Affordable Braided Fishing Line? – Review of Piscifun Lunker Braid

Please watch: “My FIRST Fishing Kayak – Assembling A Bonafide SS127”

Piscifun Lunker Braid:

Can a more affordable braided fishing line perform up to the level of a its more expensive competitors?

I based all my observation and opinions on this braid based on my extensive use of many different types of braids. Including but not limited to Power Pro, Seaguar, Suffix, Daiwa, Pline, and Kast King.

Braid plays a huge role in my spring, summer, and fall fishing. So finding a braided fishing line that lives up to the abuse that I put it through can be a true struggle. Affordable lines tend to fail in the performance department, while expensive braids break the bank. So the question is. Has Piscifun Lunker braided fishing line found the balance?




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Roy Roth says:


Perry Corbett says:

Enjoyed the video, i normally use Kastking (30-65lb). I can get 1095yds for $35 to $50 on Amazon

SBC Outdoors says:

Great video. We probably don’t live 30 minutes from each other but it seems like you catch 10x the fish that I do lol. Keep it up man.
Also, what lake were you on?

kingofskate08 says:

Def gonna be getting this stuff, i only fish with braided line and ive been noticing my hands looking like prunes after longer days on the water and its all from the line being water logged, plus that price point is dynamite

MisterTwister says:

My go to has always been #65 Spider wire, but I’m going to give this stuff a try. Just ordered #65 black

Gordon Grieble Outdoors says:

Love the video definitely gonna have to try it out

Benjamin Nowak says:

Do you have any to share with the rest of us?

D.Nasty Fishing says:

Braids the way .. hoot hoot . D.Nasty is out !!! Holler !!!

Brett Langlois says:

Thanks for the review Alex… great video and info!

Rod Royal says:

Thought you might spin that beard into line

Ian Kehler says:

is it 4 carrier or 8 carrier braid?

Tornadoes67 says:

Not hating but I can get Power Pro 150 yards at Walmart for $12.82 and Academy has the 300 yard spool for $20 plus tax.

Michael barnes says:

That stuff sounds like it really thick. Did you have any problems with wind knots.

Zachary Shott says:

If it fades quick doesn’t the “coating” also wear off quick too?

Victor Xavier says:

Good review on the line Alex! Not sure if you use any daiwa j braid x8 or Seaguar Kanzen if so Dicks has it on sale cheap. Figured I’d mention it since you said you like to try out different lines.

MisterTwister says:

Uno says:

I’ve seen this stuff but never tried it, looks pretty good

Kenny Hobson says:

Appreciate the video my friend, I will try this braid always looking to save a little hard earned money.

Dan Patteson says:

The real question is, can it cut them potato wedges?

JB JB says:

solid vid!!

BassMoore says:

is going to 65lb more of a confidence thing over 50 lb? I like asking that question to lots of anglers.. always get different answers

Team Jesus Outdoors says:

That’s pretty chea!

Red Devils FC 2 says:

Awesome video bro!! All I use is Power Pro but like you said it gets expensive. Might try it you cant beat the price.

Eric J. says:

Def gonna try this stuff when I respool next

rob jones says:

One thing I have always done with any braid that I use to help keep it from getting “water logged” is I will take a candle and as I am lining my spool I will run the line across the candle where it doesnt really DIG in too deep into the candle, but enough to “coat” the line. It does add a micro amount of weight to the line, but works great. Just make sure that when you are storing or carrying the rod on deck that its not in direct sunlight . GO VOLS !!!!

Michael Bradley says:

Awesome, been a Power pro nut. If it’s as good as power pro for double the yards I’m in. Thanks for doing all the foot work on some these products that are unknown to most. As always thanks man!

slonefactor says:

Alex have you tried Sunline frogging and flipping braid? I love it in the green blue color for our real clear lakes here in N. Ind.

Jacob Miller says:

I think I’ll stick with my super thin maxcuatro. Lasts longer and casts further than any braid I’ve used

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