BEST Braided Line for Bass Fishing??? (BOLD CLAIM!!!)

What is the BEST braided line for bass fishing???
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radioactive wolfs carnivorous plants says:

My favret braid is actually godline as I don’t care about the sound and I can vouch for the strength the selling point for me is the price as 1000 yards of 15pound test is only 28$ on Amazon.

Timmy Saleik says:

How do you like this reel

Lyrith says:

What line would you suggest for the lews mach crush and lews mach 2 speed.

Virginia Fishing says:

I’ve never used braided before… do you recommend it for my bait caster? I don’t have a lot of money to spend on line so do you recommend me buying it?

Dugi Devet says:

thats why i use normal reel.

Josh McLean says:

I use 20lb P-Line TCBX in the gold box. My favorite so far. Very strong, supple, and holds color pretty good. It’s tefon coated so backlashes are minimal. I fish very clear water so most of the time i’m using a leader of some sort. I’ve used mustad, seaguar, power pro, suffix, and some others I can’t think of right now. The P-line was the best out of those. KastKing has some reallly good stuff too, just a bit harder to find.

Jacob Summer says:

Question, most of the fish in my local lakes are 15 pounds max at the rare biggest but max of 6 pounds of yout typical catch.

Local fishing supply store guy said that I shouldn’t use braid because it’s more for fish that are 17 to 25 pounds. But I see alot of channels fishing for 6-12 pound fish on braide alot? Was I given good or bad information?

Caden S says:

My favorite is 20Lb grey Godline. It’s cheaper, lower diameter. However the abrasion resistance is subpar. Tree bark shreds it.

MonsterChuck says:

Not Power Pro….

Mark Heuthe says:

Do you tie your braid straight to the frog? Don’t fish see braid?

Van Mille says:

I like either power pro or suffix 832

Seth J says:

Why are you fishing on my property?? Please ask before you trespass

Introvert B says:


Eddie Lindsay says:

I think the louder the line the harder it is on your equipment.

David Guidi says:

I get mine from japan at 4 dollars for 30lbs and 100 yards and never once had a issue

Mason Matlock says:

What do you think is the most camoflauged color of braid?

jason c says:

I’ve been fishing for 40 years as much or more than anyone and I e never seen anyone fish with gloves on WTF? Is this the new age googan fishing? Come on man.

Joseph Guzman says:

Never got a bird nest like he did

4wheels and hunts says:

I have 20 pound on my reel and I caught a 30 inch walleye on it

Jason Dlouhy says:

Good video might try to find some of that line for my catfish rod due to the fact I haven’t had any luck using anything but mono on my baitcaster. Also I noticed you were using a Lews Mach II reel good choice imo I got one myself and can say it’s nicest reel I’ve owned. But keep up the good work I’ll be subscribing and good luck with the fishing

Ricky David says:

Looked Looked It casted well one question… did it lose its color fast. It may have been the reflection from the sun but it looked like it lost its dark color. With it being loud I can understand the fish being set off.
I am trying out a few different braids.. I am gearing up for a Florida trip in July over the week of July 4th.. rolling down from PA (Harrisburg area) with my Jackson Kraken 15.5. I will be hanging with my younger sister in the Pembroke Pines area.. so fishing from Fort Pierce to the keys and then I will traversing across the state to Naples to work so I will have a couple of extra days to hit the gulf and maybe everglades

Jim Taylor says:

Never heard of this godline before

The short Fisher kid says:

Have you tried suffix braided

Matt Jones says:

Watching for the first time, saw you spamming all the youtube fishing channels figured I’d try it out only and only because I heard you’re a fellow alabamian

Carlos Dnz says:

Do you use a backing or do you just put the braid strait on

Spencer Pierce says:

Fire line is what I have used for years

Mac Cook says:

Do you have a dip in?

Gerry Her says:

Love that you showed the back lash, make me feel better about myself lmao. I hate getting back lash

Mason Crosby says:

I love your vids I watch them all the time

SuaSponte_3rdBravo.338 says:

Never trust a gayturd fan.

The Happy Hour Hound says:

What’s with the gloves boss? Super cold there?

sara z says:


Crushin' Bass says:

I’ve never tried braid, but I want to try Suffix 832 neon lime. Is it any good? And what poundage for a baitcaster? Thanks!

Joshua Freese says:

dude that setup looks AMAZING. what is it (the rod and reel)

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