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People ask me about what the best braid fishing line is, so I thought I’d make a short video on it. I don’t use powerpro or spiderwire anymore due to their high cost. I have switched to a new braid line called “spectra braid line” – which I buy cheap off amazon.

The line is very strong and durable. It’s the same quality as PP or spiderwire, with about half the price. I use it for bass fishing, carp, trout, and saltwater fishing.

Be sure to check it out on amazon – “spectra braid line”.


Mags Magill says:

have spectra braid on my reels two years no colour fad line is as good as day it went on
I fish 15ld 30ld and 50ld

G Money says:

Currently unavailable. Spectra 100%Pe Braided Fishing sold out quick on Amazon.

Banana Anus says:

Sufix sells amazing 20lb braid, i have it on most my rods with a 10lb fluro leader for steelhead and that stuff is just great and not that expensive. Like 15 dollars for 300 yards

Patrick Baca says:

great info. thanks

dillon smith says:

more surf vids!!

kaosslayeryin says:

that spectra has half if not a third of its breaking strength if it says 80 pounds expect it to break at 40

Jonathan T says:

what do you think of kastking?

ACLS says:

dose the spectra smell like chemicals at all?

Adrian Parker says:

All weight lifting tests I’ve seen with KastKing braid it breaks (not at the knot) at a much lower weight than it should. for example, their 60lb braid breaks around 42 lbs. Plus, KastKing’s diameter is thicker than others of the same line weight.

rex jonhdeer says:

Thanks for doing a video this quickly

Jonathan Yang says:

Thanks for the recommendation PK!

Fishing Tips and Tricks says:

no man ..kase king 500m 9$ on Aliexpress free shiping,spectra 8-10$ 500m on Aliexpress

NiteWolfe says:

I cant find this spectra braid anywhere.
Any links

James Hart says:

How abrasive is the Spectra line? Can I use my poles that have stainless steel eyes or nylon inserts or is it just for guides with ceramic inserts? And do you think it casts as good as mono?

GunShot101 says:

Thanks pk i like the cheeper opshion power pro has got a better coating and lasts for me long with a good uv index but ill be using the chepper opshion and chang it a bit more offten thanks once agane

Acytoh says:

I have used kastking, spectra and power pro. I still think you get what you pay for , in term of distance and quality, you can’t beat power pro. Power pro line provide smooth cast for shore angler (when casting distance matter)

Maurice Brown says:

For the size of surf perch here on the Oregon coast 12lb mono will do the trick. If you have a rod for each type of fishing then all well and good . but not every one does. I use the same rod I cast spinners with in the Columbia for my perch fishing and I use 20lb braid for that.   For my other fishing ( bank fishing ) I use and Highly Recommend High Seas, Black Widow, Co-Polymer Line, as it does not stretch as much as mono.. It is each to there own as far as line goes, everyone has there own ideas of what is best . or what works for them.

Tobias Duncan says:

Does anyone have a link?
I dont think amazon still sells this brand

Old Man And the Sea says:

Clean vid, good work. I find these on ebay for a very nice price. And in bulk. I have been using them for years and have not had any problems other than the standard ones with braided lines. Tight lines.

seanfishingtexas seanfishingtexas says:

Ive fished with both,no difference to me the china stuff is much softer which i like.But it will backlash alot easier so adjust your reel well for what your useing

ummarqureshi says:

70lb line omg, what you are up to?



metalfaced0om says:

braid is the most expensive part of fishing for me. ill stick with 2$ mono

River rat says:

Power pro and Spectra are made of the same thing by the same company, Honeywell.. Spectra is a brand of a highly processed ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, Kevlar is another brand of the same material.The difference between Power Pro and Spectra is that power pro has an enhanced body, it is made round , like monofilament, but its core is Spectra.Spiderwire is made by and of dyneema, another brand name of the same material.Anyways good find with the basic spectra fishing line.

geoffrey collins says:

daiwa j braid,,
very slick

Christopher Bingle says:

Spectra extreme isn’t made by the same company as power pro but actually I think the “cheap Chinese braid” or spectra is actually better ive used it for a few seasons pike fishing here in the uk and it hasn’t let me down once and I’ve had pike close to 20lb on it dragged in full size trees or very large branches from quite some distance out i use the 50lb in white and have had fish get the line caught on rusty clips that hold a large pump pipe together I kept tention and it just pulled if I got the fish in and no damage to the braid at all colour fade isn’t really a issue as it doesn’t loose a lot of colour but does loose colour just like other braids power pro in red for a good example will go almost pink from long term use the spectra under 60lb is also a very good casting line personally have cast the 50lb with a 4oz lead over 130yards by spectral save money and id say its better quality than all other braids Ive used

FireRob 52 says:

How come no one talks about or uses Fireline anymore? I have been out of the fishing game for about 12 years and starting to get back into it. Lots of new technology, techniques and companies out there across the board from line, lures, boats and everything in between. When I stopped fishing Fireline was “the in thing” and now I can hardly find it on the shelfs at many stores. What’s wrong or happened to it?

MLP Kamikaze says:

what do you use for leader?

Dino Sav says:

Let me tell you a story. I recently got a new setup and spent quite a bit of money on it so for some reason I decided to save money and instead of getting power pro I got spyderwire. Within 3 days i lost 15$ worth of lure one on a cast and my pb bass… and it wasn’t the knot. So after the third day i finished fishing, went to bass pro and got power pro. Learn from me

RoyalWulffDry says:

Thanks for the great video. Most of the Chinese braid is made on the same machines with the same materials. Have tried all the Ebay/Amazon brands. Super Power Spider 500 yards at $9 free ship from HK on Ebay is the one I have settled on and its great for the salt. Kast King is the same as the Super Power and the Spectra Extreme, only coated, which makes undoing knots a bigger pain and lots of waxy build up on your guides. The Chinese braids are also noticeably smoother than Power Pro.

Juan Carranza says:

You should just buy the 1000yd spool it will save you money

Taldrews says:

Please check the breaking strength of the spectra. I also use the power pro and kastking for surf fishing (40 lb). I bought the 1000 yds 40lb spectra to do two reels while saving money. IT SNAPS UNDER 20 LBS OF PRESSURE. I tied 20 lbs dumbells an tried to lift it and it snapped multiple times. This never happened with the other two.

LTB pro darius says:

what type of line do you use for jetty fishing?

Alejandro Garcia Jimenez says:

Spidewire paint comes out more easily than water from the shower

Tig Palan says:

I got 300 yards of 100 lb power pro spectra for 32$ at walmart app

AgarPurge says:

500 Yds!!! i see 300 meters that is not 500 yards thats like 328 yards!…Liar…

Herokiller says:

i use sunline and other jpn brands i think sunline castaway the best for shore fishing after using all kinds of braided lines. powerpro and spiderwire are junk compared to any japanese brand iv used!

Kaikoura72 says:

I’ve been using Spectra for a couple of years now and I cannot fault it…just my knots! says:

guys let me tell you this spectra is pure crap if you buy a spool when you take off the plastic raper smell it. it smells like gas or caraseen oil. now just think fish hunt by smell do you really think thier going to hit something smelling like gas and chemical? nope they actually run from it once it hits the water you can see a oil slick off the line not even blue gill will hit this garbage

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