Winter Steelhead BOBBER DOWNS! January 2019

Simple video of some good action, enjoy!

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Pocahontas 2020 says:

ur gettin silver cause all the rain we been havin up here.

Ice Pond says:

is it like an american thing to call floats “bobbers”

Pocahontas 2020 says:

2 steelhead a day here in ohio. ive been having a great yr steelheadin until last week when the rivers froze

Wayne Nelson says:

Nice Video, I started fishing steelhead in 1975, Washington state, Pilchuck river, Skykomish river,South Fork Stillaguamish river, Canyon 2019, hatchery programs are no more, the Native runs are depleted greatly. Sadly I dont fish anymore the rivers close when the fish are in.I enjoyed your video, brought back memories ,thanks

Char Vang says:

Which drone do you use?

Erik Homer says:

How do you catch so many fish and have no one else around?

Traper Joe says:

I like the breeding fish idea!

Jason Nester says:

What trib rocky or chagrin?

Rick Fascinato says:

Nice to see the wading belt !

Molly Wallace says:

You should get angel fish

Buck Chaser says:

Hair Cut is on point!

couchtourist says:

Get some African cichlids for that tank.

Nolan Minor says:

Nahhhh you gotta go with a native fish for the tank

Jason Hauser says:

You mean a lot to us Mr. Fray. My vote would be for ram cichlids. they are small, look cool and have personality. Hot n Tots are good for smallies and walleyes too.

Robert Vanocker says:

do a bait fish and use them as bait

slaptoad says:

Good stuff! keeping me sane through school!

corey bregg says:

Man I cant believe I met you today that made my entire day hopefully I’ll see you in there some more I’m usually working around that same time and day even Monday’s I’ll be there!! Lovin the tank bro keep up the good work

Austin Songer says:

Man I need to hook up and land one. I’ve never caught a steelhead. I hooked one the other day but unsuccessful at the landing part lol. Keep getting the line wet man. God bless

Josh Morrison says:

Sweet vid man! Love some bobber downs. I think a little community tank with different tetras or something would be pretty cool but so would one bigger fish lol. Super stoked for your content this year!

Upstream Outdoors - Ethan P. says:

Great Video. Still Need to catch a Steelhead

Steelheader Fred says:

Rivers full!

Thomas Jefferson says:

Try to hit the clinton river for steelhead. Its a bizzare river some guys do good others cant catch a fish for nothing like me. I catch steelhead everywhere else but just not the clinton.

Jeff Mackintosh says:

You’re running a nice little channel here an I appreciate the care you show these fish when catching an releasing them… I’d like to donate a center pin reel to you. We need to get you using a higher quality reel! Nothing against what you’re using but you’ll notice a substantial difference in quality as well as performance when using something of a higher caliber… how does a brand new silver IS islander sound?

Pocahontas 2020 says:

why not just use a spinnimg rod if ur floatin? seems like alot of extra work if ur not whippin a fly around

Casey Wilson says:

Golden trout

Nadia Zagorodniy says:

you should take me on a fishing trip some day

diehard fisherman says:

My buddy had a baby small mouth had it for a yr til he got to big and had 3 let him go

Edward Dergosits says:

The best way to keep an aquarium healthy is to use an under gravel filtration system with power heads to circulate the water through the gravel.

diehard fisherman says:

Yo get a peacock bass and put it in there it would b fun to feed

Curtis Wade says:

Your call on the fish!

Brett Gallagher says:

German blue rams

Olufs Waterview says:

Dude 14K. I remember when you had <1K. Good stuff. Good luck with the fish tank. Were you wall sitting in the intro? idk why but it looked like it. Nice fish too.

Anna Goes Outside says:

I am cold just watching this! Nice Video!

BOON says:

yum yum ! smoke um !!

Matt Weber says:

Could you toss some yellow perch in the tank? They are beautiful fish.

Jj Burkett says:

We need a bobber down compilation i could watch it all day

William Jacques says:

So i worked at V.I pets in Grand Rapids for 5 years through collage at Grand Valley. My favorite small community fish are dwarf rainbowfish species. Pseudomogil gertrude, signafer or furcatus. Crazy interesting. One big fish with personality get a flowerhorn for sure! I rockex both for years and always loved the personality! I live out in Washington and fish the Olympic Peninsuala mostly spey but I do float. 1/8 jig, orange head red uv dubbing body and red tail is the killer clearwater jig out here. Seem weird but trust me, then the nightmare isnt producing

Thomas Brown says:

Where would you recommend to purchase cured Salmon/Steelhead eggs

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