Twist Bobber Review! FISH WITH EASE! Idaho Adventure Man

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Idaho Adventure Man wants fish, but I want to use a bobber and I’m sick and tired of the little red and white bobbers that put a nasty kink in your line and they always tend to slide. I don’t know, I’m just not a fan! So I’ve been on a search for some different bobbers that would maybe do the bobber job a little bit better. This is actually a pretty neat little product, it’s a twist bobber and I picked these up at Sportsman’s Warehouse, they are little bit more expensive. They are about two dollars a piece because I don’t actually lose these very often, It’s a solid heavy plastic so it’s tougher, you know, it’s not going to get broken if you just drop it on the ground and the cool thing about this is that I take my line; feed it through the tapered end get in, get in there. K, feed it through. So now I have my tag end on the fat, towards the fat end, the reason we do that is because this is a little bit heavier weighted so this is actually helps you cast out without having to fill it with water like a clear bobber. Cool thing, I just put it where ever I want, pull out this tab, twist it maybe three or four times, just until, basically there, you can kinda see there is a piece of surgical tubing in the center and I don’t know if you can see it, but it actually coils and twists up and grabs the line and now it’s a very tight, very strong connection. Even if I break my line down below, the force of it snapping off won’t come off. As long as the line doesn’t break above the bobber you’ll get it back. Light weight, they make em in red, this is like a chartreuse just cause it’s a little bit easier visibility in rougher water. It’s a cool little bobber, so go out, get some, just another option to help you catch more fish. I would rate this as a mule deer for it’s designed purpose this is really cool, I’m a fan of not having to tie any extra knots, such as swivels, especially if I’m helping other people get rigged up, it’s fast, easy, and it works. Go out and catch some fish!

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Desert Dwellers says:

Will you be continuing with videos? So far your channel is awesome.

john papple says:

That’s really neat. Glad to hear about it.

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