Absolute Best Mono filament fishing line is????

I have exclusively used mono filament fishing line for over a decade during my online fishing shows. I’ve used all the major brands Stren, P-Line, Suffix, Berkley, Bagley’s, Bass Pro Line, Cabela’s Line,Gamma Line and more. The new FISHINGSIR line is superior to any that I have used. The diameter of the line is far smaller than its counterparts but, the strength is maintained. It’s literally unbelievable. 4lb mono line with a diameter of .14mm is insane. It’s like fishing with human hair. I took it out crappie fishing and it blew my mind. The line isn’t expensive. It’s cheaper than the national brands by far. The only problem is you have to order it from China. I guess everything can’t be simple but, I promise you if you fish monofilament it’s worth it!


Trevor Johnson says:

I have always been a Trilene guy .

Buckshot Buddy says:

this guy! all his videos get a thumbs up

Shay Dog says:


dwayne martin says:

did you get a new boat?

TheZeppelin14 says:

is this from this year or was it taped last spring?

Pwrcritter says:

Lauren my fav.

Anthony Williams says:

Holy hell why isn’t there women like that at all local sporting good stores, I’d never go home.

Rod Royal says:

I’ve fished about every line out their. haven’t found a better line than Stren original clear or a worse line than P-Line copolomer. Thanks Joe

Andy Berger says:

How long does mono and braid keep in storage?

Nativefishkeeper168 says:

Berkley big game is the best mono ever

Outcast Outdoors says:

I tried arguing with a Crappie once and got nowhere.

Big Daddy says:

The best mono is Stren and Trilene xl

dsgbqc says:

Silver Thread been using since the 80’s

yuppiemobile69 says:

OOps, saw the crhistian thingy at the end..now I know why you didn’t put the girls in ham’s, err, harm’s way..or is it fish?

led8541 says:

great video

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