Berkley Vanish vs Seaguar Blue Label (Fishing Line Experiment)

In what could be the most shocking results yet, I put Berkley Vanish up against the current Champion Seaguar Blue Label in this latest fishing line experiment…

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In this fishing line test, I wanted to see which fluorocarbon fishing line was more abrasion resistant.


Because if you’re anything like me, not only do you fish around structure quite a bit, but you’re also hunting down snook (and largemouth bass) who have very abrasive lips.

As you’ll see in this Berkley Vanish vs Seaguar Blue Label line test, even though Berkley is about 1/10 the cost of Seaguar (and it’s a bit thinner in diameter), it actually tends to be more abrasion resistant!

Shocked the heck out of us (and we tested this over and over again).

What are your thoughts?

Have you seen similar or different results?

Any other fluorocarbon fishing leaders you want us to test?

Let us know in the comments.

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Goes to show that, just because they label themselves the best, doesn’t mean they are. It’s called marketing.

Krabby says:

Berkley is crazy cheap on clearance at Walmart. Might stockpile a ton of different line lol

SeventhLetterMusic says:

Why bother switching the lines in between tests if you use a different motion with the sandpaper? You should keep it consistent.

Brian Sherwood says:

Good test for abrasion…
How about knot strength?
Straight slow pull line strength?
Quick pull / jerk line strength?
Castability / memory?

toho28 says:

If I’m not mistaken, the Seaguar is a “leader material” whereas the Vanish your using is fishing line. Vanish does make a “leader material” (small spools) that is considerably more expensive than the fishing line. Not really sure what the difference is. Maybe you should test those.

Daren Fitzpatrick says:

Thanks for the iinfo. Always like saving some money without giving up performance.

jonnywaselectric says:

I gone back to clear mono for leaders, the slight shock absorption I think the fish have a harder time shaking hooks. I’ve had great success with the Maxima clear 100m spools, I’d be very interested in Sunline FC Rock (a very popular leader in Australia) vs Maxima clear leader mono

Noel Laflamme says:

How do they compare with knot strength

mike333h says:

Great video!

Christopher Hobby says:

Seaguar Premier is there “top notch” fluoro line. Test that one out.

Frank Y says:

Berkley isn’t really a saltwater company, but if you do a little research on them and their history I think you’ll be impressed. Any company that has scientists on their staff is a company whose products I would always consider very seriously, just like you did.

Yodaddi Jim says:

Is there a difference in a “leader” fluorocarbon vs main fishing line of fluorocarbon material?

Jerry Wolfe says:

I’ve been using the Berkley Vanish with the little trick from Peter Deeks and his live bait course. No breakoffs so far against bigger fish than I caught before the course.

Daniel Lopez says:

Can you try bull buster leader for a video

Kwikflikz Yak ADVENTURES says:

Great to know, I’ve used Vanish for about 7 years and have Seagaur in the Man cave.

Obsession Fishing says:

Have you tested the breaking strength?

coolbowfin says:

I think you are testing vanish fishing line rather than vanish leader material. Not the same products. Do the test with vanish leader material.

Chris Rasberry says:

Been looking for this exact comparison video, thanks. You’ve answered my question.

Anotherflores91 says:

Have you tested the pink label seaguar?

Felix Martell says:

Berkley vanish vs other Berkley floroucarbans

Frankie J says:

In my experience knots do not hold up well with vanish. Lost more than I care to admit due to knot strength and overall knot performance. Very poor in that category IMO

Robbie Watson says:

I don’t know if you have or not but, you should do seaguar salmon vs blue label!

Emiliano Betancor says:

Interesting , I can tell u in my opinion and from using it a bunch of times that vanish on lighter test (4,6,8) lb is absolute terrible .

vape kingg says:

They are breaking less than one turn or one another! That is not a big difference to me. The point of breaking off 10secs into fighting fish vs 11sec not that big of deal. If if was 10-15sec later. Then I would agree to this..but dripping one after another isn’t that bad..

Obsession Fishing says:

That’s super surprising. I’ll try the vanish out.

Toe Knee says:

Can you do a braided line abrasion test between different brands?

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