$50 FISHING LINE? Seaguar Tatsu, Is it worth it?

Is this the best fishing line ever? I put this stuff through some test to see what it’s made of.


Big Fishbassin says:

What line was it going against???

Kleighton Westphall says:

I appreciate the effort but it’s quite obvious that you aren’t a lab scientist because your protocol is inconsistent and yields mixed results

JR Outdoors says:

Cool video man!

Raymond Francoeur says:

I would buy the other brand your jap brand not worth it

BucketMouthBass says:

Good videos man keep it up!

chito69691 says:

You rub more on the right line

Miles Murray says:

I like your videos because it not pointless videos of your life going to buy a cheeseburger or jimmy johns like other fishing youtubers who i had to unsubscribe too. You do actual reviews and test and keep your videos grounded to just fishing or testing lures like bamabass, or flukemaster. Ill keep you up as a plus one. I will subscribe to this channel. I can appreciate a real upcoming fisherman. Keep it up bother.

4 DA KIDZ Fishing says:

Awesome review brother but honestly I’m not paying $50 for LINE especially mono lol. Just my honest opinion. We’re straight braid anyways lol

skyscreemz says:

Save money, get a braided line and tie it with a leader line. You can thank me later!!!!!

Brodrick Robertson says:

Glad you did that bro! Great vid!

Greg Scott says:

Good info

Maryland Outdoors says:

Great content. I liked and subscribed. Hope you can do the same for me.

Marcus Young says:

I’m not paying that much for a 200yd spool, especially when a good mono is more abrasion resistant and casts just as good. I could care less about sensitivity and visibility. To each his own though.

Bill Peirce says:

Definitely not worth the price.
Pluss u would loose a lot of big fish on it.

Time to Fish says:

You should use a more consistent textured material instead of that metal you used. It has small dents that can cause more abrasion on one line than the other. Also, you made a longer stroke on the opponent brand than on the Tatsu, so it brushed against a larger area instead of a concentrated area. Just food for though for next video.

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