5 Reasons to Switch to Braid on Spinning Reels

There’s been a huge shift away from fishing exclusively fluorocarbon or monofilament on spinning reels. Instead, most pros are spooling up with braid as the mainline, with a fluorocarbon leader attached using a line-to-line knot like the Modified Albright (http://goo.gl/WWHRXK).

The reasons are many, ranging from better handling, durability, low cost due to durability, sensitivity, and toughness. Matt Lee takes his preference for braid a step further by recommending the use of a bright colored variety, which allows you to see bites you may not feel. A long shank of fluorocarbon provides the performance attributes of both lines, but requires using a tried and true line-to-line knot as expertly demonstrated by Matt in this video: How to Tie the Modified Albright Knot (http://goo.gl/WWHRXK).

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JT droppin D Bombs on EM says:

Only way to go on spinning setup!!

Rich Pawlak says:

should I put a mono backing on the spool before I put braid on and if so should I tie the same knot from mono to braid then braid to flouro

Brian R. says:

I love braid to for all the same reason’ s!

UsBassin says:

Normal braid or super slick braid?

Jacob Williamson says:

Is it still good to use braid with a fluorocarbon leader? Like does it have the same properties (stretching ?)

Jeramy Neal says:

So of I’m running 12lbs braid on a 1000 size reel what would be a good leader weight. Or is there a certain way to pick your leader weight .

Chris F says:

Is there a advantage to the yellow line vs. the moss green that they make? Thanks

Darryl says:

Couldn’t agree more. Being able to see your line move far outweighs any concern about fish seeing it. I also believe the limpness of braid helps baits move more naturally on the drop and forego a leader for everything but drop-shotting. Just take a magnum sharpie to black out 10′ or so of the end of your braid.

Dominic G says:

what kind of rod and reel is that?

Paddle Tales says:

How long of a leader should I use?


Fluoro on spinning reels sucks!

Garrett Snell says:

great tips!

Edgxr Vibez says:

Reel and rod setup ?

Muncy David says:

what brand of braid was that?

Ruger Dern says:

Question: If I spool up 40lb braided line, what weight leader should I pair it up with?
Also what do you think of your Quantum spinning reel? I just bought the Quantum Smoke Inshore.


Where are the five reasons?

Alec Stopp says:

Thank ya!

who-me says:

What’s the purpose for your using of the leader? is it so the fish don’t see the braid?

matty d says:

braid is great as long as you are fishing for small fish but if your getting into huge gamefish your gonna wish you never had that stuff on your spool.

tim justus says:

When you say 10 pd. Do you mean diamater or strength?

CarolinaFan 420 says:

After i get past 15lb braid im really just looking for something with a small diameter. But the colors are nice!!!!

Chris Hynes says:

Does the reel need to be braided ready or can you add it to any reel

Kymarb2 says:

Is there a difference between the Sufix Nanobraid and the Nanofil that some people are talking about ? Some guys are saying the Nanofil is junk . I bought the Sufix Nanofilament Braid from Cabelas . What’s the deal ?

Tiburon JF says:

can anyone explain the need of having a leader.. i been bass fishing with braid for a long time and never used a leader.. im not sure if i should be using a leader or if its necessary… thank you

Tyler Torfs says:

I use braid on everything

creekandseminole says:

I love spinning reels so much. My favorite type of rod and reel.

Israel White says:

Can you guys do a how to tie a liter from braid to flro

SETtheHOOK says:

Great job Matt

Rudy Gurule says:

What size of smoke reel is that?

a2kizzy says:

I tend to re-tie a lot because I am still fairly new to fishing, my question is can I use just straight braid on most set ups? wacky,texas, poppers, light jerk baits? I understand the leader purpose, but just want to know if I can truly get away witht the straight braid. thank you to whoever can help


great tips guys.

Tacklecentral&Fishinglandia says:

Here in MN, you can’t fish braid in the winter, it will freeze solid. Any other time of the year, its braid.

Desh R says:

or just tie the 10-15 pound power pro moss green and catch 5 pounders

you really dont need a leader

ACDCRD says:

Hey I was wondering what reel he was using on his rod in this video? Thanks

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