Best Fishing Line – Braid vs. Mono vs. Fluorocarbon

When should you use mono? What about braided line or Fluorocarbon? Matt explains what each line is for, how to use it, and when to avoid it. We also discuss leader materials and how to tie connection knots.

This video goes in depth about all 3 fishing lines. We ignored copolymer for the sake of time as its really just an “in between” between fluorocarbon and monofilament. All of these different styles of line are important. Each one has a place and will increase your success while fishing. But use the wrong line for the wrong purpose and it will drive you insane! A perfect example that we forgot to cover in the video is that fluorocarbon sinks. Use it for topwater and it will drive you insane! But use it in ultra deep water and it will make it easier to keep bottom contact.

Below is a break down of the different lines that we use on a regular basis.

Braided Line…
Power Pro:
Power Pro MaxCuatro:
Sufix 832:

Maxima Ultragreen:
P-Line CXX:

Sunline Assassin:
Sunline Sniper:
Seaguar AbrazX:
Seguar Red Label:

Connection and Main Line Knots…

Blood Knot- This is my core knot for all connections between braid and mono or braid and fluoro. If connecting to fluorocarbon its CRITICAL that the knot is wet when cinching up or the fluoro will be burned.

Blood Knot Video:

Nail Knot- This is an extremely strong connection knot but requires an extra tool or straw to tie it effectively on the water.

Palomar: This is by far the most “universal” knot in all of bass fishing for tying on a variety of baits and lures. Use it for any application up to 30 lb line, but never over 30 lb or you’ll risk line slip.

San Diego Jam: This knot was designed for heavy line but has proven itself as a great option all the way down to 12 lb line. However, if you are using lines of 30 lbs or heavier, this is the ONLY knot I would consider using. There is no slip, its a clean knot, easy to tie, and you can see if its tied correctly before fishing with it.

Our line applications…
Finesse in crystal clear water: 10 lb braid (use 15 lb if on a low end reel) to 5-8 lb fluoro
Finesse in clean water: 10 lb braid to 6-10 lb mono
Texas Rigs: 40 lb braid to 12-17 lb mono
Finesse Jigs: 30 lb braid to 10-15 lb mono or 12-15 lb fluoro
Jig Fishing: 50 lb braid to 15-20 lb mono
Crankbait option 1: 12 lb fluorocarbon (Assassin)
Crankbait option 2: 20 lb Braid (Sufix 832) to 12 lb mono
Swimbait: 80 lb braid to 30 lb mono
punching: 65 lb braid (no leader)
Frogging: 50-65 lb braid (No leader)
Jerkbait option 1: 20 lb braid to 10 lb mono leader
Jerkbait option 2: 12 lb fluorocarbon
Shaky Head: 30 lb braid to 10 lb mono

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Minn Kota Ultrex Trolling Motor:
Minn Kota Battery Charger:
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Wireless Talon Foot Switch:

Favorite Pliers:
Favorite Split Ring Pliers:
Favorite Wire Cutters:
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Hero5 Camera:
ElectroSamson Scale:
Promar Net:

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Robert Brown says:

Stay strong out there…prayers sent to your family and team…..request video…Black Friday deals….

Johnny Honda440 says:

How long of a leader are you using?

Northeast Bass Fishing says:

Good stuff….I still use mono for some of my topwater fishing! Haha!

GuyWithFox says:

Ok can someone tell me what’s going on with the berkley vanish I tried on a spinning reel? First experience with fluro and I tried 15 (normal fishing) and then 8lb for trout I think… the problems were first, the line would basically just jump off the reel and unspool itself, especially the heavier line, even when I tried to make sure I spooled it the right way, and not to over spool it. Second… problem with both was the line kinda frayed or like a coating pealed off and I’d get basically these thin strands of fluro cob webs that would collect on the line and/or around the guides… I was using a brand new abu garcia vengeance (i think) combo from Dicks… I think it’s stainless steel guides, is that a no no with fluro? …I just can’t believe this is what fluro is/does, the 15lb was old and been in my car for over a year so thought that was the problem, but brand new 8lb did same thing, but wasn’t quite as bad about just jumping off the spool when I opened the bail…. Doesn’t cast as well as cheap mono, sounds like crap on the reel/going through the guides, gets the cob webs and feels like I ran it over sand paper after just a few casts…. I didn’t get to fish much for years and and just getting back into it heavily again with a kayak, so been out of the learning loop on new gear/tech pretty much for years. ….Do I need a $200+ combo to use fluro, there a special way to spool it, metal guides a no no? ….or is Vanish just crap fluro? … Help? thx 🙂

Pedro Melendez says:

I hope you are alright!

trextrextrex says:

I was out of Bass fishin mainstream for years. Oh I still fished but used all my od stuff pretty much. A couple years back I decided to do a little upgrading.
I came to the Braid to Mono on my own but it sure feels good to hear it from someone that catches monsters and fishes all the time.
I fish different waters that are no where near clear. No Floro for me. I might change my mind someday but right now it’s Braid to mono for spinning and Braid and STRAIGHT mono for casting. I have some reasons for that. Short distance casting compared to big water fishermen is one.
I tended to fish lighter actions than some all my life so loved that that works for braid

Jackson Dougherty says:

This videos was so helpful!! I started bass fishing two years ago and I have gained so much information from your videos. I really don’t understand how you guys don’t have at least 1 million subscribers. Keep up the great work!

fmlstewart says:

I can see braid to mono where long casts are important (deep cranking) and less stretch helps with hook sets (Carolina rigs), but isn’t it harder to get the bait down and keep it down?
Would you use braid to mono for skipping swim jigs, or straight fluoro?

taizer says:

clear line is bullshit. I musky fish and use 120lb steel leader and catch walleye bass and everything between. clear water jerkbaiting I use straight braid.

Buba Loui says:

Hey Matt, what your saying is good for today, maybe. Diameter of line, I’ll agree. Look at Big Game, a 12 pound line brakes at 14 pound, Ok. Now look at the diameter of that 12 pound big game, it’s the same as brand X’s 14. So it’s getting fluffed up, like horse power on a 70’s hot rod, really how many shops had dyno’s to to test them. NONE. I will also agree that line companies have people brain washed, as do many of the Pro fisherman, It’s all BULL SHIT. It’s like the hunter that says “YOU NEED CAMO, you name it”. Brain washed into thinking you need a camo FREAKING flash light, turn the Muther Focking lights out and pick up the pink one. it’s more BULL SHIT. Grab a 70’s – 80’s BASS Maters mag, one with big ass toads on the cover being held by Roland Martin. We didn’t have all these bull shit lines back then, it was all mono, yes there was braid, but that shit is nothing like we have today, you could use it for a freaking close line or to hang a side of beef with. And this “fish can see your line” Bull Shit. I lived on a river, 100′ out the back door, LOADED with smallies, and pike with other big fish. I used the tried an True Stren. HELL YEAH, the neon yellow stuff that you could see for a mile. I never had a problem catching small mouth bass all day lone. And when we were targeting Pike, we had a big ass steel leader on it, yup, another meat hook. Most times we just left the 6-10 inch steal leadre on and threw on a bass lure, Cotton Cordell was the go to, or a Rapala, many Mepps spinners and spinner baits. 99 % of fishing products is just Hype, more bull shit to get people to buy shit they really don’t need. Lures, plastic’s mostly have come a long way, Rods, yes and no, why does everyone want a glass cranking rod, cuz the shit works just like it did 40 years ago. It just doesn’t weigh as much and it can be bought with or without a cork handle. Well I have to check the shipping info on my JDM reels, Gotta have the ones from Japan, their better, Fock me I fell for it.

Feral Grandad says:

Hi from the UK. You just anawered every question i ever had about line! Really simple, really easy to understand. No BS. Thank you.

Jim Griese says:

I think I need a few more poles! Though I’m getting better at my leader knots, I hate having to retie while fishing. Thanks for another informative video. In this last year, year and half, you have reignited my love of fishing! Praying for you, Tim, and your families during these turbulent fires in CALI. Be safe!

HardcoreGator says:

If you’re not throwing braided carbonfilament on all your reels, what are you even doing?

xx xx says:

Hey @TacticalBassin and fans in the comment section ! im using a 7ft Ultra Light action fenwick and love to use small spinners constantly for native trout the size. i have had no luck in finding a line that suits my style of fishing in which i want to be invisible and light as possible. I have been dealing with problems such as line twist and wraps from my constant use of Blue Foxes/Panther Martens. I’ve only ever used braided line and switched up to a Fluoro-Mono hybrid and this is my first time dealing with these issues. I’m looking for line 2-4lb breaking strength 6 tops i dont catch big fish but i enjoy catching quantity and to dial in on what the feed are feeding on. Just a young angler in need of some wisdom/advice of what some of you would use. i occasionally drop shot for small mouth with this set up. Please Help me Cx

Wade Kester says:

Very good information I appreciate you guys videos

Adam Butler says:

Just wanted to thank you both for helping make me a better fisherman.

Mike Ice says:

All of your videos are great, but this one was extremely helpful. Best station on YouTube!

jay williams says:

How often do you change out the line on your spools? Just got my first braided line today because I’m tired of my flouro keeping a terrible coil memory.

Dev D says:

Hey man great vid, glad I found you channel! I lost an absolute monster the other day offshore because like you explained in the vid my flouro leader pulled from my spectra. Would you prefer a full flouro setup with something like that sniper line so it’s tough or a spectra/braid to mono leader setup? Primarily for casting.

Fab OR says:

Great video! As always 😉
Now, what leader length (12 lb mono) would you recommend for finesse jig fishing (30 lb braid as main line) ?
Thanks s lot in advance and Merry Christmas!

John Chile Lolo says:

I have a 7ft meet hvy alx ikos rod paired with a curado DC that is my workhorse setup. Should I go with 50lb braid or go less?

MasterGhilieman says:

Story… I have ALWAYS fished braid to mono for everything. Until last year I bought a spool of flouro to see what all the rage was about. 50lb braid to a 30lb flouro leader to a 7 inch prototype swimbait I made and had tested all winter. My first take from a giant (7lb fish are giants here in New England), I swung, and the knot to the leader failed. That was the first and only time I used flouro. Now I have some peace of mind as to why it happened. Great video guys!

Kthockey says:

What knot do you use to tie mono to braid? I guess I should have waited until the end

bill fresh says:

Great video. It is not always the actual fishing videos that I find helpful. These informational videos are a huge help to me. Thanks.

CookFly CampFish says:

How long of a mono leader do you recommend for bass/walleye?

The Illinois Angler says:

I use the San Diego jam knot 80% or the time with lines as small as 8lb I just use 8-10 wraps instead or 5-7.

ReelingWithJim says:

I’ve been using uni knot on all lbs of line.

Wade Kester says:

Hope all is well

Copenhagenangler says:

Hey M & T
Thank you for a great post. Im a succer for information about fishing lines, so this one a small gem.
Please make more of these line posts in the future. If possible talk some more about the fluocarbon lines that stretches.
We dont have so many brands af fluo in Denmark as I can se on US stores webpages.
Thank you again for sharing information and for speading it over the internet so I can learn some more.
Be safe and tight line
Kindly Peter from Copenhagen

Taka Yama says:

My old head is spinning. Or casting.

1974124sport says:

Have you tried PLine floro fast? I’ve not had luck with straight floro but I’m liking this line. Considering using it as a leader. Fairly new to fishing and your Handel has helped me tremendously.

dave king says:

Well done

Spyromancer says:

awesome video!

Trevor Alexander says:

Yep learned fluoro is not good for leader the hard way… multiple broken off jigs and lost many big bites. I’d set the hook and pop… I need to try some of the maxima no doubt

Mark Ridgway says:

Tackle first,,,,,,, wife second.

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