2 Must HAVE Braided Fishing Lines Sizes for Saltwater!

In this video, I discuss my favorite braided fishing line sizes for fishing saltwater both from a kayak and from a boat. Braided fishing line size is a hot topic and widely debated. Here is my two cents!

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L.I. Archer says:

My go-to line is 20-lb SpiderWire Ultracast Invisi-braid.  It’s the best combination of strength to long-distance castability.  I can fling a 2 oz tin 100 yards with my 9 ft surf-spinning rod.  Not so much with the 30-lb test.  I use 30-lb test on my boat road where I can just drop my bait to the bottom and get it down there fast in 90 feet of water, with less drag than 40-, 50-, or 60-lb test.

Sean Curley says:

20# spiderwire stealth for fluke, porgy’ and albies. 50# Daiwa boat braid on my conventional for trolling for the big girls.

Uglyface Butthead says:

Same here fav line Tuf line XP


What lbs mono backing do you use?

Bill005 says:

Do you guide? I am thinking of getting a couple of buddies and their kayaks to go to Pensacola this summer or fall and would love someone to show us what’s up in your neck of the woods.

David Wolter says:

Amen 30 and 50 lbs power pro. Reds, Trout, black drum, sheepshead, flounder, tuna and black fin shark. I use 4000 and 5000 reels. My daiwa bg 5000 is the size of a lot of other brand’s 6000 and 7000s where my Shimano stradic and Nasci 4000 are the size of 3000. My penn battle 2 is a 5000 cuz I like it, my only 3000 is a penn clash and that’s my go to. Gulp, Down South and some hard plastic lures does the job. Fish fear me.

killerkx says:

HEY YAK what line would you recommend for black tip and sandbar shark fishing?!?

Gabriel Duarte says:

12# kking braid for inshore/shore fishing, 30 jbraid for near jetty or pier, and 50# kraken (some korean brand) for offshore jigging or surf casting. i hate heavy braid for light lures, and more than 50# braid is just unnecessary since my reels cant stand nor output that much drag anyway.

Riverrat 243 says:

30lb braid on small spinning setups and baitcasters, 50lb on big spinning setups, 50lb mono for pulling big flatheads outta logjams.


20lb to 50lb power pro works great. It has never failed me yet.

Rodney Hanbaum says:

Good advice!! Awesome tunes! Nice!

Eric Beckett says:

Jack what’s the name/artist of the song you have been using lately for a closing?

OutdoorOriginal says:

Love power pro. Thanks for sharing.

Raymond Compton says:

Thanks for info bud. I mostly use 80 pound power pro and 80 pound spiderwater in freshwater for big catfish. I was planning on going surf fishing next month for the first time and I was lost in what line to use. I have a penn spinfisher 8500LL. I can get a lot of 80 pound braid on it but I was wondering if that was enough. Was going to order a big spool of 200 to 250 braid but then I’m cutting down the yards on my reel. That’s the question do you want more line on your reel or more breaking strength lol!!. It can definitely get complicated. Your video definitely helped a bunch. I bought some big mono,wire and a crimping set so I think I’ll be alright. Just going to make some leaders up when I get there. Thanks again

Deep Deezball says:

Power pro line I like 60 or 65 even some 80.

Vaughn says:

15#/20# (2/3 braid, 1/3 mono top) for beach/surf/pier. 30/50# braid on the water.

Revolution Road says:

Good vid! I use 20lb-30lb braid for inshore, 30lb-40lb braid on surf and 65lb braid for live or cut bait in deeper waters for BIG game. I find that 30lb-40lb is more than enough, never lost any fish on those lines and you get more line in your reel, especially for surf fishing.
Line capacity is priority for me.

Brands: Sufix 832 (mostly)
Power Pro slick
Spiderwire Stealth – only because I couldn’t find the Sufix 832 at the store at the time and it was on sale….hope it’s good!

Leader: I stick with mono for most everything and fluoro for inshore.

Jim Hall says:

I fish on mostly bridges and piers. What size reels and size braid should I use?

For The Release says:

Totally agree. 30lb braid is on all my bass and smaller saltwater gear. And when i use braid on my bigger gear def go with 50 as well. Though another good line for offshore fishing is 20lb Berkley mono moss green color. Ive seen guys bring in 200lb sharks on it and its super inexpensive. Its also a great backing line if you do prefer braid.

Mike Richards says:

Do you have a method that you use to know when you have spooled enough base mono onto a reel that will leave enough room for at least 75 to 100 yards of the braid? Always had a bit of trouble figuring that out.

Fortnite Gamer says:

Kastking braided line 65 on a kastking sharkyiii 6000 for saltwater

Gabriel Duarte says:

Yak, what rod are you pairing with the fierce 3k??

Justin Spires says:

I’m just getting into the sport and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your videos. Your experience is going to save me a lot of time and money on gear I don’t need. Also, I’ve noticed an improvement in your video and production quality over the years. It’s clear this is something you’re passionate about. Keep it up!!!

Schnot says:

That wasn’t a cane pole, that was a stick lol

BadCow says:

I like the way you present your videos, no BS. Just getting started in saltwater fishing after 40 years of freshwater. I am a true rookie at this. So I am trying to figure out the best line to use for inshore redfish & trout. Currently my setup is 30 LB Power Pro Braid with a 40 LB Mono leader. Throwing a Unfair Lures Rip N Slash, and of course Shrimp on a 6/0 circle hook, Carolina rigged with a 1 ounce egg sinker. ANY ADVICE IS WELCOME.

franky Rx8 says:

Personally I like 65lb tufline or 80 powerpro. Works FINE, thanks

Dylan Garcia says:

Would 30lb Braid on my Penn Fierce 6000 be too light?

Pablo DeLaTorre says:

100 lbs PP just started out on salt water

Maddog Fishing says:

10lbs PP on all my inshore 3500 reels, 30lbs PP on my 4500 reels, 50lbs PP on 6000 and 15-20# MONO on my surf reels

SunsTo7 says:

Hi Yak, I have just purchased Spider Wire Braid. The spool says 50 LB 110 YD but below and dead center it says Moss green in small print and 12lb Test dia. o.38 . What do I have and why does the two different sizes show here? I’m new to this so please clarify .

Peter Wallace says:

You’ve got a bloody great choice of closing tune. Great.

Mike Y says:

Yea, i usually dont like using anything under 30 lb braid. I cast a lot.. i dont get many wind knots these days (knock on wood) but that super small line diameter kinda sketches me out

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