Walleye Fishing Tips: Slip Bobber Tactics

How to catch walleyes with slip bobbers! From the fishing tackle required to boat control tips, we’ll cover it all. Questions? Comment below, and I’ll try to answer them.

Enjoy the video!

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Walleye Fishing Playlist: http://ow.ly/Oj4Mx
Slip Bobber Rigging Video: http://ow.ly/Oj4OV

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Pete Lasko says:


Paul Deknikker says:

Good info. Nice Lund boat you have there. You have it set up great.

Aaron B. says:

What are some good lakes for walleye fishing on west Michigan?

Jb 126 says:

I have done some slip bobber fishing but it is often in rocky areas. I have always used a heavier main line than my flouro leader so that if i get snagged or break my line it will most likely happen in the leader, which only has my jig and I get to keep my swivel, bobber, etc. It makes it faster and less of a hassle to re-rig. Any particular reason you chose to use a 8 lb main line?

isellcatlitter says:

so i am almost 60 yrs old… you have never been fishing with my mom and dad… in a boat, open water, they use a 12 inch ice fishing rod…. you better wear wear your ballistic vest, some safety goggles, and kevlar vest and gloves… they will hook you in any exposed area… but i have to take them fishing… because they are they are the only ones that want to fish any more…rock on and fish hard…

agoodman002 says:

What kind of bate were you using?

Bradly Powell says:

Do you have any videos for walleye fishing from the bank or dock on a lake using a slip bobber? I don’t have a boat but caught a few from the bank and want to catch more when I target fish for walleye.

The Shorebound Angler says:

Was that last one a sauger?

bluegill8 says:

Where do you position the anchors on your boat ?

Scotty C says:

exercising em, lol

Midwest Rebel says:

must not be in Minnesota, we can only fish with one rod…

Arda Nieboer says:

Jmuuuuj. Bb bb bbb hyhyhuuhhuhuuutuh

Rusty's Viewin says:

Is that gogbeic ? we went up there this summer for a week did the same thing couldn’t catch anything on slip bobbers we ended up trolling harnesses in the middle of the lake and caught fish. Must of been doing something wrong with the bobbers

Noah Frey says:

I’m going to drummond island in a few days, and I know you can catch huge fish there, but I only have an 8 pound line. Should I get a new Line?

Crauble7777 says:

what bait you using

Ashton Zills says:

Hi,Do,slip bobbers work spring summer and fall for walleye?What size hook?Do you hook your minmows,through the back or dorsal fin?Or leeches?

Nick Cook says:

What do you mean the hook will dissolve? Are you using special hooks?

Jeremy Anaya says:

I am trying to draw a diagram of your boat set up in relation to the target (visual learner). Are you casting directly into the wind then? Or perpendicular? Thanks for the video!

T JAKE says:

I like your style. Thanks

James Marshall says:

I am by no means a walleye fisherman but I’d like to learn. Would this be a good technique for early spring?


Nothing beats bobber fishing as far as capturing the peaceful spirit of fishing. Thanks for the vid!

Matthew Allen says:

You mentioned using two anchors to position your boat sideways to wind… I have such a hard time getting anchored like that. Quick video or any tips would be appreciated.

Jeff Trout says:

Slip bobbering for walleye is one of my favorite ways of fishing. Here in Saskatchewan, we can only use 1 rod legally in open water season though.

Rick R says:

G.Lomis ftw

Tepin says:

Really enjoyed this video in so many ways. I’ve been a slip bobber fan forever (mainly for specs), but walleye have generally eluded me (I sleep too much). Just got a new boat and were marking fish suspended in about 21′ of water with a 24′ bottom that I assumed may have been walleye and told my daughter, “no jigs on board and no slip bobbers”. This method would have been perfect for the wind conditions to at least give it a try. Really solid video.

Kelly Rivard says:

What fishing line do you use?? I just purchased some 10 pound berkley fireline crystal for bobber fishing. I mostly target walleye. Do you think that should be an okay line?

Joey says:

This is really cool, Are will we anchoring when we are bobber fishing, how deep are you? Lol i’m just amazed have never seen this done before, mainly on the Detroit River, would this work in the fall I’m really going to try it.

B Black says:

Paul Rudd is that you !?

G Gordon says:

Maybe I missed it but was there any mention of how to weigh the rig? I did see two rather large split shot but you know anyone watching this would be a novice so details matter.

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