’ve been using Yo-Zuri Hybrid (10lb & 8lb) for years, and find it’s strong and abrasion-resistant.

A strength test of the Gliss should make for an interesting next video.

darkomen42 says:

I’ve seen that line for sale, I was wondering if it was legit or just bs advertising.

Bob Glassen says:

I’ve been using the PowerPro Maxcuatro.  20 pound is the same diameter as 15 and I think it handles really well — fewer tangles, etc.  It’s my favorite for 20# and 50#

Machine v2 says:

You should condition that line too and test.

ATL Fisherman says:

Pretty neat. According to the comments, it may work best at beach with very little rock formation. I will like to try it out.

Heath Holland says:

What reel are you using?

Dave S says:

Love it! Thank you and so glad you have time for these videos.

Doug Goar says:

I’ve used 12# Gliss for two summers, 2016 & 2017 fishing for Speckled Sea Trout and Red Drum in the panhandle of Florida. I add a Fluro leader from 10 to 20# in the 6 to 8 foot length range. Generally the lure is a Mirrodine standard or heavy. The only problem I’ve had is with wind knots when casting into the wind. In that case I now sidearm the cast to keep the lure and line lower to the water surface. I’ve not seen any worse abrasion than with any other braided line. I can always outcast anyone else in the boat until they convert to Gliss. Then there are a couple of guys that have better timing and mechanics than I have. This stuff does cast further than any other line I’ve tried and I’ve tried most of them.

Fred Fable says:

I was waiting this review from past videos…
Well done steave!!!!!!
I think you hit the right nail this time.(well, you hit many nails at this point LOL)
Awesome new product. Stronger at same diameter, and many similar properties than multifilament .
Is something to consider very seriously in the fishing box.
Great research.

Willie Colon says:

The line is very thin and strong but I feel it frays easily. Great for deep water jigging.

Shen RC says:

I fish with it and I recall when I first made the switch I had to grab my line to stop it because it went so much further it was crazy! I love it!

Brian Mowers says:

Wow, never heard of the stuff! What do you think is the difference with that line that makes it cast so much further? Thinner? Slicker?

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