Walleye Fishing – Slip Bobber Tips

Walleye fishing with slip bobber is very effective! When live bait needs to be presented above the fish a slip bobber is almost always the go to. Although it may seem seem simple, there are many small details that will determine your success. In this video Tom Boley breaks down his favorite way to rig a slip bobber for summer time walleyes. A slip bobber is pretty useless unless you are around fish. Tom breaks down how he uses side imaging, sonar and down imaging to find walleye and present his slip bobbers to them. The early summer and mid summer periods are ideal slip bobber times here in northern Wisconsin and these are some fishing tips you are gonna want to hear! Thanks for watching!


Rush Voorhis Outdoors says:

great tips man, you gonna have any ICE fishing videos!?

VioFish says:

Thill Wobble Bobber* if anyone is curious.

Ben Geisbauer says:

How are you setting your depth for each location? Just a depth weight and checking How far off the bottom?

Let It go says:

Very informative…great job Tom

Adam Schultz says:

What graph do you use?

Colorado Duck Hunter says:

those are some dark walleye, dont get like that around here. great video keep up the good work

Jerimie Daniels says:

Hooked up ur one of the best eye fisherman

WI & MN public whitetails says:

Awesome video. I fish walleye on Mille Lacs lake About 26 FOW. With the Same bobber, same egg weight, same swivel, braided line on reel, and 3 foot of 10 pound fleurocarbon tied onto a plain orange #4 hook. Sometimes when I crank up after I don’t get a bite for a while my leech and the fleurocarbon are wrapped up around the swivel and egg sinker! Does this ever happen to you?? If so what can I do to make this not happen? Thanks for your help

Rush Voorhis Outdoors says:

Great tips man

fish-itis says:

Nice job guys! Definitely my favorite way to catch walleyes. I see so many anglers out there trolling with boards all day but I’ll take this method over that any day! Much more fun in my opinion. Loved the vid!

Jason Pahl says:

Thank you for explaining the side imaging element!

mark breuer says:

Nice fish guys. Go get em

Isaac Orcutt says:

Outstanding demonstration!

Jake Krohn says:

Your vids never disappoint!

Bruce Davis says:

Great info!! Well done!!

Campfires, Antlers, and Lures says:

Where are you fishing

Lee Hart says:

Thank you Tom for the detailed explanation on your approach to finding those fish. Around the 9:30 minute you located fish on the edge of the transition of the hump in the 15 – 18ft range. In that example, how deep are you fishing that slip-bobber?

One other question regarding your settings on your graph…if you can give any reference settings for your side imaging settings I would greatly appreciate it. We will be up at the Chip next week for our yearly camping trip and I am looking for any advice to tweak in my graph. Thanks again, best videos out there!


The bobber you are using is a Lindy Thill Wobble Bobber


bronchoped1 says:

This guys walleye knowledge is unreal. Best fishing youtuber

Jason N says:

I had the pleasure of fishing with Tom about a week ago, we were on the same bite. We had an absolute blast catching walleyes. If you guys are ever in the Hayward area take the opportunity to fish with this guy, you will not be disappointed. He is upfront, honest and will do everything he can to keep you on the fish.

J&C NoLimit Tv says:

That dam that broke affecting your area?

Jay Johnson says:

Won’t be in Hayward in a couple weeks but will be on Long Lake. Hoping to find some nice walleyes. Only caught 2 last year.

Isaac Orcutt says:

Just got a Hummingbird with SI. Awesome breakdown starting at 7:30. This’ll help me a ton!

Spencer Mackie says:

You ever want to come up to Winnipeg and slam some huge walleyes and jack give me a pm. Awesome vid. Keep up the good work

Chris Dupre says:

Hey TB – excellent vid, can’t thank you enough for sharing the info. What is your rule of thumb on setting the bobber stop at in relation to the fish on the bottom?

Walleye hunter says:

One of the best walleye channels on YouTube! Keep making great vids!

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